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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Motivation...

Enjoy every moment...
They go by too fast!!

Saturday I was at home, sitting on reserve, diligently doing my homework when scheduling called. A six-day trip.  It was time to fly!  So... my work week is a deadhead to Minneapolis yesterday (photo on arrival), followed by a flight to Honolulu today with a 48-hour layover. Then I will fly back to Minneapolis and catch the first flight home to Seattle. Everyone should have a job this wonderful.  For now, I'm trying to get my homework complete so I can print and edit poolside.

For now... 
Enjoy the journey! 
XOX Karlene 

And remember to read... 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Alexis Murphy

Fridays Fabulous Flyer
Who is Alexis? 
Alexis is a 21-year-old basketball player, motivating, inspiring young lady who is finishing up her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and changing the world one hoop at a time! Alexis is teaching young women to engage in all they do, to embrace the opportunities that await, and become empowered to live a full and powerful life, through her non-profit organization Hoops Through Life basketball camps.  
It's all about the power of hope and love. 

Flying through life with positivity, Alexis has shared some of her favorite pictures from camps and her life journey... her flight. Alexis told me she was from a small town in Ohio, and has been gifted the opportunity of an incredible education and ability to play ball, and wants to give back to the world. And giving back she is, ten-fold.

 Alexis Murphy
"My staff, my family, and every camper I have, 
knows that we are in FLIGHT together. 
We go nowhere but up. 
As a unit of powerful, very powerful women."

"Stronger women on and off the court!" 

"Below is the basketball court we built for the orphanage in Haiti that we will be traveling to in June to run a non-profit basketball camp, and to show the kids LOVE and HOPE through the game. We have raised $17,000 out of our $20,000 goal for this orphanage in a little over 8 months.

"The picture below symbolizes 
what I try to do everyday, 
It shows my purpose..."  

 "Showing girls how to hold their head high, 
how to see the dream, 
and how to trust the people behind them."

"Many wonder why I do this. They ask the big time question: what is your purpose? There probably are many answers to that question. Similar to aviation, there are numerous components that must come together to prepare for lift off: God, my family who made sacrifices for me so that I could have the opportunities I do today, my my compassionate and supportive boyfriend, my amazing, driven, and supportive staff, friends, family, and of course, the pilot, which has to be coined to that drive inside of me that never takes no for an answer."

"My drive allows me to take flight 
and to ultimately and most importantly, 
give back to others."

"Because of this drive and so many people who have impacted me along the way, the most important flight of my life has taken off. Recently, I was selected to the 2016 WBCA Good Works Team for founding Hoop Through Life and Hoop For Haiti. Only about 10 people in the United States are selected for this honor. Since then, I have partnered with Nike US Sports Camps and two WNBA teams: the NY Liberty and LA Sparks. We are no where near the peak of our flight. All we know is this is the best flight of our lives"
Alexis Murphy
Hoop Through Life, LLC
Alexis and her team of incredible women are living strong and empowering young women of the world.  I'm going to do my best to help them reach their dream to fly across them across the country this summer to host camps for young ladies. They need airline tickets! If there is any thing you can do to help, please contact Alexis. Your support will go far. It's time to shift the world toward the positive, and give back for all that we have. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics)

Your Aviation Suppliers! 

What aviator doesn't have a book with ASA on it?  
I have many!  


So you can imagine, as I was took a quick walk around the Northwest Aviation Conference, that I had to stop by and say hello to the guys running the ASA booth. 

What we don't ever get to do is meet the guys, hanging on the walls in advertisements, walking away.  Haven't you always wondered who they are? Well... ASA... you don't have to wonder any more. Yes, the two in the photo above, are the same two in the photo below.  Now if only I could find their business cards... we would have names. Sometime you just can't have it all. However....

When it comes to aviation training books
to learn, grow, and pass your written... 
there is no better place to visit than  

ASA: Aviation Supplies and Academics!

And to connect with the 
Northwest Aviation Association 
The Wind Beneath all our wings!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Training update: Level six simulator.

Ideas and simulators are flying....

A year ago I spoke at Eurocontrol's Flight Safety Conference on a paper I wrote that incorporated 6 months of research... Structural Redesign of Pilot Training. During the research phase, I happened to connect with Dick Verburg on Linked in and he was in Seattle at the time. What were the odds?  We talked, and it turned out he was building the machines that I imagined for my training program. I had an opportunity to visit his facility and fly the simulators. Way too much fun! He recently sent me a press release for an order from Wizz Air. I'm happy for my friend in the Netherlands and know his business will reach great success.


