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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Live Streaming and Podcasting

Across The Virtual Skies

Nicolas Jackson 

Want to stay proficient?
You could set up your own simulator,
with the help of Nicnacjak! 

Twenty odd years ago a young kid by the name of Nicolas Jackson aka Nicnacjak got his first ride in a GA aircraft on a flight from Chico Municipal Airport (KCIC) to Vacaville, CA (KVCB). Almost immediately after getting home, Nicolas was playing “airplane” on their top bunk bed. A preexisting passion for computers and video games lead Nicolas to discover a now forgotten software title called Sierra Pro 99. This home computer based simulation allowed Nicolas to simulate flying a variety of aircraft across the virtual skies. An activity he kept up through his teenage years, college and on into adulthood.

Over the years, Nicolas has used many home computer based simulators from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 to their current simulator Locheed Martin's Prepare 3D version 4.5. 

With the 2019 announcement of the next installment of the famed Microsoft Flight Simulator, Nicolas couldn’t be more excited about the future of home computer based flight simulators. So much so, that they created a podcast and live video stream documenting his virtual flying adventures. The audio only podcast, entitled The FSRideAlong Podcast, features interviews with flight simulator software developers and users. Along with, a healthy dose of Nicolas’ views of virtual aviation. 

The live stream, referred to as FSRIdeAlong Live, features a live video stream of Nicolas’ virtual skyfaring. Current add-on aircraft for P3D 4.5 that are flown on the live stream include products from Precision Manuals Development Group (B737NG, B744, B748, B777), QualityWings Simulations (B787) and Captain Sim (B752), Flight Sim Labs (A319, A320, A321) and Aerosoft (A330-300). 

The live stream schedules varies, so please consider following @nicnacjak on Twitter or The Twitch platform where the live stream is hosted. Highlights from Nicolas’ FSRideAlong Live can be found on Nicolas’ YouTube channel. Recent highlights include a 2 hour tour of The PMDG 777-200LR virtual flight deck while enroute from Perth to London as Qantas Flight 9. 

For more information or to get in touch with Nicolas please drop him an email or reach him in one of the links below. 

Find the FSRideAlong audio podcast on the 
providing more information about the live stream. is the location where live video streams of Nicolas’ flying adventures can be viewed. is an online streaming video service that caters to video and computer game players. During the live stream you may interact with Nicolas via a live chat room!

where highlights from previous live streams 
may be viewed 

Nicolas’ personal website:

Nicolas is also happy to help you get your home computer simulator running. He won't charge you, but he accepts much deserved and appreciated donations to support his virtual aviation endeavors. 

Donate to Nicolas’ efforts: HERE 
All donations appreciated and welcome. 
Especially during these tough times

If you have a Simulator Question
Nicolas is your guy! 
Email him at:

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Aviation Safety

SMS, Human Factors, Quality Management, and Instructional Techniques....

 Sergio Romero

Sergio's vast experience includes working in the aviation industry for 32 years. He's worked for 121 airlines, 135 operators, both fixed and rotary wing operations, CAA (DGAC) in Lima Peru. 

"Positions I have assumed over all these years include Safety & Security National Inspector in the CAA of my country, Training Manager, Human Factors Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, SMS Manager. I Specialized in Flight Safety, Aviation Security, Human Factors and Quality Management in Training. Experienced performance in academic training and flight safety assessments both for fixed and rotary wing aircraft maintenance, and commercial operations as well as air cargo operations. 32 years of experience."

You can find what else Sergio is doing at 

He is also an avid write of everything aviation. A Sample Article you will find on Aviation Safety, an Aviation Community:

Documented Procedures and the Operation

"My Ray Ban glasses I use after my old man’s costume are part of my standard procedure in this summer beginning. I was called to go the Flight Operations Office to talk about common endeavors in this airline I just got into one week ago. It’s December bunch of calendars ago.

We are just obsessed with words like Standardization, Training, Check Rides, Safety Culture Effectiveness, Assessment, among others.

