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Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Reading:

Raven One

Finals complete!! Last week I finished finals on a layover in China. Then standing in the lobby on my way to the airport to return home,  I met a crew getting ready to head to town. Of course I had to tell them about my novels before we parted. Then one of the captains told me about Raven One, and a little about the pilot who wrote it. Thus, I just ordered it and will be reading between classes. I suspect we will get to meet the man behind the book by the end of the week. Stay tuned. 
But for now....

"UNARMED OVER HOSTILE TERRITORY... For a moment Wilson froze and looked at the white-helmeted pilot who sat high on the nose of the colossal fighter. Across the small void, he saw the pilot’s eyes peer over his mask. Dark, chilling eyes… Wilson kicked right rudder to slide closer and jam any chance for a bandit gunshot. When the bandit pulled all the way over, almost on its back but in control, he cursed in frustration at what he knew was coming next. The hostile fighter reversed over the top in a negative-g maneuver, his nose tracking down on Wilson like a falling sledgehammer in slow motion. Horrified, Wilson realized he faced an imminent snapshot. With the little air speed he had, his inverted his Hornet to avoid the attack. His aircraft still rolling, Wilson saw that the monster had another weapon at its disposal..."
Find time to read a good book this summer!  
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wallowa County 2015 Fly In

Supporting Aviation!

2015 Wallowa County Fly In

August 8th
Starting at 7 am!  

Pancake Breakfast and Raffle 
Then the fun continues....

With a Musical Festival in Town!

Fly In is Sponsored by 
the Wallowa County Pilots Association 
and the

Message from Sonja Locke:

"Aviation plays an important role in rural communities such as Wallowa County in the northeastern corner of Oregon. General aviation provides both a link to the outside world for emergency services as well as recreational opportunities in the backcountry.

The purpose of the Wallowa County Pilots Association is to promote general aviation and work to keep our backcountry strips open and maintained as another method to enjoy the vast wilderness area right in our own back yard. These strips also serve as emergency evacuation for injured recreationalist or as a supply chain for businesses in remote areas.

In order to promote aviation and educate the public on it’s benefits, each year the Wallowa County Pilots Association and Chief Joseph Flyers hold a fly in at the Joseph State Airport. Featured attractions include classic aircraft such as the only flying Boeing B40, a DC-3, and a Stearman among others. We also give free airplane rides and serve a pancake breakfast.

This year to help defray some of the costs, we have decided to sell raffle tickets for a generator. It’s a perfect tool to load up into an airplane or an RV and bring on a camping trip or use to provide power for a work party at one of the airstrips in the backcountry.

We hope that your company can help us with this endeavor to promote and keep general aviation alive and well in small communities."

You can help
keep the aviation dream alive!
Buy your Raffle Tickets!

You can win without being at the Fly In

Raffle continues until August 8th!
  • One hour of flight + one hour of ground instruction ( or a local flight in the event that a non-citizen should win it) provided by the local flying club Chief Joseph Flyers.
  • Coffee basket value $200

Tickets may be purchased via email to:

Tickets are only $5 each. Donations to the event may be sent to: P O Box 754, Joseph OR 97846. Checks may be addressed to the Wallowa Pilots Association. Or... donate on PayPal!

Who is the woman behind the Raffle?

Sonja Locke, I am proud to say is my friend, my coworker, and an amazing woman. Hard work, commitment, perseverance and dedication to achieving her dreams, has been a testament to what it takes to become a pilot. Her dedication to giving back to the aviation community is like none other. She is also married to a pilot, and raising a future pilot. Click on her name to read more... or, you may read her story in Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life. 

Until August 8th (When the Raffle is complete)
order your copy of
Flight To Success Be the Captain of Your Life

off my blog and send me a message... 
"Supporting Aviation" and...

All proceeds will be donated to the
Wallowa Pilots Association!

Donations are also made easy:
Go to your PayPal account and send money to

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pilots Wanted!!!

"558,000 new pilots over the next two decades"


Great News for Pilot Careers!  

With this news comes a huge responsibility for the rest of us. We must hold the career to the highest standards, maintaining the financial reward for the dedication, commitment, and expense it takes to become a pilot. This is the only way we will be able to recruit and retain the highest caliber of people. These future pilots will be responsible for your safety, as the skies become saturated with complex aircraft. 

The new aviation world has many challenges, 
but is so worth the effort.

I am in Shanghai right now, and have the day to finish my Law and System's Engineering finals before I fly back to Seattle. The first year of school is almost complete as I continue to work towards my one wish. 

Want to Be a Pilot? 

The continuation of my career is dedicated to 
making yours the best it can be. 

to learn more.

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Passed My Multi-Engine Ride!

 Airline Pilot in the Making...

Jake Cullen passed his multi-ride, and now he's moving onto his Certified Flight Instructors rating (CFI). I asked Jake to share with me lessons learned. Here is what he said: 

 Lessons Learned 

"The first thing I learned...and this holds true for any type of flying...was that no matter what the situation, your first priority should always be to fly the airplane. During an emergency, simulated of course, I was shocked by how quickly you can get behind the airplane if you make ATC, or running through a checklist, the first priority. As important as those items are, the airplane is far more important."

