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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Number 1: Top Tip on

Becoming a Good Pilot!

#1. Watch Your Character. 
I Mean it

So, here you are, equipped as if you are about to take a flight to Iraq, with a strong personal trait, extremely intelligent, with a hand of haters and one or two jealous instructors, with little or none peeps to count on (because stars are too bright for the ordinary). Believe it or not, this is more common than you can ever imagine!

Always be kind and respectful. Know WHEN to TALK, ALWAYS LISTEN and DON’T be afraid to say NO. Give space to your classmates to express themselves when they are asked. If you are the one who ALWAYS know the answers, then shut up! Keep listening.

Don’t be a fool! Help others, but realize not everyone is going to make it there! Stay away from the toxic and all that social disease. You may have to walk alone to get to where you want to be and it might mean upsetting few people!

You are a pilot by heart, 
blood and spirit. 
Take pride! 

#  2:  Go Hard! Grind it  till you own it.
#  3:  You are the smartest in the Room. Means you are in the wrong zone,
#  4:  Keep asking.
#  5:  Be a polyglot.
#  6:  Joining the Air Force is a Great Opportunity.
#  7:  Get Fit. Stay Fit. 
#  8:  Gear yourself as if you are going to Afghanistan.
#  9: Think Global.
# 10: Don't go for the Buck$!

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

Number 2: Top Ten Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot. 

#2. Go Hard. 
Grind til You Own it!

Insanely in love with aviation since you were 3. Be a prodigy. Spend days and nights drinking flight books, sacrifice social moments (c’mmon! It’s easy to judge if we have to), get wasted with calculus and aviation algebra, get stoned with so much wisdom! 

Impeccably show everyone what does matter and what is right, with respect. There’s no hierarchy in flight training. There are two pilots, two students, being one instructor in that classroom (or cockpit).

Keep learning. You will never stop. There won’t be a point where you simply stop grinding and hustling in your career! Again, it’s a lifestyle! Always be unsatisfied with your performance. Do not accept average, never!

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Number 3: Top Ten Tips on

Becoming a Pilot 

#3. You are the Smartest in the Room. 
Means You are in the Wrong Zone

You DON’T grow if you are not being challenged. It’s like getting fit – our muscles must get hurt in order to gain strength. Challenge your surroundings, disrupt your flight instructors and your classmates, give them time and feel the challenge coming back at you. Always use this in your favor, even if it comes in form of attack. Be confident and express yourself constructively. This is competition and you are alone, but need to show ability to engage a team, play the devil’s advocate and have your own entourage!

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Number 4: Top Ten Tips on

Becoming a good Pilot!

#4. Ask. Keep Asking

Do you somehow feel intimidated to ask that stupid question to your flight instructor who turns to be a complete twat? Well, guess what? He is just as human as you! Shoot that question to him! You’ll be surprised! Keep asking. Keep Discovering. Be relentless and always stay unsatisfied. You only tend to grow stronger with stupid questions! Perhaps you can make a 1.5 grossly, in need of a 2.0, but to get there a 0.5 must be asked (get it?).

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Number 5: Top Ten Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot 

#5. Be a Polyglot Dangerously

“Everybody speaks English, why more?” – Absolute rubbish! There is no job other than piloting that you sell yourself more than your employer! That’s because it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle (read #10). Employers sell new aircraft and passenger experiences, though that’s only 40%. You are a spirit, even when not flying – you still are a British Airways ambassador whilst on a supermarket buying a can of milk!
Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Number 6: Ten Top Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot! 

#6. Joining the Air Force 
is a Great Opportunity!

At the end of training, a pilot for the air force is part of a very special society of aviators. You become a top notch pilot representing your country! You will learn to be disciplined, how to study and get fit. You will be ready for any obstacle that will come at you! Concerned that it won’t be easy? Easy is a choice. Live easy and you will live the same life 72 times in a year and still call it a life! This should’ve been a #1 tip!
Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beyond Silence

A Gift to the world by a very talented lady... Thank you Heather!

One day when I was twelve,
while my hand on throttle quivered,
plucky youth turned her trick
and pulled me swiftly upward.

