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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Oil Painting By Karlene

Flight To Success: The painting!
 .... In Progress.

First Draft...and the painting continues...

It's an Original... 
and one day could be worth millions!

When you stop laughing, and pick yourself up off the floor, I will tell you why....

Imagine when I become a famous author/screenplay writer. What if you owned a first painting by Steven Spielberg? It wouldn't matter how good it is... the fact is, it's an original. Remember... this is still in progress, as there will be a plane flying into the sunrise... 

Repainting continues...

Funny story behind my painting project. I signed up for painting class in our local Des Moinse Community Art center. The night of my first class I received an email that class was cancelled due to weather. Weather? It was raining.

I responded... "It always rains in Seattle."

The following week I thought I had better call and see if class was being held, as it was raining again. Oooops. The phone number was definitely not 206! I had signed up for a painting class in Des Moinse Iowa. Ahhhh heck! I called and told them I would not be attending class, "tonight or ever."

How hard can it be to paint? I have supplies. I have imagination. Who needs a painting class anyway?

I DO! 

Repainted third time with quick dry

My first lesson was that the paint does not dry overnight. How long does it take? Google says, "6-9 months!" Heck... we could give birth in that amount of time. Then one of my daughters told me that there is a product you can mix with the paint for it to dry more quickly. Due to this drying issue, most people are painting with Acrylics these days. But I have oil paints!

Anyway... I got the stuff... and have been playing with my painting trying to mix, build, and dry! Having a bit of challenge with the fog... and the clouds....and the mountains. But it's so much fun! So between painting my house, and my painting my first oil painting... I'm loving the colorful side of life.

A few more lessons... oil paint stains carpet and turpentine removes the lacquer off counter tops. But other than that... life is good.

Why am I painting?  In honor of the Air Race Classic.

And the painting continues...

"The Air Race Classic is the longest running all women pilots transcontinental air race. Racers continue the long-time legacy of women’s air racing that began back in 1929 when twenty women flew from Santa Monica, California, to Cleveland, Ohio. That first Women’s Air Derby evolved into the All Women Transcontinental Air Race (AWTAR) and was commonly referred to as the Powder Puff Derby.   The Air Race Classic started in 1977, the final year of AWTAR.  Today, Air Race Classic racers share aviation with communities across the U.S. where host stops enthusiastically welcome the racers into their cities and towns. 

Yesterday I painted while I studied for recurrent....
The Air Race Classic, Inc. is supported by donations and volunteers.  ARC seeks financial sponsors and donations to the annual silent auction for the 2013 race.   Your support will assist the Air Race Classic, a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) corporation, as it promotes general aviation, preserves the history of women's air racing and helps to educate young girls to encourage them to consider aviation as a career choice.   

At the Terminus of the race each year, a silent auction is held. The funds from this event help assure the future of Air Race Classic.   

We are looking for donations of aviation-related items or general items.  The race finishes on June 21 and we would love to see your contribution shipped to the terminus by June 1, 2013. "

The address for shipment of goods to the terminus is:
Nancy Keating
346 N. Walnut
Fayetteville, AR 72701

JUNE 1st?!?
I better get busy and finish my painting contribution!
(I hope it dries in time to ship.) 

All I need to do is add the plane...
and a few touch ups.
 Flight For Control 

And a book club meeting have been donated too.

What can you contribute?
(Sharing this post is a great contribution in itself) 


Email you contributions to:  

ARC offers program ads, website exposure, and other sponsor publicity in return. Sponsorship information is online by clicking HERE    

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. WOOOOOW! This is such a beautiful painting! As a girl who doesn't even know how to draw a straight line, I wish I had some creative skills like you :) I would definitely pay lots of money for this painting. It's beautiful. The colors. The composition. And when the airplane is added, it will be perfect.

    1. Thank you so much Cecilie! Now... I hope I can paint straight lines for the plane. :) That shall be the challenge. And the size is a question too. I have to do it quickly... so there will be drying time.

  2. Love the painting. Is there anything you can not accomplish?

    1. Ha. Ha. Oh... If I told you I would have to shoot you. Thank you so much Rob!!! I really appreciate it!

  3. Hahaha! I remember when you told me about the oil paints! Great thing is you managed to find out the solution quickly and there you are! Your painting looks great!

    And when you get famous... I will be the first to bid for that painting! ;)

    Can't wait to see when its done!


    1. Oh no! You must bid for paintings before they are famous. That way you'll get a good deal. lol. This one will be at the ARC auction. So... hopefully someone will want it. :)

  4. Karlene, I am jealous as the highest level I obtained in my art class was pastel painting. But I specialized in flowers and landscapes and they looked just as professional as if Bob Ross from PBS painted them with oils. My favorites of mine being pansies and ocean waves. If I ever get my hands on a photo with one of my pieces I will send them over.

    And your painting is BEAUTIFUL because I LOVE orange!

    The Air Race Classic is a worthy cause and a worthy contribution! I can't wait to see that plane flying into the sunset!

    (Will be on auto-pilot/offline for the next two days but will be in touch.)

    Enjoy The Peachtree State!

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy! I would love to see your artwork. Definitely therapy doing it. Yes... a worthy cause. Have fun! I'll be in the sim working hard. Will be in touch too!

  5. Replies
    1. Awe... I bet you say that to all the girls. Thank you!

  6. This looks great Karlene! You're so talented... a published writer, painter, speaker, blogger, essentially a photographer, and an international widebody airline pilot?! Can't wait to hear and see about the other things you're doing!

    So cool,

    1. Thank you so much Swayne! Now... those other things... I paint houses and tile floors. lol. More fun to come!

  7. Its all worthwhile and i wish you well

  8. Wow, pretty pic--and great idea to add the Cessna silhouette!

    I've always been an artist and doodler, but never tried painting. Too much work, lol! (The deepest I've gone is water color.)

    Another great cause, too. Think they'd like a signed copy of my book to auction? ;-)

    1. Eric, it's really fun. But a challenge. There is seriously a reason to take a lesson. I think you learn all the tricks of the trade. Then the creativity can take over. Most definitely they would love a copy of your book. This would be awesome!


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