I took my steps slowly and sober to be right on time for the LOSA session we designed and it is beginning to work fine. One may read a lot of books or publications about one stuff, but going upstairs to the airplane ready for embarking makes me thinking on safety, but for real. Humans behave as to the culture they are living within and cannot help it. Humans are in a rush, sad, or even way too excited or fatigued, and there are a lot of procedures to be followed.

Training makes the difference in this kind of technological-social contexts. These human beings, these front line workers need to be trained to react properly before sudden events appear. I remember one Captain saying...."  Continue reading by clicking here

Contact Sergio at: 

Risk-based Resources Designed for your Safety

Keep it Safe!
XO Karlene 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Staying Proficient!

Thinking Outside the Box


Pilots Staying Proficient
outside the simulator, 
effectively termed "the box"

The grounding of planes has caused a trickle down effect to our flight crews in multiple ways: 1) Pilot proficiency lapse, and 2) Regulatory requirements mandating 3 takeoffs and 3 landings in the previous 90 days are required. How to solve these two problems is relatively easy if we think outside the box.


I did not fly for two years, yet stepped into a B777 and had no issues with training. I had the same results when I went from Boeing to Airbus after being out with a hip replacement for 18 months. Why the success? Because, I know what I need to know. But I also how to study outside the box. The truth is, most pilots who have been in the flying game for awhile, know what they need to know.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to study. I was reminded of a chapter I had placed in my novel, Flight For Safety, during my A330 days, where Darby's simulator partner, a new hire, was having problems. She told him how to study. These tips within this novel  are things you can do while you're grounded waiting to fly again.


The FAA has provided forgiveness on medicals. They've provided forgiveness on the use of oxygen masks. Perhaps they should provide forgiveness on recency's. Airlines worldwide could adapt their initial online training programs to develop a recency program. They could create an in-depth systems and limitations review, and an interactive procedures module for all phases of flight and multiple approaches.

Each pilot facing a recency issue, could keep their brain alive with operational performance while at home. I've been using these technique for years, and I can assure you as a doctor of aviation that I actually get more from my home preparation than I do from doing three simulator landings, one of which is an autoland.

FAA, Help the Airlines in Need, and
Improve Pilot Proficiency 
in the Process

Whether the FAA helps or not... Pilot's you can do this on their own to assist with your return to the flight deck. Airlines, could avoid training costs and time, by providing the tools to assist pilots with at home training, and created a record for the FAA to provide credit to the pilot at home training in lieu of the recency for one cycle. 

Training doesn't have to be expensive 
to be effective. 

Think outside the box 
during challenging times!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Read a Book!
XO Karlene Ph.D. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Messages Across the Miles

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

CAPT Amjad Zia Malik

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from a friend 7000 miles away. He said it would be okay to post his message. His email brought a smile to my face for many reasons. CAPT Malik, spoke of  confinement in my sweet home. Ironically, two days ago, my husband and were watching an eagle soar over the lake. We discussed how much we appreciated the beauty and life out our window. We could not be confined in a better place than our little cabin. Together. 

He shared with me how neighboring countries are helping each other. But also, that one thing pilots have in common during this time, is we are all feeling the same loss of the sky. He reflected on his time in the US, a special time and his missing what we in the US take for granted-- a fast food hamburger.  

This is a time to remember the good things in life. 
Thank you Capt Malik! 

Dear Karlene!
I hope you are doing well in the safe confinement of your sweet home. Over here in Pakistan by the Grace and Mercy of God the situation is not so grave and our neighbouring country and partner of Pakistan China has immediately responded and has sent teams of Medical doctors to help our Government.

I am already missing my office in the Sky A320 Cockpit.

I feel Nostalgic remembering the good old days which I spent in USA. I used to live in Dallas,Texas way back in the year 1980 when I was a Student Pilot Flying in Boardman’s Flight Academy based at Dallas Love field. My apartment was located on west NW Highway right in the undershoot of R/W13R of Love field.I lived in the US till 1985 before returning back home to join the National Carrier. I Tell you what! I miss Taco Bell,Jack in the Box,Wendy’s and at last but not the least WHAT A BURGER!

