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Monday, May 6, 2013

Blogging In Formation

"Doing It Together
Is Always Better Than Alone."

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Blogging In Formation is a blog series where six aviation bloggers will join forces once a month to discuss aviation topics. (I hope that's where we will evolve) But this week we get to meet these aviation bloggers, and learn what pulled them into the sky.

Why did we all become pilots? 

We are going to tell you over the next week. The schedule is below... and tomorrow I go first. So please join me to learn how and why I became a pilot.


May 7, 2013: Flight to Success - Karlene Petitt
May 8, 2013: Adventures of Cap’n Aux - Eric Auxier
May 9, 2013:  House of Rapp - Ron Rapp
May 10, 2013: Airplanista - Dan Pimentel
May 11, 2013 Smart Flight Training - Andrew Hartley
May 12, 2013: iFLYblog - Brent Owens

Enjoy the journey, and these wonderful bloggers too! 

XO  Karlene


  1. Really cool! Can't wait to read your post tomorrow!

    Great working with you on this project.


  2. What a fantastic idea, I love it!

  3. Fantastic idea! Aviation fans will LOVE this.

    1. Thanks Linda! And... this is for why did you start doing what you're doing too. :)

  4. Looking forward to reading this.


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