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Monday, August 30, 2010

Flight Podcast Number 2!

August 2010, I have been multi-tasking to no end. My daughter’s wedding, deadline for my novel, podcasting, blogging, and flying 94 hours in three weeks! But doesn’t this make for excellent multi-tasking training for when the chips are down, and I have to fly the plane, handle the emergency, divert, work with the Flight Attendants, and talk to ATC … all at the same time?  It's 0200… yes, I'm up and working. 

Guess what? Flight Podcast 2 is up and running! You have got to check it out.
This week’s guests:

Kirsty Ferguson
New pilots, do you want to impress the heck out of your interviewer? You’ve got to listen to what our worldwide leading interview coach, Kirsty has to say. She is nothing short of phenomenal.  After 7 airline interviews myself, I thought I’d heard everything… I was wrong. Check out her checklist for success at  If you want to secure a job as a pilot, you’ll want to add Kirsty to your toolkit.

Mary Kirby
Best known as Runway Girl… Mary is a senior editor at Flight International and aviation blogger at She focuses on in-flight entertainment, connectivity, regional aircraft programs and aircraft interiors. An awe-inspiring woman that will dazzle you with her brilliance.

Andrew Thorley
Almost 10 years ago to the day, Andrew was ferrying a Lightwing ‘sport’ ultralight from Ballina (on the far north coast of NSW) to the Oaks west of Sydney. Due to numerous circumstances Andy found himself over the suburbs of Sydney with low fuel… at night. He suffered fuel starvation and was forced to make a landing in a suburban soccer field. This is the first time he’s spoken of the incident. He’s quite candid with the mistakes he made for the betterment of aviation safety, and something you won’t want to miss.

Chris Williams
Chris is the director and technical lead at Command Software Pty Ltd. Command Software  is best known for their popular flight planning software, Command Flight Planner. Most appropriate for Australian listeners… We have a FREE copy of Command Flight Planner to give away to the value of $400. Did I say FREE? And… you don’t have to wait until I’m published to win it!

Listen to FlightPodcast  today! And tomorrow... you won't be sorry you did.

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Thank You Marty, Ken, and Adam for your patience and working with my very crazy schedule this month!

Enjoy the journey!
~ Karlene

Friday, August 27, 2010

FLY For MS! Friday's Fabulous Flight!

This week’s Friday Flyer is unique. Please join me in honoring two pilots, Keith Siilats and Andrei Floriou, who will be departing on a unique mission, as they fly across the world to make miracles happen. Today is all about Friday's Fabulous Flight.

Keith Siilats and Andrei Floriou

Andrei, born in Romania, is a private pilot. Single and multi-engine rated, he is also an entrepreneur, and former Wall Street investor who’d been focused on biotechnology companies developing Multiple Sclerosis drugs. It didn’t take him long to realize how little people knew about MS.

Andrei Floriou

Keith Siilats, born in Estonia, is no stranger to crossing the Atlantic in a small airplane. He’s a multi-engine, instrument rated and a CFI too! His 2009 trans-Atlantic flight inspired Andrei, and in July this year, they pulled together a team for their mission.

Keith Siilats

Fly for MS

Fly for MS is an unprecedented endeavor meant to raise global awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

On August 30th 2010 their team will take off from New York aboard a small plane for a 29,000 mile (47,000 km) trans-Atlantic, trans-European journey with stops in 30 countries over 60 days.

During the voyage they will fly needy sufferers for treatment to distant MS hospitals, share the joy of flying with other people with MS, and fly MS specialists to financially-strapped MS hospitals.

The distance they’ll cover is almost enough to circle the globe, making the trip one of endurance for both man and machine. Fewer than 300 people have ever flown a small plane for such a distance on a single journey, versus 4,100 successful climbs on Mt. Everest.

Their Mission

They will use the attention drawn by the boldness and record-making magnitude of our undertaking, which fascinates and fuels the imagination of people not previously familiar with MS, to inform them about the disease and the lives of those touched by it, their hopes and despairs, their challenges and unbelievable strength.

Their target audience is the biggest ever for a single event: the 30 countries they will visit have a combined population of 1.2 billion and account for 1.4 million people with MS, 70% of the total worldwide.

Besides raising awareness, they will impact directly the lives of over 100 people with MS, and through them give hope and inspiration to most of those touched by MS. Additionally, in each country they will deliver a message with the key issues affecting the local MS community along with concrete suggestions for addressing them.

The entrepreneurial, spontaneous nature of their effort, conceived and implemented by a small multinational team, will inspire others like them. They are the example that you too can make a difference!

Face Book Page

Meet the entire Team
Don't forget to send me pictures from their visit to your city!

Country City Airport  Flt. Time  Arrival  Departure

US New York KFRG 31-Aug

US Westfield KBAF 0:33 31-Aug 31-Aug

US Aroostook KFVE 1:57 31-Aug 31-Aug

Canada Schefferville CYKL 2:57 31-Aug 31-Aug

Canada Iqaluit CYFB 2:56 31-Aug 1-Sep

Greenland Kulusuk BGKK 4:19 1-Sep 2-Sep

Iceland Isafjordur BIIS 2:08 2-Sep 2-Sep

Iceland Reykjavik BIRK 0:44 2-Sep 3-Sep

Iceland Vestmannaeyjar BIVM 0:24 3-Sep 3-Sep

Norway Stavanger ENZV 4:27 3-Sep 4-Sep

Denmark Tirstrup EKAH 1:18 4-Sep 5-Sep

Denmark Copenhagen EKRK 0:45 5-Sep 6-Sep

Norway Oslo ENGM 1:28 6-Sep 7-Sep

Sweden Norrköping ESSP 1:08 7-Sep 7-Sep

Sweden Stockholm - Bromma ESSB 0:49 7-Sep 9-Sep

Estonia Kardla EEKA 0:48 9-Sep 9-Sep

Estonia Tallinn EERA 0:22 9-Sep 11-Sep

Russia St. Petersburg ULLI 1:02 11-Sep 12-Sep

Russia Moscow UUWW 1:57 12-Sep 14-Sep

Ukraine Kiev UKKM 2:11 14-Sep 16-Sep

Moldova Chisinau LUKK 1:21 16-Sep 17-Sep

Romania Iasi LRIA 0:21 17-Sep 18-Sep

Romania Tulcea LRTC 0:47 18-Sep 19-Sep

Romania Bucharest LRBS 0:41 19-Sep 21-Sep

Poland Warsaw EPBC 2:47 21-Sep 23-Sep

Czech Prague LKPR 1:37 23-Sep 25-Sep

Slovakia Bratislava LZIB 1:11 25-Sep 26-Sep

Country City Airport Flt. Time Arrival Departure

Croatia Zagreb LDZA 0:53 26-Sep 28-Sep

Turkey Istanbul LTBA 3:27 28-Sep 30-Sep

Israel Tel Aviv LLBG 3:27 30-Sep 2-Oct

Israel Jerusalem OJJR 0:25 2-Oct 3-Oct

Greece Athens LGAV 3:36 3-Oct 4-Oct

Italy Milan LILG 4:27 4-Oct 6-Oct

Switzerland Zürich LSZH 0:37 6-Oct 8-Oct

Austria Vienna LOWW 2:01 8-Oct 9-Oct

Germany Munich EDDM 1:17 9-Oct 10-Oct

Germany Berlin EDDT 1:38 10-Oct 12-Oct

Netherlands Amsterdam EHAM 1:43 12-Oct 14-Oct

Belgium Brussels EBBR 0:54 14-Oct 15-Oct

France Paris LFPB 0:51 15-Oct 17-Oct

Spain Barcelona LEBL 2:28 17-Oct 18-Oct

Spain Madrid LEMD 1:28 18-Oct 19-Oct

Spain Malaga LEMG 1:22 19-Oct 20-Oct

UK Gibraltar LXGB 0:19 20-Oct 20-Oct

Portugal Lisbon LPPT 1:19 20-Oct 22-Oct

UK London EGSS 4:51 22-Oct 24-Oct

UK Edinburgh EGPH 1:35 24-Oct 25-Oct

Ireland Dublin EIDW 1:12 25-Oct 27-Oct

Iceland Reykjavík BIRK 4:30 27-Oct 28-Oct

Greenland Nuuk BGGH 4:05 28-Oct 29-Oct

Canada Goose Bay CYYR 3:45 29-Oct 29-Oct

Canada Montreal CYUL 3:43 29-Oct 30-Oct

US Atlanta KATL 4:35 30-Oct 31-Oct

US New York KFRG 3:35 31-Oct 31-Oct

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Layover maneuver…To close the door firmly, turn the lock, and hide from your crew.

ROME: Slam click! I worked on my novel all day. I emerged from my cave at 6 p.m. for a glass of wine, a few laughs with our flight attendants. They went to dinner, I returned to my room. Slam click! Wine in hand, I took Lisa Gardner and Live to Tell to a bubble bath.

ATLANTA: Slam click! A late arrival and I napped for one hour. Then awoke at 9 p.m. and worked on my novel until 0600 the following morning. An 11 hour sleep and I was off to the airport.

Time enroute: 11:30 Destination: Ghana. During my 3 hour break… I finished 3 more chapters. Yeah! Along the way, we dodged thunderstorms. It's just that time of year.

Taken at FL410 somewhere over the Atlantic

GHANA: A full van to the hotel....

Pizza and sodas at the pool...

The feet with the pink toes is me :)

And then… SLAM CLICK! The crew is on a tour and I'm working on my novel.

Goal… to finish the final revision to Flight For Control. Yes, I will do it!

Enjoy the journey!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scheduling Calls!

Arrival into Seattle!

Just after 0500, August 20th, and I had just fallen into a wonderful REM type of sleep when the phone rang. Scheduling calls! "Could I do what?" "When?" "Oh, but of course."

I was just about to start the second of my three days off, and life changed course. Which happens often when scheduling calls. Thus 10 pm that night (20th) I was sitting at SeaTac airport begging for a ride on the redeye. S2 passes... gotta love them on a full flight! The Flight Attendants were great! They let me stow my bags in their closet up front. Thank you ladies! A pilot from another gate gave me a blackberry that another pilot had lost somewhere in the world. I volunteered to take it to base for him. Jerry... your phone has been delivered to your mailbox, let me know when you get it!

We arrived in base early. I walked directly to the Westin. How fast can I say 'crew rate' with a late departure of 1700? The best money spent all weekend! 7 hours of delicious sleep in the most comfortable, cozy, bed in a quiet room.

Before I knew it, I was off to Rome! The First Officer needed a 6 month check... an over-60 pilot ... so he got both the takeoff and the landing. Sometimes it pays to be old... at least it beats the alternative.

Adventure in Rome: I worked on my novel. But, I did drop into the lounge and had a glass of wine with the Flight Attendants around dinner time. They went off to dinner and I took my wine to a bubble bath with Lisa Gardner, and Live to Tell. Thank you Lisa!

We are an hour behind schedule this morning. Good news the delay happened while still at the hotel. Now I can get some work done on my novel. Good music and I'm sitting 'criss cross apple sauce' on my bed with my computer. A yoga move that my grand daughter named. Life is good. I slept 10 hours last night. :)

Next destination: Accra for a 56 hour layover. We'll learn about "slam clicking" tomorrow. A new concept for me. But... I have a deadline!

Okay... who can guess where this picture is? Your answer must be "specific" and you too will win an autographed copy of Flight for Control... when it gets published!!!

Mystery Picture... where "exactly" was this taken?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene

Friday, August 20, 2010

John Endicott, II... Friday's Fabulous Flyer

I'm the FAA and I'm here to help!

Honolulu Eastbound we had a FAA inspector riding in the flight deck, a prisoner in the back, two FBI agents and an armed guard. The prisoner was a woman... the scariest kind. The making of a novel.

Once again we had a FAA inspector riding with us, this time: John Endicott II, and John is assigned to the Delta Airlines certificate. He has quite a story, and unfortunately through my journey I lost my notes. How can I write this without notes you ask? Well, his story is one of inspiration ... and another indication that life works out like it should, despite the obstacles that are thrown at us. Yes, I remember his story. I may not have the exact dates... but he made an impression, and I'm glad to know him.

John Endicott, II

Like many teenagers, John's idea of education differed from his parents. He joked about being on the 5 year plan... or was that the 7 year? He loved mechanics and his parents made a deal with him... they would pay for college if he was willing to take classes they thought beneficial, in addition to those he enjoyed. What a deal, and he was soon a student at Embry Riddle.

He ended up buying an airplane, Piper Warrior, and took flying lessons across the street from the University at an FBO, where he set up lease back with his plane. He was flying, studying, and working towards a career as an airline pilot. He also fell in love, and married the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, on his honey he suffered a Grand Mal Seizure in his sleep. Waking up, he felt like he'd been in a fight. We can only imagine what his new bride was going through.

They returned home, and were at his parent's house. He wasn't feeling well so he decided to take a nap. His wife and parents heard him fall off the bed, and by the time they'd arrived in his room, the bookshelf was on top of him. Yes, another seizure. Long story short, they discovered that he was suffering from seizures from Nutra Sweet. His Diet Cokes were the culprit. He lost his medical, but after changing his diet... eliminating artificial sweeteners, the seizures stopped. The FAA prohibited him from obtaining a first class medical until he could go three years without.

John graduated from Embry Riddle with a maintenance/management degree. His flying was put on hold, but not him. One day he was across the field, at the FBO where he kept his plane, and he noticed somebody walking by a hangar. They began talking, and this person had recently purchased the hangar and the 6 un-flyable airplanes inside. The new owner asked John if he knew anyone who could get them in the air again. And a relationship was born. John fixed his planes and then followed him to ... Texas! Where John continued to fix airplanes that had been in crashes.

He soon left to expand his horizons. He ended up at ValuJet and became the Director of Maintenance planning. When AirTran purchased Value Jet, he was one of the few Directors who stayed with the company. His new position with AirTran was Manager of Technical Publications, and in that position he worked closely with the FAA and they encouraged him to join their team, which he did.

He is now the Geographic Safety Inspector, Airworthiness, and working on Delta's certificate. When we landed in Honolulu, his first time there, I listened to him speak with one of the mechanics. He didn't head off to the hotel, instead he pressed on and jumped into work. We already had a long day, but he is a man with heart, and a job to do.

I enjoyed the opportunity talking with John on the flight over. The thing that impressed me most about him is his commitment to safety. He truly cares, and works with the system, the airline, and the industry to make our airline and aircraft as safe as can be. His motivation is purely selfless in the line of safety. Nice to see.

It was a pleasure to meet you!

Enjoy The Journey!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where in the World is This Runway?

The hour is late
The flight was great
And winds were on our side....

Landing 50 minutes early helped me make the 9 am commuter flight to Seattle. Yeah! We had all the family home for dinner... All 3daughters and their husbands, grand kids and my mom too.

Now, I'm off to bed for some much needed sleep. But first...can you identify this mystery runway?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Life of a Pilot....

The story is... I am junior reserve in base. The plan this month was to sit in a hotel for 18 days and work on my novel. Reality... I was bumped to First Class on my commute to work, and then my first day of reserve I was assigned to a 7 day trip with two Honolulu layovers, one of which was 46 hours. Nice duty!

Arrival into Honolulu... a beautiful approach!

I had printed my novel, so I was able to sit at the pool and work on it. I visited my friend Darby for hours. She's a captain with an attitude, and a great sense of humor. Did I say gorgeous too? One day she'll let me take a picture of her! 14 chapters complete! Life is good.

Working Hard

Play time in the ocean

View From Dinner

And then it was time to get back to work....
Did I tell you that I have a really great job?
Flying back to base tomorrow. More great things to come....
Enjoy the journey!

~ Karlene

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jason Schappert: Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Jason Schappert… his credentials say, “certified flight instructor” but the way he lives his life say’s he’s a man of commitment, strength, passion, and a willingness to take a risk. Oh yeah, he is a pilot!

 Jason “worked his butt off” to get his CFI at the age of 18, the minimum age. When the flight school he attended offered him a job to instruct at $11 an hour he said, “NO WAY! I didn’t’ work that hard to make 11 bucks an hour!”

The fact that Jason comes from an entrepreneurial family gave him the courage to start his own business, despite a few constraints: He was in college, had no money and wanted to start a flight school. He also had two prospective students who really wanted to fly, yet he had no airplane to teach them in. And then inspiration hit. He showed up to their door with a business plan, that the three of them would purchase an airplane together. That way he could teach them, they could make money off their investment while he taught other students… a win win for all.

He sold them on the spot! Then purchased a Cherokee 140 and taught them how to fly. He also found 4 additional students, made his rate, and life was great! In 6 months he’d made more money that most do in a year, and he said, “My parents thought I was doing something illegal! Haha. I wasn’t, and never would.”

