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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019

May this year be filled with 
strength, courage, conviction, 
love, joy, health and happiness... 
With all that comes success!

Time has a way of flying by faster each year. Then something happens, and we awaken and the New Year has arrived. This year I will be flying on New Years Eve and when we land, it will be January 2nd in Sydney. Therefore I will be missing the festivities of the night before, and the new day. But that will not stop the joy that only a New Year can bring. Or the fact that I will have resolutions to fulfill. 

I'm certain I did not meet all my resolutions last year, but not without a gallant effort. However, with the New Year we are afforded an opportunity to start anew. Make new plans. New goals. Try something new. Always striving for what we believe to be our best self.  

My 2019 Resolutions:

*   Focus on Gratitude everyday! 

*  Earn my PhD:
This one is in sight! And, you are all invited to my defense in Daytona Beach, January 11, 2019, at 1pm EST... or watch live by signing up and watching on Eagle Vision by clicking here

*  Revitalize the Flight to Success blog! 

Once the PhD is complete, I will be back to blogging 2-3  times a week.

* Finish 4 books:
  • Weaponization of Mental Health in the Airline Industry
  • Normalization of Deviance (based on dissertation)
  • Jungle Air Airline Monkey Business 
  • Flight For Justice (Darby's 4th novel)

* Pass the LSAT! 
  • Get into Law School (2020)  

* Bucket List: 
  • Take my husband to the Kentucky Derby for his birthday! 

*  Exercise Daily

*   No Sugar!
  • Not purchase any sugar in January 
  • Give up sugar starting February (after the supplies diminish). 

*  Win an Air 21 case. 
  • The most important goal of this year might just be to ensure that employees everywhere know they can report safety without being retaliated against. 
*   Finish the Lake house and move in!

It's going to be a busy year! 
But life is short, and if we don't live it to the fullest, 
we may never realize all the opportunities available, 
and what a blessing it was!

What are your resolutions 
this year?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Happy Holidays! 

Tis the Season to feel the love and joy of every little girl and boy. November and December have been consumed with editing my dissertation. I received approval to defend! The efforts have shifted to the defense. Update on that coming soon. Then the previous months have been filled with depositions and I observed my first Air21 case, and flying. Three books are in the making too!

What has been lost this year was no Christmas Cards. We did decorate... but I didn't put up all the lights in the yard, yet the yard is still beautiful thanks to my husband! 

I wish you love and joy
from my family to yours
during this holiday season!

Thanks to all of you working this 
Holiday Season giving the gift
of safely taking passengers
to their families!

Joy throughout the New Year!

XOX Karlene

Friday, December 7, 2018


Non-Stop to All your Aviation Needs!

Brought you by....

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Jeff Miller 

Jeff wanted to be an Airline Pilot since the age of 5, and he made that dream come true. His stories from early years are funny. They say those kids who stare out the window at a young age are just preparing for their future. He might have been one of them.

Jeff said, "As a kid, I would drag my parents out to the end of the runway at Lindberg Field and watch the planes for hours on end. So when I was in Kindergarten, the teacher goes around asking each child what their Father does for a living...well...having a passion for aviation at such an early age, I tell the class "My Dad is an Airline Pilot"....Truth was, my Dad was the Emergency Room Chief Surgeon and Chief of Staff for Mission Bay Memorial Hospital in San Diego (pretty darn good in-and-of itself...but no...I had to say he was a Pilot!) I don't live that one down to this day :)!"

Jeff learned to Fly in College, after College he flight instructed. Then flew 1900s, 757s, and he is now a 737 Captain! He is also the founder of Aerosearcher. 

is a website for 
the aviation community


"The impetus for Aerosearcher began about three years ago with the idea of simplifying online searches for aircraft for sale, aviation jobs, and aviation products for consumers, professionals, and enthusiasts around the world. With these goals in mind, Aerosearcher was born. We dove right in and held focus groups, conducted market studies, and drafted business models. After a plan was in place, it took the last year for website coding, design, business plan implementation, and beta testing."

I think the “About Aerosearcher” text strikes to the core of what we’re all about and the fact that we really want to hear from folks…We certainly want to hear what they like! However, more importantly, we want to hear where we can improve due to the fact that Aerosearcher is a website for the aviation community… It is a site that will change, grow, and maintain a course providing value for an aviation community that we, the Aerosearcher Management Team have an absolute passion for!

Want to find a plane to buy and make sure you’ve seen all the options? You’d usually have to scour five, maybe even ten websites.


Looking for a job in the aviation field whether it be a Corporate Pilot, a Mechanic or a Flight Instructor to name a few? You’re typically going to spend several hours and visit an array of websites before you even begin to feel you’ve seen the majority of possible opportunities. 


Aircraft parts or aviation products? The same story: a vast number of sites and resources all with a different way to find what you’re looking for and no single site that can give you the majority of what’s available. 

It is this complexity that AeroSearcher simplifies. We’ve built a service that let’s you find in seconds what may have taken far longer in the past.

We’re not an aircraft classified provider. We just let you search every major classified site at one go. We’re not an aviation job site. But using AeroSearcher means you can search nearly all aviation job sites with ease. We don’t sell aircraft parts or aviation products, but there is no single place on the web where you can search and find whatever aviation related item you are looking for faster. 

We know that we’re just at the start of an amazing journey. There are more possibilities for AeroSearcher: big improvements, new types of aviation information to index and innovative solutions to aviation problems. We hope you’ll join us for the ride, take advantage of the great improvements in aviation search, and give us feedback on ways to improve and what opportunities we should tackle next.” 

Connect! Engage! Follow! 

Website Address: 
Facebook: facebook

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Pure Joy

When the meaning of a gift meant something...

Boy receiving a new pair of shoes 
at an orphanage in Austria, 1946.

Happy Holidays!
XO Karlene 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Eastern Shuttle Flight 853

Eastern Airlines Kitchen Talk Radio

This is the radio show's first tribute to 
Eastern Shuttle Flight 853

If you want to read details of the accident
visit the following blog: 

I hope you can join the show! 

Episode 393
December 3,  2018
7 pm EST

Call in: 

at 7:00 P. M. EDT 

or listen in by clicking the hyperlink:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lion Air Crash

Round Table Discussion 

The Eastern Airlines Family, 
Christine Negroni, and the panel 
will be discussing the Lion Air Crash!

This will be an interesting discussion
from multiple perspectives. 

This accident emphasizes the results of my research. 

I hope you can join the show! 

Episode 392
November 25, 2018
7 pm EST

Call in: 

at 7:00 P. M. EDT 

or listen in by clicking the hyperlink:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

The Day of Gratitude:

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and share time and a meal with our families and friends, celebrating all we have in our lives. However, tonight there will be people without a home, or meal, and many who lost a parent, sibling, child, or friend. Circumstances of life often prevent a traditional holiday. The pain of loss at this time of year is much more acute than other times of year. But we can always feel gratitude. 

No matter where you are, or who you are with, or even if you are alone and there is no turkey on your plate, or you have no plate, feel the gratitude of life. Know that you are breathing and with that breath there will be a tomorrow and you have the ability to change your circumstances. Those circumstances you cannot change, you have the ability to change your perception of them. 

Find perspective on life
And feel the gratitude
no matter what. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will not be spending the evening with my family tonight because duty has called me to sit short call in Los Angeles. I will be standing by in the event a pilot gets sick. But I am filled with gratitude that I am safe, will have a warm bed and can get a good night sleep. I know there are many in the world that many never have those simple joys. Find the joy in your life tonight, and be thankful for what you have, not what you don't. 

XOX Karlene 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Women Who Fly

Just in Time for the holidays!

Yes... I have a story in this book... 

What happens when a woman pilot goes to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and is told, "Don't talk on the radio"? My story and many more are included in Women Who Fly.

Women airline pilots share their stories, including an emergency landing in Russia, a flight over Antarctica, and a trip to Washington, D.C. to accept a Congressional Medal of Honor. These accounts, thirty-six in all, will entertain, thrill, and inspire while giving you a glimpse inside the lives of these female aviators. 

All proceeds go to scholarships!

The book includes over 70 photos and all proceeds go to support the ISA+21 scholarship fund. ISA+21 has already helped over 200 women by donating over $1.3 million dollars to aviatrices whose stated career goal is to become an airline pilot.

Make Christmas Shopping easy this year!
Buy a dozen on Amazon now
by clicking: Buy Women who Fly 
and gift them out for the holidays!

The holiday gift that keeps on giving! 

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, November 9, 2018


Father of Aviation in Atlanta!

Mayor William B. Hartsfield
 approximately 1945

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Dale Hartsfield asked me when I was coming to his airport.
"Your airport?" I asked. 
That's when he shared his history... 

Dale Hartsfield writes:

"William B Hartsfield was a City Alderman in 1923, when he was given the job to go find some land for an airport in Atlanta. The problem was most people had not even seen an airplane up close if at all and asked what is an Airport and why do we need one? 

What Atlanta’s airport looked like in the mid 1920’s.

Hartsfield, along with others ended up leasing and then purchasing 296 acres for Atlanta’s airport. Hartsfield went on to become The longest serving Mayor in Atlanta serving 6 terms / 24 years. He is generally considered to be the Father of Aviation in Atlanta! The city named the airport for Hartsfield 8 days after his death in 1971. 

In 2003, Atlanta’s first African American Mayor died and the city decided to rename the airport. But, a fight began among many citizens including me.

Dale Hartsfield

I went on to become the Hartsfield family spokesperson. At first, the city wanted to drop the Hartsfield name altogether and and make it Jackson international. By then it was already the busiest airport in the world. My friends said if I had not stood up and fought today the Airport would be Jackson international. Although I am still not thrilled with the Hyphenated name, we did ok fighting City Hall. 

Atlanta’s airport-what 
The Terminal looked like when it was 
named Hartsfield in 1971.

Some said it was a racial thing. 
To me it was a family thing. 

After the renaming from Hartsfield Atlanta International to what had got to be the longest airport name in the world...Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, people said I should write a book on my experience and the history of the Airport. Right!! 

But in  2008 I began to write it. I had never written a book. It took over 6 years to finish with 100’s of hours of research. The book came out in November 2014. 

You can see a preview on my website It is an interesting story for anyone who likes, history, Aviation and/ or politics!"

Politics in Atlanta?

The Father of Aviation in Atlanta/ 
The plaque was put up in 1971 
and is still at airport terminal. 

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson 
International Airport 

Next time I'm there... 
I hope to be reading Dale's book!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene