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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ladies and Butterflies


Monday, June 26, 2017

Fear of Flying

Paralyzing Millions Daily

But does it have to? Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions there is, and a fear of flying can impact your life greatly.  Fear is also the first chapter in Flight To Success Be the Captain of Your Life. One day my editor called and told me his wife was afraid to fly, and her fear of flying newsletter had just arrived with a passage from my book. (Hopefully he didn't leave my novels lying around the house.) Yes, the world is a small and wonderful place. But when you have a fear of flight, can you fully enjoy it? 

Be The Captain of Your Life!

An amazing woman, Christina Nitschmann, my Friday Flyer from last week was afraid of flying. What did she do? She took flying lessons! But what flying has taught her, was so much more than facing her fear, it was about embracing life. Christina will be on the Eastern Airline's show tonight for all of you fearful flyers to ask her how she did it. 

Eastern Airlines 
The Journey Continues...

EAL Live Radio Show, 
Episode 324,
Monday, June 26, 2017

"Fear Of Flying"

The EAL Radio Show Episode 324 will air on Monday, June 26, 2017 and this Episode is all about "Fear Of Flying." How many of our Eastern Family has had to deal with a passenger(s) that were scared to death to fly? How did you handle these situations? What did you say to overcome their fears? And what if you have a fear of flying? A woman who was in your shoes will be here to tell you how she overcame her fear. Call in with your story and join our hosts as we fly without fear. 

We depart from the gate on Monday evening, 
June 26, 2017 
at 7:00 P.M. EDT 

Call into the show at 

Captain Neal Holland  ♦ Jim Hart 
*Captain Steve Thompson *Chuck Allbright Linda Fuller

*Captain George Jehn*Dorothy Gagnon*Don Gagnon
Will be your hosts!

with your stories or listen in by going to our Home Page on the EAL Radio Show website, and follow the directions, or you can go to listen into Episode 324.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Christina Nitschmann

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Christina Nitschmann is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and radio show host of Savvy Business Radio. As the host, Christina has the unique ability to connect with each and every guest at a emotional level that sets Savvy Business Radio apart from other broadcasts. Savvy Business Radio is home to over 3.5 million listeners per month via our AM/FM stations and podcasting platforms globally. Savvy's shows also run in syndication through 9 AM/FM247 and iHeart Radio. But that's the formal version of the woman, peel back the layers and there is so much more. 

One of my greatest joys is talking with Christina. We have done a few audio shows together and this month I flew back to NY, and we had a girls night before our interview the next day. Not only is she the most gracious hostess, but Christina is one of the most courageous, kind, talented, intelligent and compassionate people I know. She's amazing in so many ways, and when you read her story, you'll understand a little bit more of why I believe this. She has conviction, and while I call her fearless, she has fear. She just faces her fear straight on. 


"A decade ago, if someone had told me I’d be hosting a wildly successful radio show and podcast called I never would've never believed them. Yet, here I am, five years later, broadcasting to over 3.5 million people weekly across the globe.

Stepping Off the Cliff

Here’s the amazing thing: Three years before I left corporate America to started my journey to discovering my passion and purpose, I wasn’t even aware of my gift, let alone what a podcast was. Back in 2011 had I not stepped off the cliff and started my first business, I would have never made it to where I am today. During this time, I started writing down my greatest lessons learned while in the corporate world, which lead to a blog I called 101 Mistakes and What I Learned in Business.

Then I began another blog, Transformation in flight, which talked about the lessons I learned in the cockpit. The exercise of writing these blogs help me immensely and propelled me forward, and ultimately lead me to discover my passion and purpose as a producer and talk show host.

Our culture has a myth that those who have accomplished great successes in life are somehow more special. We see the results of that success, but what is often left out is that their journey toward success was not always pretty a one.

When you really look at the lives of those who have achieved great things, they  did not always have a straight path to success; many times it’s a zigzag path to their final destination. So, if you are living your passion and purpose in the world, my yearning for you is that you do not beat yourself up when things start to go sour or look hopeless. 

Stop Resisting Change and Success Will Follow

It doesn’t mean you made a mistake in following your heart and dreams. The bumps you are experiencing are the entrance to the next phase of growth and transition in your life. I’ve found that when you stop resisting the change, growth toward success becomes smoother.

Flying is one of great passions and during this period of struggle and indecision, I was blessed to be able to go flying each weekend with my life partner Bryan. Bryan is a licensed pilot, and giving up that corporate job enabled me more time to fly with him most weekends.

How to Get Over Your 
Fear of Flying?

During this transitional period I was able to fly my pants off (some two hundred hours in less than a year).  I should backup though. While I loved travel, I was petrified of flying. It was in 2006  that I made a promise to myself to conquer my fear of flying by taking flying lessons. At the same time I met the love of my life and partner Bryan. I'd have to say, while leaving corporate America gave me the space to discover my greatest gifts, it was flying that gave me the courage to pursue them.

Flying Gave me Courage

Often folks ask me how I kicked my fear of flying to the curb, and it was actually easy, I just DID it. If I haven't been up flying for a while or I'm learning a new maneuver or experiencing a new situation, I still experience fear.  But, I've learned if I don't fight the fear, and let it come, it quickly passes. I simply focus on my training and flying the airplane. In the past, I think the reason fear won, was I kept fighting against it. By doing so, I made the fear stronger, and myself weaker. So my advice would be for anything that frightens you,  (like the Nike Motto), Just Do It! and when the fear rises, don't flight it, let it come and pass.