Cessna 150

Jason purchased his Cessna 150 on Ebay of all places, and flew this plane across America and back! An incredible journey that you must read to appreciate. Link below.

 Jason now has over 4000 hours of flight time, all in single engine pistons, and he is not old enough to get his ATP. Yet. He also flies single engine charters for a few local businesses, but is shying away from that to focus on his online ground school and book series!

 A pilot after my own heart, he’s an author too. He was inspired writing his training manual because he truly loves flight training. He said, “We needed something NEW and DIFFERENT. Too many of the books out there lack fun! So my book is full of pictures, jokes, and real current info.” Apparently he sat in on all of his students’ checkrides and wrote down every question they were asked and he published them! How did he publish? He created his own publishing company, and self publishes his book, Pass Your Private Pilot Checkride, and as he say’s, “it has continued to sell like crazy.”

His online ground school is currently just for Private Pilots, but is TSA approved. As Jason say’s, “It’s a complete twist on anything you’ve seen.” I suggest you check it out.

Aviation Camp too! Yes, Jason sponsors an aviation camp. I’m attaching a link to the great write up in their local paper. Another must read on this amazing man.

Shaurya Mehta at Camp

For anyone who thinks it can't be done... it can! And Jason proves that if you're willing to take a risk, work hard, and follow your dreams... you too can have it all!

You can find Jason:
On twitter @mzeroa

Jason Schappert
Certified Flight Instructor
(352) - 812-4320

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counting My Lucky Stars

Tomorrow I was scheduled to sit reserve through the end of the month. And this morning scheduling assigned me a trip. Oh yeah... a great one! Whoever called in sick, "Thank YOU!"

My first Honolulu... 48 hour layover! Nice!

My plan was to revise my novel while sitting in my hotel room on reserve. The best news is, being the planner and proactive person that I am, I printed a copy of the novel, and stapled each chapter together.

Now... if anyone is looking for me, I will be the person relaxing poolside editing my novel... in Hawaii. And yes, my commute to work was in First Class. Great meal. Fun movie. And I edited 3 chapters!

Oh, and I so love the flight attendants I'm working with. They are wonderful! Thank you all!

Life is good...and I really love my job!

~Enjoy the journey!

More to come from Hawaii

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Timeless Message

Do you know who wrote the following memo to their station managers?

"No Employee will ever be punished for using good judgment and good old common sense when trying to accommodate a Customer -- no matter what our rules are. Let's start leaning toward our Customers again -- not away from them. Let's start encouraging our line Employees to be a little more flexible and to take that extra minute to try to accommodate special needs. Let's start encouraging our Supervisors to give our Customers the benefit of the doubt. I'll bet if those of us in top management started exhibiting some of that special WINNING SPIRIT that has contributed so greatly to our present success, those on the lower ends of the Management Group would be quick to jump in and follow suit."

Enjoy the journey! Karlene

Monday, August 9, 2010

She's Married!

We just loaded the kids onto the plane for their honeymoon, non-stop... France. The wedding was nothing short of spectacular, rain and all... the night was perfect. And yes, the 'after party' carried on late into the morning. Pictures speak louder than words.

Kristen and Krysta
Seattle Sculpture Park an hour before the wedding

 Nicole, Kristen, Kayla, Kalimar, Krysta, Katie, Karen
Wow...the K bridal party!

 Kadence and Miles .. my cute grand kids
Alias... flower girl and ring bearer

Flower girl and mother of the bride... alias grandma

Krysta and Torrey the final moment

 The newest Mrs. Wogen

Mom, Krysta and Dad

Beautiful Venue

Daddy's Little Girl

In-Laws: The Best!
Karlene, Dick, John, and Kathy 

Ring bearer: Miles. My cute Grandson 

 Kalimar, Krysta and Kayla
My beautiful daughters!

Torrey: Our Newest Son makes 3!

Dylan...Kalimar's husband

 Ryan, Kayla's husband

We knew we would have 3 wonderful sons one day! That day has arrived.

The Party

Great Friends
Linda and Kathy

Krysta and Torrey Wogen, off to see the world as husband and wife...  A lifetime of joy and happiness to you both!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Crititcal Day in Seattle!