WIZZ AIR orders a320 simulator from

Multi Pilot Simulations B.V. (MPS)
HA-LYE - Wizz Air Airbus A320

Pink Airplanes? Oh... my grandkids will love this!

For immediate release,

February 22, 2016

Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. and MPS have signed an agreement for the delivery of an MPS A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator. The device will be delivered in August of this year and will be installed in the Flight Simulation Company flight simulator training center at Budapest Airport. The device will be used for various A320 pilot training activities including part of the type rating training. Some adjustments will be made to this simulator in order to allow some cabin crew training activities. The MPS simulator was selected after a rigorous selection process by Wizz Air.

About the MPS A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator

MPS builds simulators, which are an exact replica of the Airbus A320 flight deck. An MPS Fixed Base Simulator (FBS) is identical to a full flight simulator without the motion. The high quality visual system combined with rumble and audio provides a sensation of movement. However the total cost for this FBS device is only a fraction of a full flight simulator. Given the quality and the fidelity of the MPS fixed base simulator a large part of the pilot training can be conducted on this device. The low hourly rate allows airlines and flight schools to train their pilots more hours on the simulator without increasing the cost. This way the quality of training can be improved which contributes to flight safety. 

Wizz Air Chief Flight Operations Officer, Captain David Morgan: “We are delighted to partner with MPS for the acquisition of this brand new A320 fixed base simulator. It will substantially enhance our existing training capability by augmenting the full motion simulator at our training center in Budapest. 

Wizz Air has a reputation for its world class training and standards of pilots. This simulator reinforces our commitment to maintaining those high standards whilst delivering the impressive growth of the airline”

MPS’ President and founder Dick Verburg: “We are extremely happy to partner with Wizz Air, a very professional airline with a focus on Eastern Europe. We are pleased that yet another airline is recognizing the value of the MPS simulators and the contribution these devices can make to the provision of the highest levels of training.” 
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Of Success!!!

Smiles Galore! 
At the Northwest Aviation Conference 2016~   

For the kids who love books no matter what the age, Jet Star Publishing was the rage! And yet there was so much more. 

 "When Mom and Dad are pilots... 
I might just have to be an astronaut!"

"We love your books and 
excited to get the third in the series!"

Christy is on a Journey to Success!!

 And then we had a Winner!!!
Congratulations Dennis!!! 

(My executive name selector)

I met so many wonderful people this weekend with one passion... The sky! Somehow they were all touching it.... be it with dreams, with wings, or technology to fly. I will be writing more this week about some of these incredible people and events that you will not want to miss

And to connect with the 
The Wind Beneath all our wings!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Win A 747 This Weekend!

Next Adventure... 

 February 20th & 21st 

I will be at Booth 124
Where you can have a chance to win 
A Boeing 747-800 Model! 

We will be celebrating the new books, and the old, the motivating and the thrilling. Mostly we will be celebrating aviation! And Darby might be joining us too!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

The Flight Series... 
Where Truth is Scarier Fiction


Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life Is Flying By!

Enjoy Every Minute! 

Yesterday I spent the day in Vancouver Canada at the Aviation Leadership conference. What comes to mind after meeting the most incredible and inspiring individuals is the word diversity. 

Diversity is nothing other than bringing different minds together with diverse thinking to empower the future of success, safety, and Leadership.  

Think about this...  A young man who owns beauty salons, was at the Aviation Leadership Conference and told me that his greatest takeaway was from the Executive Director at BC Ferries. This is the power of connecting, and learning from people from different walks of life and businesses. Leadership is defines success of every organization. A comment from Heather Pabico, the Air Safety Officer at Vancouver Airport said that if we are doing our jobs, safety is a by product. A phenomenal day was had by all!

Enjoy the Journey! 
XO Karlene

Monday, February 15, 2016

From Followers to Leaders

February16, 2016...

I hope to see you there! 

2016 Theme: Followers to Leaders. 
The Art of Team Engagement

"The Art of Team Engagement provides the opportunity to learn about how to practice and perfect our leadership skills while being part of a dynamic team. Efficient and successful teams all have successful leaders; however, the true success ultimately comes from a cohesive team of leaders who strengthen their teams by putting forward their best leadership qualities. In order to be a successful leader, one must have the ability to highlight the strengths of fellow team members but also recognize weaknesses where the team as a while can work together to overcome. 
The 2016 Aviation Leadership Forum will have an excellent line up of prestigious speakers who will provide us with real life stories and examples of how the art of team engagement has been implemented in their team environments. By attending the 2016 Forum you will be provided with fresh ideas and skills to continue developing for use in your own team environments."
Join me in Vancouver Canada, tomorrow on February 16th. I am honored to be a guest speaker, and hope you can make it. Purchase tickets HERE
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Owen Zupp The Practical Pilot and...