Fly the Plane First!
Know Your Memory Items! 
"The second thing I learned was the importance of checklists, and to memorize the emergency flows. This definitely saved time during emergencies and helped me stay ahead of the airplane. During normal operations checklist usage was still really important as well because even though the aircraft I flew was not that complicated compared to some, it still wasn't the Cessna 172 I first trained in. There was way more to it."
Be Prepared! 
"And the third lesson I learned was that it is important to be prepared for anything. Flying with two engines is fun, but things can go south fast and you have to be ready. At first I was frustrated with how often we practiced single engine operations. However, after many times dealing with a dead engine, I began to realize how important it was to not get complacent and let your guard down."


Jake, Thank you for your lessons. An interesting fact is, at that on top of Northwest Airlines emergency checklist were written the words: Fly the Plane. These are words to live by. Also, for anyone preparing for, or are in the middle of any airline training program, you can take Jake's words with you: Know your memory items and be prepared for anything (and everything). If you can do that, success will be yours!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Saturday, July 18, 2015

AviatorCast at

While I won't make Oshkosh this year, my friends from Angle of Attack at AviatorCast Podcast will be there! Find them, say hello, and get your photo with Chris or any of his team, and send it my way. I will add you to a drawing to win an autographed copy of:

A message from Chris:

"Oshkosh 2014 was all about getting the lay of the land. This year, AviatorCast is coming in force to OSH15. I’ve got a nice portable setup that’ll allow me to capture some great things from the goings on.

As you know from our interview, AviatorCast is not just a ‘news cast’. Plenty of others carry the news. AviatorCast for me is personal, approachable and real- very much about the passion of what we do and why we do it.

That’s why I’d love to meetup at some point and get some quick thoughts and impressions, what’s new, etc. Most everyone goes to Oshkosh to talk shop anyway, so it’s natural.

So, a few quick questions:

If you will be at Oshkosh, what would be a time we could meet-up and talk? (I’m thinking we limit things to 15-30 minutes on these little blurbs.)

Whether or not you will be at Oshkosh, have you heard of anything interesting going on, or know of great guests that I could get in contact with? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and perhaps be put in touch with some compelling guests.

Get Your Shirt!

Also, I’ve made up some awesome t-shirts to share with AviatorCast guests and listeners. If this shirt looks cool to you, and is something you’d actually wear, I’d love to give you one as a token of my appreciation for supporting AviatorCast.

That said, I know you’re looking for ROI with the time you’ve spent on AviatorCast. I’m committed to helping you promote your products, ideas, and initiatives you’re looking to grow. I feel the best way to do that is by reaching out to a larger audience, continually improving the quality of the show, and always keeping that deep, personal connection and love for aviation.

Bottom line- I’d love to meet up at Oshkosh and/or use any of the ideas you may have for the event.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all!

Throttle On!"

Enjoy the Journey!

XO Karlene

Friday, July 17, 2015

Brandon Desjardins

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Brandon Desjardins (with his instructor)
Brandon Soloed!  

"Yesterday was a milestone in my flying 'career', I solo'd for the first time, it was an awesome feeling I was proud of myself and felt really good to be up in the sky by myself. They say no matter how long a pilot has been flying for, he never forgets his first solo! This is what I truly want, to spend my life in the skies, it's a passion and it's in my blood what can I say....the feeling of flying a plane will never get old!

I had a feeling deep down what was coming once we had landed from doing circuits and my Instructor asked "Do you have your medical, PSTAR, and radio license"? I knew what was up, I got that gut feeling. And then got out once we stopped and said "Do you know what you are doing"? I started getting excited and said "Yeah. Solo time"! 
 diagram showing RWY 18 and 22 at CYAV, St Andrews airport
So he got out and I wasn't nervous just excited really, so I taxied out to the runway and took off from RWY18 to do a circuit and land on 22. The feeling was just awesome being up there by myself and I had to kind of say "wait a minute I'm flying by myself" just being alone in the sky was amazing, I was really ecstatic and just excited. So once I turned downwind I was number 3 and I landed just as we had practiced so many times before it was a great moment, a quick solo but one I won't forget, just a really really proud moment of how far I've come and what's left to go!"

Congratulations Brandon!

May all your journeys be safe, skies blue, 
and landings on a runway!

Do any seasoned pilots 
have words of wisdom 
for Brandon?
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

There is Nothing You Can't Do!

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do."
Walter Bagehot

Thank Jeremy Carlisle for sharing this powerful quote 

Not until I shared my story at my first talk, did I realize this was a central theme to my life. There has always been something that someone (or many) has told me I could not do. I proved them wrong, as have many of my friends.  If you want to read more on the power of doing the impossible, check out Flight To Success, Be The Captain of Your Life!

Enjoy the Journey
And always believe... you have the power!
XO Karlene