Kind regards,

CAPT Amjad Zia Malik
(Pakistan International Airlines)

God Bless You Everyone!

Stay home. Stay healthy. Read a book.
XO Karlene 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Flying Together

As a Crew in Adversity! 

Covid-19 has shown that adversity happens 
beyond our control. 
We do our best to support each other, and survive. 
But when actions are intentional to harm someone,
We support and Fight to Make it Right! 

Thanks to the aviation community I was able to finish my PhD.  I turned that research into a book, Normalization of Deviance, a Threat to Aviation SafetyWhile I was working on this PhD, I also wrote two novels with the plots intertwined with the research. I appreciate your support in reading and sharing these stories, as the themes are aviation safety. 

Flight For Sanity

Imagine flight operations management retaliating against a pilot for providing a safety report. It's hard to believe. But the the truth can be found within the pages of Flight For Sanity. Why would airline management retaliate? Ego. Money. Power.  We may not know the why, but we do know how far they will go in this novel. How far would they go in real life? That's the scariest part of this novel. 

Aviation News Analyst, John Nance, has become a fan of the stories and following the drama, because he knows the truth... 

"When Karlene Petitt grabs you by the throat with her fast-paced narrative, she doesn't let you go until the early hours of the morning! Flight for Sanity plunges you into a world in which money trumps everything...aviation safety, homeland security, and even the presidency. Couldn't happen? Some of it already has, as with the use of fraudulent mental concerns to silence airline pilots who dare to point out safety problems.

A wild and scary ride with a satisfying and potentially accurate ending. And there may not be enough orange jump suits to go around!"

John J. Nance
Aviation Analyst, ABC World News
Author of LOCKOUT (WildBluePress)

Grounded for two years...

Flight For Truth

It's hard to believe that senior flight operations management could keep a pilot out of the flight deck for two years with a false medical diagnosis. But they did. When you read how they did it, you will be shocked.  The scariest part of this novel is that the people involved, are the same people tasked to keep our passengers safe. 
While Darby is doing everything she can to follow the steps to return to work, unbeknownst to her there is great power behind the scenes fighting to keep her out--- The CEO of her airline. The Board of Directors.  The Airline's legal team. A Psychiatrist that is touted to be a "Big Gun" by the FAA. A Chief Pilot. Two of the highest level management pilots. The question is why? Even her pilot union condoned the action, fearful of what the next FAA administrator would do if they didn't. 

FAA Warning! 

"This case is a time bomb with Mayo versus Wood. It is best decided in Washington. I would just defer her case. Don’t get yourself into the corner by advocating any more than you have for the airman. This is not your fault, the baddies are the Airline who went down this route with the airman."

How does the FAA Administrator
and the Boeing B737 Max 
Find their Way into this novel?

You'll have to read to find out! 

Captain Nance is hanging with the story and surmises the underlaying reason for the actions against Darby. It's all about safety...

"Would you knowingly climb aboard a pilotless airliner, flown from airport to airport by computers and promoted by airline executives who would stop at nothing to make a buck? After all, it makes economic sense. Computers don't need rest, equal pay, and vacations.... they also don't break ranks and expose weaknesses in an airline's safety system. Courage is reading this book the night before flying somewhere commercially."

John J. Nance
Author, Pandora's Clock, 16 Souls, and 21 others
Aviation Analyst ABC World News
737 Captain, Rtd

Fight For Justice 

The FAA building, above, is the inspiration for the culmination of Darby's Fight For Justice in the next novel: Flight For Justice. How does Darby learn the truth? It's all about discovery in the legal process during her AIR 21 TrialFlight For Justice is on its way, where Darby and the world will learn the truth. 

Join the Journey 
To Fly as a Crew in Face of Adversity!

Take this time to read!
Get your copies on this blog
Or on  Kindle: 
Normalization of Deviance
Flight For Sanity
Flight For Truth

These Novels also Qualify 
For Entries into the 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Qantas Pilots Stand Down

Covid-19 Affecting the Pilot Community

Kirrily & Owen Zupp 
and Family

Owen Zupp is no stranger to this blog. As an avid writer and pilot I have been honored to featured Owen half a dozen times since 2012. To read those blogs, you can simply search his name in the search box. But today I'm not here to bring the news of another book. Today I'm sharing with you how Owen is dealing the Covid-19 crisis. 