In fact, I'd say whatever great accomplishment you want to reach, from getting your private pilot certificate, starting your own business, or living your passion and purpose in the world, you'll have to do what makes you scared you and makes you uncomfortable. In the end though, constantly pushing yourself beyond your limits is what will allow you to live the life of your dreams! Go for IT! :-)"

Christina will be joining the Eastern Airlines Team, 
when we talk about the Fear of Flying. 
Episode 324, Monday, June 26, 2017 
the show will start at 1900 EDT. 
 Call 213-816-1611
To join the show!


Twitter: @Savvy_Radio

If You Have a Book, 
A Business, a Passion, 
or a Mission...

Contact Christina 
and let her millions of listeners
hear about what you're up to! 

Here are a few of Christina's podcasts,  for your listening pleasure: 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mental Attack on Pilots


Last week I shared with you an email from a pilot who wrote about being removed from flight duty, and has been kept out for ten years with a false accusation of mental health, in a post titled Criminal Activity in the Airline World.  The week before that, I shared a portion of another pilot's medical report in a post titled Aviation Thrillers, That Read like Mysteries, where fact is stranger than fiction

Today I have yet another true story to share... 

But first I want to preface this with a little real life message we tell all pilots. We want pilots to feel free to come forward if they have an issue, not fly if they are tired or just know they are not fit for duty. We can't all be 100% everyday. But that doesn't mean permanent.... right? 

Well, let me tell you what happened to yet another pilot, a 15-year captain who has been flying for 38 years.  One day she got to work and realized she had forgotten her ID. This was the first time in her life she'd done something like this. But the truth was, this was not like any other day... she had just lost a close family member. But like all tough pilots we think we can do it all! She realized she could not. When she arrived at the airport, and learned what she had done, she realized that the death of her Aunt impacted her harder than she thought, and she called unfit for duty, for that trip. 

That call was three years ago. 

She was removed permanently. This pilot was being proactive for the safety of that flight, as we request every pilot to be, and has had her life and career turned upside down. Where she was initially challenged for her sick call, the company pulled her for mental health. Like the other two pilots she has never lost her first class medical certificate, either.  

Since then, false medical reports have been written and placed into her medical file, and submitted to an insurance company. Chief pilots have forged paperwork, and as it turned out, the doctor who played this game with her, is also friends and works closely with the doctor who wrote that horrific medical report in Aviation Thrillers, That Read like Mysteries, where fact is stranger than fiction

Apparently there is a group of doctors that can be purchased to down pilots. The scary thing is, if they can down mentally healthy pilots, what will stop them from being bought to release a pilot who has a problem? 

This tragedy my friends, 
is the theme of Flight For Sanity

But you should start at the beginning of the series 
and learn how we got to this point. 

Darby's Story is yet another real life story based on actual events. Research is a wonderful thing, but it's sad when you learn the truth of what a few really bad managers can do to pilots, because of ego, power and money. This tactic to remove pilots is only used because the airline has no performance issues to fire them. The Railway Labor Act allows it to continue. Something needs to be done. What happens if someone does need help? Will they get it? Will they be afraid to come forward? 


Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

International Yoga Day 2017

Celebrate Your Health 

Celebrate your Life

June 21

If you want to improve your health, 
improve your overall wellbeing 
do Yoga! 

The benefits are many: 

They now say it changes your DNA

Make Yoga your Daily routine!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Terror in the Sky

Amazing Video on Pilot Error

What are the causal factors of 
Pilot Error?

Automation? Training? Fatigue? Safety Culture? Distraction? 

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be outliers. Thankfully the pilot group is filled with highly intelligent professionals who care about what they are doing, and their goal is to carry you to a safe destination. But, when an industry crumbles and takes pensions, cuts training, places pilots on aircraft exceeding duty times because they established "carveouts" to avoid FAA requirements, and provides the minimum training, per FAA standards, because the bottom line, what can pilots do? Only the best they can.  We all need the tools to do our jobs. 

The industry knows what the problems include,
now we need the data to show why. 

I don't believe we should just blame the pilot. 

If you're a commercial pilot 
and want to be part of the solution

Click to learn more: Pilot Survey


XO Karlene

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Automation Takeover

Where Is the Future Headed?

Boeing is now openly 
talking about Pilotless Planes

Seems farfetched? The military has been doing this for years. This weekend I was discussing this exact topic with a friend on LinkedIn, and what would happen to our world when all our jobs are replaced by technology? What will the hundreds of thousands of people do without jobs because a machine is doing it? Technology is great, but how far will it go?

What do you think our regulatory aviation induced pilot shortage, thousands of aircraft orders, and NextGen have in common? There will be a time that we don't have the pilots to fly our automated aircraft and the FAA will relax the requirements for crew compliment, due to economics. The first step in the removal of pilots. Don't think for a second that this is not an underlying theme in my novels... and sadly these novels are all proving to come true.

Join the 
Eastern Airlines Team

To discuss the how far automation has come 
and how far it will go! 

Episode 323

June 19, 2017 
At 1900 EDT

(That would be 4 pm on the West Coast, 7 pm on the East Coast,
 and for the rest of you... somewhere in the middle) 

Call 213-816-1611 

Where you can either listen or talk 
and ask the guests any questions
you would like answered.  

Or log on to listen at

 Captain Neal Holland  ♦ Jim Hart 
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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene