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Monday, February 28, 2022

Aviation Passion

And the Love of Flight 

All was Found at the Western Washington Conference. This is the one place that like-minded people come together and connections are made. While it was unfortunate that my newest novel is being delivered the day after the conference (today), it was just one of those things that did not impact the weekend. Just made a fun story to share. We gave away a model airplane, and the lucky winner is Chris! An aviation enthusiast who is destined to be a pilot in about 10 years. Enjoy the photos, and remember to order your books off this blog today! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


Friday, February 25, 2022

Northwest Aviation Conference

Has Returned!  

The premier NW aviation event returns!

In the Showplex at the Washington State 
Fair Events Center in Puyallup, Washington

110 9th Avenue SW
Puyallup, WA 98371-0162 | Blue Gate

I'll be there! 
Will you?

Who we are:

Organized in 1938 as an informal coalition of aviation businesses, the Washington Aviation Association was formalized into a non-profit corporation in 1948 to confront problems of the industry and build a stable and prosperous future. Membership is open to everyone including non-Washington residents.

 Our objectives:

  • Encourage a united industry and strengthen legislative representation;
  • Nurture needs of the industry and promote cooperation between the aviation and related industries;
  • Establish programs to improve awareness, reduce regulatory impact and encourage respect for all segments of our industry;
  • Promote & sponsor educational projects and create scholarships for aviation students.

This is where you can find the most aviation enthusiasts congregate in one place. Future or current pilots who want to work for our locally based airlines, Alaska and Horizon, drop by their booth. There will be a helicopter in the parking lot, cirrus always makes a great presentation. Pick out the plane of your drams, find a job, purchase part for your aircraft, and pick up some really good books!

Drop by Booth 124 and 
enter to win your model airplane! 

I hope to see you there! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Lack of Accountability

In the Airline Industry

Books like Ernest Gann's, Fate is the Hunter, Joe Sutter's, 747: Creating the first Jumbo Jet, Wolfgang Langewiesche's Stick and Rudder, and Tony Kern's Redefining Airmanship, are examples of exceptionalism in aviation. From experience and integrity to performance and airmanship, these authors brought forward professionalism with a passion. I highly recommend each of those books. 

To many, aviation is more than a job, it's a way of life. There was a time when those who owned and managed an airline did so with passion. It was a time when the wealthy invested their money into the industry because of their love of flight and the challenge of making it better. It was their passion that fueled aviation and brought air travel to the public. But times have changed, where money has become the driving force. 

It's difficult for anyone to believe the lengths that humans will go to harm another for power, success, and profitability. Yet history has proven this to be true. We all know that history repeats. What's disappointing is that this behavior is ongoing in the airline industry today. Pride and ownership of airlines and manufacturers no longer exist. 

It appears that the current management style is a rape, pillage and plunder exercise at employee and stockholder expense, passenger safety be damned. I have yet to see anyone in airline management  terminated even if they retaliate, harass, sleep with employees, or misdirect millions of dollars. At worst they are either promoted into another position or allowed to resign with benefits. If they resign, they slide to the next airline to amass another fortune. Nobody is ever held accountable. Why not?

The problem appears to be with the structure of the management model, enabling a CEO to hold a dual role that includes the position as the Chairman of the Board. The reason is evident why nobody is held accountable. But more than that, this structure weakens the ability to manage risk within the organization. Federally mandated safety management systems (SMS) is a risk mitigation process. Combining these  positions is contrary to the intent of SMS. Closed executive sessions are essential for acquiring feedback. Imagine if a CEO was involved in retaliation of an employee who brought forth safety concerns. I doubt any board member would speak freely. We cannot overlook that Muilenburg was both Boeing's CEO and Chairman of the Board. If there had been a closed executive session without Muilenburg would the outcome have been different?

Where is the supervision? The Board of Directors is supposed to be the oversight for executives managing the company, and the executives could therefore be held accountable. However, what happens if the top executive, the CEO, of an organization is also the chairman of the board? Nobody will be held accountable at the corporate level. I'm certain this behavior is on going in every industry. However, in the airline industry control and oversight are essential for public safety. When the FAA is part of the problem, then we have a grave concern. Would FAA investigators make the right decision if their boss, the FAA Administrator, was involved in retaliation for a pilot bringing forward safety concerns? Of course not. 