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

February 17, 2012 Owen was a Friday Fabulous Flyer, and he's back. He is a pilot, author, speaker and all around great guy. This time we are shouting about his new book. The Practical Pilot' delivers you an easy-to-read, common sense guide for pilots that goes beyond the classroom and Owen Zupp has just released volume two.

This second volume of the successful series reviews topics ranging from passing check rides and in-flight emergencies to flying the go-around and lessons learned from a real forced landing. This award-winning author has been a qualified flight instructor for more than 25 years and accumulated over 18,000 hours in over 80 aircraft types ranging from two-seat trainers to international airliners. Whether you are yearning to fly, learning to fly or revisiting lessons from long ago, 'The Practical Pilot' offers something for every pilot.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Becoming CFI

Lessons Learned: 

Some of the best lessons come from others, and today is no exception. My friend Jake just earned his CFI (certified flight instructor) certificate at UND and is sharing his experience for all of us to learn from his lessons. The power of experience often comes others. A message in Flight To Success Be the Captain of your Life is dedicated to learning, and Jake exemplifies this message.

 Jake Cullen 

"First, It all starts with confidence. At the beginning of my training I was really nervous. I continued to question whether or not I was capable of being a flight instructor. After all, I am a relatively low-time pilot. I still felt like a student. 

There was a little voice that seemed to be telling me I wasn't good enough and that I would surely fail. However, there was another one telling me, and I quote, "You got this!"

Instructors have to be confident enough to manage every flight safely while giving their student the best quality experience they can. So if you want to be a have to ditch the voice of doubt. Its ok to be a little nervous, but also be confident. 

"You got this!"

Second, I learned through my training to be alert. The moment I relaxed and got a little complacent, my instructor, pretending to be a student, would do something to scare me. After I reacted he informed me that everything he did were things students did to him. 

Be ready!

Finally, I think that it is important to remember that a flight instructor does not have to know fact it is impossible to know everything. Even experienced airline captains will tell you that they are always learning. You are required to have an instructor's level of knowledge, but regardless you will continue to come across things you don't know. That's part of the experience. So as you are teaching students, remember to keep learning as well. 

Keep Learning!

The gold wings are given to us by UND when we pass our CFI check. I got a bronze set when I passed my Private Pilot check and a sliver set when I got my Commercial." 


If anyone has lessons they would like to share, 
we would love your comments! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Red Baron

Friday's Fabulous Flyer... 
I am on a 7 day trip and in Amsterdam today, doing homework.  My mother sent me the following email with the video attached, and I found fascinating. I think the Red Baron might deserve to be a fabulous flyer. Enjoy the post, and have a great weekend!

Image result for Red baron photos

The Red Baron... 100 year old film.

"The following is a rare piece of film, 100 years old. It shows Baron Von Richthofen, doing an external inspection prior to a mission, as well as his putting on a flying suit prior to a flight in cold weather. If you look close you will also see Hermann Goering.

The Baron was shot down on 21 April 1918 by Roy Brown of the Royal Navy Air Services, a prelude of the R.A.F. The Aussie's also claimed that one of their machine gunners on the ground shot the Baron down; however, UK & Aussie Doctors, after an autopsy, stated that the fatal bullet was shot from above.

The author of this piece has been very involved as a Director of the Roy Brown Museum in Carleton Place, the home town of Roy. Many letters were written over the past 3-4 years and, finally, Roy Brown was inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame on 4 June 2015.

To think this film almost 100 years old! If you're interested in history or aviation, you should not miss this footage. It was just posted online, and I've never seen anything like it. It's from 1917, an up-close and personal look at the most legendary combat pilot who ever lived, the infamous 'Red Baron', Manfred Von Richthofen. Watch this extremely rare old footage and re-live history.

Note: The mechanic prelubes the valves and they also inspect bullet holes in the cooling shroud. The engine in the Fokker had a stationary crankshaft which the cylinders revolved around, the propeller was fastened to the cylinder case."
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Tuesday, February 2, 2016