Quickly past the ground below,
pied crops, soft leaning wheat,
she beat the air below my wings
and swept me off my feet.

I slipped between the tangled wafts,
pushed beyond green mountain’s brim
then drifted over ocean silent,
cradled in a whisper’s hem.

Returning to the heavy earth,
where every movement seemed to hasten,
I promised her my heart forever
but flight, I learned, is no fair tradesman.

Longing now, forever more,
to lift beyond so sweetly
but weighted, burdened, here on earth
how the many birds I envy.

Rough or smooth just take me there,
that place beyond the rush,
where angels soften death’s alarm 
where all, at last, is peaceful. Hush.
Heather W. Soderquist

Friday, July 22, 2016

Number 7: Top 10 Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot! 

#7. Get fit. Stay fit. Until you flab at age 80
OMG! This is SO important! It has EVERYTHING to do with aviation. A NexGen AvGeek must be fit. Swim, run for 2.5KM in 12 minutes, go to the gym, inject loads of oxygen in to that brain and eat healthy! You’ll look handsome and attractive, but that’s only a consequence. If your body and brain are healthy, you are fit to absorb millions of tons of information during your studies and still be effective! Plus, you’ll be fit to work under pressure without losing focus and keep on high alert during all stages of flight!

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Number 8: Top 10 Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot!

#8. Gear Yourself as if You are Going to Afghanistan

If you can, do it. Show some respect to yourself and to what you love. It can also mean you are very self-aware. Pilots are ready for anything and do expect the worst in any case scenario! Dress as if you’re going to prom night (well, like a pilot!), fly hard, study hard, have all piloting tools in your flight case (and a bit more), know how to plan – seriously, work on your planning skills and have all possible solutions in hand (numerically and not) – and stay READY for the next flight on your Piper Cub (Oh! Sorry! Is it a Cirrus?).

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Number 9: Top 10 Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot! 

#9. Think Global. Literally. 

You fancy all social networks and hold the most powerful phone ever. Well, let’s connect then! Create and join aviation groups, spread the word and meet the hustlers who pioneer in the industry from different parts of the globe! Join congresses and be part of societies, where you can share your knowledge and learn from the experiences of those who grind!

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Number 10: TOP 10 Tips on

Becoming a Good Pilot!

#10. Don’t go for the BUCK$

If you want this because you see yourself in a Bentley, captain of an Emirates B777 at 25 years old, you better stop right here. Have you ever heard about CRM with emphasis on anti-terrorism or even asked yourself why you have aptitude for a global airline? Better, have you ever thought on not receiving a single penny while flying madly for months?

Written by an amateur pilot 
on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky.

Jordan, Brazil, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ready For Takeoff!

Ready or Not... it's Time!

At the end of a very long week, I returned home after a 20-hour day, that include two delayed flights,  and what should I find on my doorstep?  A couple gifts from my friend Georg Nolly.  One to prepare me for my next plane, and the other to give me a fun break from life. If you have not read a G. E. Nolly book, you must! This was to thank me for being on his podcast, but it is I who should thank him. We could have talked for hours.  Today, you get to hear what I mean.

Today is the day our Talk goes live!
Join George and Karlene 
for some wisdom, laughter, and smiles!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ready! Set! Go!

Friday's Fabulous Flyer! 

Captain George Nolly!

I had the best interview with George Nolly this week for his podcast, Ready For Takeoff. Let me tell you that my day began with a fiasco, but after talking with George I found myself laughing. What a delightful discussion.

You may recall reading my interview with George here, when we were discussing his novel series.  Which are great by the way!

Well, I guess turnabout is fair play with the interview! I’m going to be in really good company. George has already interviewed over 30 other pilots, including Vietnam ace Steve Ritchie, Patty Wagstaff, a Blue Angel and two Thunderbirds, and several other pilot/authors. In addition to his podcast episodes on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, he has the audio files of his interviews posted on his website.

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mental Health...

Is Nothing to Joke About 

But it's make a great topic for the next novel... 