My novel series is a journey of a pilot who loves to fly, cares about aviation safety, and believes the pilot job is in jeopardy. However, after a merger Darby Bradshaw brought forth safety concerns to senior management and in the novel Flight For Sanity those very managers attacked her in the most horrific manner possible for a pilot. They challenged her sanity. 

She fought hard and returned to the flight deck in Flight For Truth. Yet nobody was held accountable, and the battle for passenger safety was not over. ASAPs were at an all-time high and nothing was being done. Many involved were even promoted. Training was cutback and the FAA is looking the other way as duty time regulations are being violated. The question was why?

In the most recent novel, just released, Flight For Discovery, Darby decided to hold those managers accountable by pursuing justice. During the discovery process she unveiled more than she could have ever imagined. What she learned was a consistent and frightening level of incompetence woven through the management ranks. She also realized how truly corrupt the management team at Global Air Lines was at the highest levels. She believes that nobody is safe. She even learned that one of those managers who retaliated against her was destined to become the next FAA Administrator. How could that be possible? 

What Darby uncovers is shocking, 
but explains so much!

The acquired knowledge in the novel, 
leads to the FAA Administrator's termination.

(Flight For Justice, ETA: February 2023)

If you want to know what Darby learned, 
get your copy of Flight For Discovery today! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday's Fabulous Reviewer!

Captain George Jehn

George Jehn 

George is a retired airline captain who flew jets for two major United States airlines for over thirty years. During that time he was a member of the Board of Directors for six years with Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) that union that represents airline pilots at most major carriers. (Characteristically similar to the union ALPO in the novels.) He was also a member of the Eastern Pilots System Board of Adjustment, the judicial body set up under the US Railway Labor Act to adjudicate pilot grievances and has worked as an expert witness in a number of aviation cases. Since retiring, he has had two books published, a novel and a memoir both of which can be found on his website:

George is no stranger to drama in the airline industry and the corruption he experienced from years past. He is an avid reader, prolific author, and an honest and trustworthy human. I'm honored to call him my friend. I asked him if he would read my latest novel and give me his thoughts. This is what George said.

Flight For Discovery: 

"Karlene Petitt’s latest novel, FLIGHT FOR DISCOVERY, is truly a brilliant piece of “fiction,” yet goes to the very heart of what’s most troubling in today’s airline industry. Recall when the trendy saying for every airline was “Flight safety is our highest priority.” Well, that might have been true prior to airline deregulation, but for many airlines today it’s no longer the case. Karlene captures that in her latest novel as some airlines’ motto should be “Making dollars is our highest priority.” This is what her protagonist quickly discovers when she reports legitimate flight safety concerns to management and they are turned around and used against her to attempt to end her lifelong piloting career. Although a novel, this book is a must read for anyone who has ever boarded a commercial airliner as it reveals how one pilot came up against power and money, got no assistance from her union when she reported flight safety problems that could affect the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of passengers, and won. Although “fiction”.

Karlene’s book is a true page turner, almost impossible to put down as it goes to the very heart of the numerous real problems found in today’s airline industry; from the lack of proper flight training, to the shoddy oversight and complicity by the Federal Aviation Administration as proven by the fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 Max."

Did I mention George is brilliant too?
Get your Copy Today!!
Or Order Your Autographed Copy 
of this blog today! 

Thank you for the co

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Pilots Wanted

For Career Day! 

My friend Raéd Alexande received an invitation from a Dallas elementary school counselor inviting a few pilots to participate in an online "Career Day" as guests. The event is scheduled for the morning of March 11, 2022 (Central US Time Zone). The 'virtual event' will be run via Zoom. Unfortunately, I will be flying that day so I can't make it. But, these types of events are so much fun for the kids. They are so much fun for those participating too! Raéd needs your help make the day bright for the kids. Help inspire the future of aviation. 

Stated objective: "We want our students to hear about being a pilot."

If you are interested in volunteering some of your valuable time for this inspirational event, please contact Raéd  by emailing him at and he will forward the pertinent info to you. 