A critical day in Seattle and it's not SeaFair! Okay... SeaFair is Critical, as are the Blue Angels that will be flying overhead... but today is my youngest daughter's wedding. The last of three. A day to celebrate.

Unfortunately an outdoor wedding is threatened by showers due to the cold front moving our way. The only day of rain in the previous 2 weeks. Keep the good weather thoughts alive... we need all the help we can get.

Friday Flowers construction zone in my dining room... they turned out great!

Rehearsal with me, the ring bearer, and the flower girl, in my four and a half inch heals. Note the blue skies and the 70 degree weather. Yesterday.

Karlene, Kadence and Miles

And then the Bride and Groom to be... 

Krysta and Torrey

Thursday, August 5, 2010


"The People who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstance they want, and, if they can't find them, make them." 
George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking News!

3 day's until the wedding... and counting down. So far... everything is going smoothly at the Petitt household. But that's not the breaking news. Breaking news is the new Airline legislation.

The big question among the next generation pilots is: How will they build their flight hours?
The big question I have is: Will this new legislation help increase airline safety?

To read the full article click on: Breaking News

Reported by WNY's Congressional Reps. Higgins, Lee and Slaughter, the key provisions of the legislation include: 

* Pilot Qualifications: Requires airline pilots to hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate (1,500 minimum flight hours required; current minimum is 250 flight hours). Requires the FAA to raise the minimum requirements for the ATP certificate. Requires pilot training for effective performance in: an air carrier operational environment; adverse weather conditions, including icing; high altitude operations; and a multi-pilot crew. Enables the FAA to consider allowing certain academic training hours that may increase the level of safety above the minimum requirements to be counted towards the 1,500-hour ATP certificate requirement.

* Implementation of National Transportation Safety Board Recommendations: Requires FAA to ensure that pilots are trained on stall recovery, upset recovery, and that airlines provide remedial training to pilots who need it.

* Pilot Records Database: Creates a Pilot Records Database to provide airlines with fast, electronic access to a pilot’s comprehensive record. Information in the database will include: pilot licenses, aircraft ratings, check rides, notices of disapproval, other flight proficiency tests, and State motor vehicle driving records.

* Fatigue: Flight and Duty Time Rule -- Directs the FAA to update and implement new pilot flight and duty time rules within one year to more adequately track scientific research in the field of fatigue.

* Fatigue Risk Management Systems -- Requires air carriers, within 90 days, to create fatigue risk management systems approved by FAA to proactively mitigate pilot fatigue.

* Commuting Study -- Studies the impact of pilot commuting on fatigue and provides preliminary results to the FAA to be considered as part of the flight and duty time rulemaking.

* ASAP and FOQA: Directs the FAA to develop and implement a plan to facilitate the establishment of an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and a Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) program by all commercial airlines and their unions.

* Report: Requires FAA to reports on which airlines are using the programs or if they are using something comparable that achieves similar safety goals; how FAA will expand the use of the programs; and how FAA is using data from the programs as safety analysis and oversight tools for aviation safety inspectors.

* Truth in Advertising: Mandates that Internet websites that sell airline tickets disclose to the purchaser on the first page of the website the air carrier that operates each segment of the flight.

Let me know what you think...your voice will be heard!

Have a Great Day!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4 Days and Counting....

FAA physical complete!

I passed my First Class Physical today...I don't quite need cheaters, but coming soon, and my blood pressure passed the traffic test and my very late arrival. Today definitely wasn't an on time performance day, but the drivers of three stalled cars were probably having a worse day than I.

Tonight my Son-In-Law to be arrives. Tomorrow out of town guests start filtering in. Thursday the in-laws-to-be arrive, and the meet the parents dinner. Friday... rehearsal dinner. Saturday Wedding.
Days off... Priceless.

Now, the fun begins...

Happy Flying

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Mystery Picture

As pilots, we have the opportunity to visit the most interesting places in the world. Sometimes they can be oppressive, and this was one of those occasions.

The day started out as a research gathering mission for my novel, and a wrong turn brought me into this tunnel, pretending to be a hallway. The temperature was at least ten degrees warmer than the entrance. About halfway through the walls closed in, the temperature continued to raise, and the air grew thick with pain. I had to leave. But before I did, the camera came out.

Where in the world is this hallway? The first correct guess will win an autographed copy of my novel, Flight For Control.