Flight For Sanity
(Coming February 2017)

Make sure you catch up on the series Flight For Control, Flight For Safety, Flight For Survival and leave a comment on Amazon. Then get ready to read the thriller of a lifetime. Where truth is stranger than fiction, and scarier than hell. Wait until you read the fourth novel... Flight For Sanity!


Thank You For Reading!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Author of:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hard work versus


I'm sticking to the hard work
for awhile longer! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Author of:

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fighting For Control

Means taking a stand for what is right! 

The previous two years of Ph.D. work have been an educational experience of a lifetime (I have one month of coursework remaining, and then the dissertation phase), and my mission has not waned as to improving safety and supporting aviation careers despite the obstacles.  However, the previous four months have been a challenge of another kind.

I am also working on the fourth novel!
 To be released February, 2017.

What do the previous four months have to do with the 4th novel? It's what I call true fiction, and the 4th novel will be the scariest of them all.  I can't make this stuff up. But I can share the stories in fiction.

Please take time to read the series so you will be ready for the culmination of what happens to a pilot and her FAA friend who are on a mission to improve safety. Just when we think Kathryn and Darby have experienced everything... it gets worse!  The nightmare begins. The question is... how will it end?

Your Amazon Comments 
are so much appreciated too! 

Thank You For Reading!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Make it last a lifetime...

"Within the time we
have, which we may call our
lifetime, let us touch the hearts
and minds of as many people
as we can. To last, not just
today - but for a lifetime."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of - The Soul Whisperer

Monday, July 4, 2016

Take Time to Celebrate

Happy 4th of July! 

Happy Birthday America!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 
Author of:

Friday, July 1, 2016

An Ordinary Man

An Extraordinary Life!

Friday's Fabulous Flyer...

My friend Owen Zupp, pilot, author, and all around great guy has released his new book. This book is about about Phillip Zupp, his Dad. I believe that living an extraordinary life runs in Owen's family. Meet Phillip Zupp, today's Friday Flyer.

Phillip and Owen Zupp

Who was my father?
"That single question was the genesis of this book.

In so many ways, he was an enigma. He was a quietly spoken gentleman that never allowed a lady to open a door and stood when one entered a room. He was comfortable briefing a room of pilots, but loathed public speaking. Yet, somewhere within his small frame, was a man that had lived a life few could imagine.

As I grew up, I knew he had been a soldier and that he had been an Air Force fighter pilot. I also knew, vaguely, that he had fought in wars as I played with his uniforms, flying suits, holsters and helmets. However, his medals were still in the packages they had arrived in years before, unmounted and with pieces of spare ribbon and oak leaf clusters untouched. I was in my teens before I began to piece his story together, but he was never forthcoming with anything significant about his service. It was just a snippet here or a fragment there. 

Only when I had left my childhood behind did he finally take me into his confidence about his time at war. He would speak of lessons to be learned, close calls and the value of luck. Not once did the concept of heroism ever pass his lips. 
Following his death, I cleaned out old trunks and pored over documents. Details began to fill the gaps but, inevitably, more questions than answers were raised. I began speaking with his squadron mates, but they didn’t even know that he’d served in the Army and his Commando colleagues only said that they’d heard he had joined the Air Force. Similarly, the majority of those he encountered in civilian life knew nothing of his military service. However, from all of these people who had played a role in his life, I was overwhelmed by the wealth of information and what my father had actually done. 

I was left in a state of flux. What do I do with all of this information? At first I began to collate it for the benefit of our family. This was more than an accumulation of cold facts, however, this was a story. In fact, I believed it was a book.
Without Precedent’ was born
‘Without Precedent’ recounts the life of commando and fighter pilot, Phillip Zupp. One man who served in two very different wars.

From humble rural beginnings, surrounded by drought and The Great Depression, he forged an incredible life with little more than courage and tenacity. During World War Two, he saw combat on the ground in New Guinea before patrolling the devastation of Hiroshima and Tokyo as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces. In Korea, Phillip flew 201 combat sorties amid intense ground fire and the enemy’s ever-threatening MiG fighters.

Peace brought a career that spanned the globe and the skies above it. All the while, the intriguing story of the search for a downed airman, a damaged jet and the controversy surrounding the award of first Australian Purple Heart lay dormant. Until now."

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 
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