I hope that you can help out. I'm really sad to be missing it. There is nothing better than inspiring the children! But, I hope that you can make it! Then reach back and tell me how it went. 

Thank you!!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, February 14, 2022

For the Love of Flying!

 Happy Valentines Day! 

With the Gift of Love
These Flying Scholarships are for You! 


With inspiration and the love of flight, the Greater Seattle 99s are helping pilots in need of funding. Two (2) flight training scholarships have just opened!  The Nancy K. Jensen Memorial Scholarship is available to any student pilot in training toward their Private Pilot Certificate. The Advanced Rating Scholarship is available for any pilot already holding a primary certification. Complete applications must be submitted by March 7th, 2022. Please find the Scholarship Rules, details, and the application at

Attached are the aviation resume templates and helpful tips from Mollie Warren's Scholarship Seminar from this week. If you have any questions on how to put together a stellar application we are available to assist.

Upcoming flight scholarship deadlines:

Northwest Section Ninety-Nines, 2/28, $1,000


First Wings, 4/1, $6,000

Prop Star from Girls Love to Fly, 4/1, $2,000

With Love from your Seattle 99's 
the Fabulous Lady Flyers! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, February 11, 2022

WOKE and Pilot Hiring

A Scary Initiative 

United Airlines has announced their goal to employ 50% of their pilots to be female or those of color. Sadly, any airline with this goal is losing sight of the importance of performance. The plane does not care about gender, color, race, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. My requirement is that my fellow pilot can fly, they have the ability to communicate, can think, manage stress, and a good sense of humor helps with those long flights. 

Furthermore, the strides that women and minorities have taken and achieved to obtain their jobs by performance will all be for nothing. We will flash back to the days when it's assumed we were a token employee, and many will be. This is not the way the world should attack diversity in any industry. Especially in an industry that demands safety. The most important aspect of a pilot is their ability not the color of their skin or their gender. 

It's great that we have laws to prevent discrimination, but those laws should protect everyone. If this quota and effort is allowed, then we are discriminating against qualified and competent male pilots. How can that possibly be the right thing to do?

How to Avoid Discrimination

There is one way to ensure that discrimination is non-existent in the airline industry and that is to get rid of managers who have the capacity to differentiate. Each airline should require all managers in every department to take a psychological test to assess their capacity and inclination toward a discriminatory mindset, and remove them from any leadership role or pilot hiring involvement. Remove those people who discriminate and this will ensure that the best candidate is employed. 

United Airlines, you are an inspiring and forward thinking airline, but this is not the best thing to do for so many reasons. You should remove your managers who discriminate and employ the most qualified applicant. 

I'm wondering if this is another means in which the the industry officials are intentionally weakening the pilot force to support their cause for an automation takeover. This is not an assertion that women and those of color are not the best candidates. If they are employed for their abilities then they are the best. Make that happen! 

It's difficult to believe that anyone thinks this is a good idea. If we continue as a society that differentiates people based upon qualities that don't matter, we will perpetuate discrimination into the minds and hearts of our children forever. This will never end. Isn't it time we just behave as good humans with a brain that understands we are all equal and should have the same opportunities as everyone else?  

My vote it's time to end this language and simply wake up. 

What do you think?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Medical Fraud in the Airline Industry

Time to Fight Back! 

Dr. David B. Altman

What I know to be true is that Dr. David B. Altman forfeited his medical license to avoid prosecution by the Illinois Medical Board for his activities. He is currently being sued for ten million dollars for fraud. What I also know to be true is he sold a medically disqualifying diagnosis for just under $74,000 to remove a pilot without actually performing an authentic evaluation. 

Inspired by true events. In the novel Flight For Discovery Dr. Wood's corruption is exposed. Captain Darby Bradshaw and her attorney Robert Allen discover the dirty details of how Global Air Lines' Labor Relations attorney Joe Wolfe and Dr. Wood created a strategy to permanently remove her from flight. 

Darby learned that a month prior to her evaluation with Dr. Wood, that he met with attorney Joe Wolfe and Darby's Chief Pilot, Robert Dodson, in a covert meeting in hotel room in Chicago Illinois for 10.5 hours, as they plotted for the destruction of Darby's life. Wait until you read what Darby acquired in discovery and the depth of corruption from Global Air Lines in their effort to remove her. 

Truth be told, the documents that Darby received in Flight For Discovery are the very same documents that came from the real Dr. Altman in his effort to remove a pilot. If you're interested in knowing the details... 

Get your copy of Flight For Discovery 
ebook on Amazon Today! 
Paper books coming soon! 

If you or someone you know has been harmed by Dr. David B. Altman and would like to find closure, please email me at  We may not be able to undue the harm he caused, but we can bring closure and justice. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Flight For Discovery...

A Journey Worth Traveling 

Time Is Running Out For Aviation Worldwide! 

In Flight For Sanity, Darby Bradshaw was forced into an abusive psychiatric evaluation for reporting safety. At the time, there was no way she could have known that the very managers she reported to were not only aware of the issues, but intentionally created the shortcomings in training, violated federal regulations, and induced fatigue driven flight with a goal in mind. They had to silence her. In Flight For Truth, Darby fought her way back into the flight deck. Not an easy task with a bought-and-paid-for bipolar diagnosis. This fight was more than for her survival, but for that of an industry and the pilot profession. 

Now, Darby finds herself in the second battle of her life. The pursuit of justice. The debate is still open between which is more painful... fighting for her sanity or fighting for justice. As she uncovers corruption during discovery and learns of the shear ignorance of those she is fighting in management, Darby realizes that passenger safety is in more jeopardy than she could ever imagine. What the reader learns is how far airline management will go, how much power they wield, and that the pilot job is in grave danger of extinction. 

There is no way Global Air Lines will go to court to fight an indefensible case, is there? This is a fight between good and evil, right and wrong, and the future of the aviation as we know it. The truth is exposed in Flight For Discovery, a journey you won't want to miss. 

Be first to get your ebook
 on Amazon today!! 

Please leave a comment on Amazon! 

Hardback and Paperback coming soon! If you're interested in an autographed copy, email me at and write:  Hardback or Paperback Flight For Discovery in the subject, and I will let you know when I have them in hand. 

Enjoy the Journey! 
XO Karlene 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

When Truth is Free!

 This gift is for you! 

Flight For Truth

Corruption runs deep within the airline industry when Captain Darby Bradshaw is grounded and forced into a psychiatric evaluation in response to reporting safety concerns to senior leadership at Global Air Lines. What she doesn’t know is that her removal is nothing short of a conspiracy to silence her safety concerns. Privatization of ATC, approval of drone operated commercial aircraft, short-cutting training, and the untimely crash of a Boeing 737 MAX are all tied to Darby’s report. 

Her resultant research is about to uncover the truth. How high does this go? All the way to the White House. Not even her friends FAA Manager Kathryn Jacobs, DOT Secretary John McAllister, or Psychiatrist Linda Madden, can do anything to help her. The question is—can she save herself? 

In pursuit of truth...a story that must be read before the next in the series. And I'm giving this to you for free this week! 

This Gift is for you! 

Flight For Truth
Ebook is Free!
February 3-7


Get Ready for the next in the series
by Reading Flight For Truth

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Be Ready... The Next in the Series is coming soon...

Flight For Discovery

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Flight For Discovery

 The Next Novel in the Series is on Short Final! 

The battle continues as Global Air Lines underestimates Captain Darby Bradshaw. 

Despite management paying for a bipolar diagnosis to medically disqualify Darby from ever flying again, she returns to the sky. Now she fights for justice. Darby filed an AIR21 complaint, under the Whistleblower protection act, and aligned forces with attorney Robert Allen. What they learn in discovery uncovers more deception at the highest levels than anyone could ever imagine. The plot thickens when the second MAX crashes, ASAP reports are at an all-time high, and the FAA, airline executives, and manufacturers are making deals in blood. With what Darby and Robert learn, there is no way Global Air Lines will take this to trial—or is there? This is the sixth in the "Flight For" series where truth is scarier than fiction. 

Could the pilot job and passenger safety 
be in jeopardy? You decide!

Coming soon!!! 
(February 24, 2022)
Flight For Discovery

Enjoy the Journey!