It's hard to believe that one day you are living your dream, and then next day you received a compassionate letter such as this:

Owen and his wife Kirrily are both Qantas pilots and have about 6 weeks leave remaining, and then they will be with many other pilots "On Leave Without Pay." As Owen said, "I am head down seeking work." He's already secured some work writing. But he also has started a blog of his own, and will be sharing his journey through this difficult time. One day at a time. 

"With COVID-19 decimating the planet and air travel was dwindling, a “Stand Down” by QANTAS was always a possibility. The main issue is that both my wife and I are pilots on the Boeing 747, and it could be a very long furlough for us before it takes to the skies again, if ever.

There was a slight sense of Déjà vu as I was made redundant during the collapse of another airline in 2001 – but that was different. That was the end of the airline and passenger demand was still strong. This is a global crisis and hopefully only a pause in operations for QANTAS – even if ultimately our income dries up for a period.

Still, I remain positive and hopeful, so I thought I’d start a blog to share my experience stemming from the other side of aviation."  Owen

Join Owen's journey 
on the other side of aviation:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Flight To Success

Be The Captain Of Your Life

Inspiration, motivation and lessons learned... 

Flight to Success was my journey through eight airlines, seven type ratings, two master’s degrees, and raising a family. Intertwined with my stories are those of others who share their successes, failures, losses, fears, hopes and dreams.

Since Flight to Success was written, I have earned a PhD in Aviation, and obtained my 8th type-rating after having not flown for two years, because I was unjustly grounded. I had to mortgage my home and sell an investment property to survive and fight the most horrific injustice anyone could imagine. All the while my husband's heart was failing.

I survived because I believe in, 
and lived the principles in this book. 

While my world was falling apart, I used the therapy of writing to avoid internalizing the events, and wrote three novels. I also turned my research into a book. When we believe we don't have control over our lives, is the very time we must become the captain of our life. This Covid-19 outbreak was not an unexpected event. Great minds like Bill Gates warned us that this would be the greatest threat to humanity, yet our world governments failed us by not being proactive. Being the captain of your life doesn't mean  to blame, it means to take control of your present reality.

Life will always be filled with the unexpected. We will see tragedy, sickness, healings, good guys, bad guys, and now we see Covid-19.  We may never understand why things happen, but, everything happens for a reason. You get to choose what the event means to you. You have the opportunity to create the flight plan that will take you to your destination, regardless of what is thrown in your path. The sun will shine after every storm. Even when you face the storms of your life with confidence, courage, and grace, you may still have to go-around and do it again. But it's easier the second time with experience.

Use this time of lockdown and fear, to live your experience that will build resilience, courage, and strength that you can share with generations to come. Now is the time to be the Captain of Your Life.

My gift is to share these lessons with you 

A key aspect of being a good pilot is compounding experience, learning how to deal with life challenges, and learning from others as well as our own experiences. The best flight tips I’ve received have come from hangar talk, and from people I've met along the way.

This inspirational, motivational book will take you on a journey of life, to assist you with yours. How do people achieve success? Why don't they quit?  How do they find courage, stamina, and strength to persevere during the most challenging times? Where do they find the time to do it all? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered.

What drives people to phenomenal success? What gives a person strength to smile through the most horrific event of their life? The secret correlates with many aspects of flight. If you apply these tips to your everyday life there will be nothing you cannot accomplish. Life is about choice. We can't always control what happens to us in life, but we can decide what those events mean. The choice now, is to open your mind and heart and not fear.

Don't focus on the negative of isolation. Use this time to read, to think, to inspire. Use this time to learn how to become the Captain of Your life. Be prepared to takeoff for the flight of your life, and enjoy the journey.

Welcome aboard your Flight To Success! 
Order Autographed copies on this site... 
And available on
Kindle Too!

Through May 1, 2020 you can 
B787 Model 

Enjoy the journey,
XO Karlene