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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Women In Aviation Week!

March 1st brings the joy and love of Aviation to celebrate the passion of flight by inviting women worldwide to take to the skies! 

This month my friends at Blogging In Formation (BIF) have honored me with March, to invite women into the skies. To mentor, motivate, and share the gift of flight.

Airline Pilot and super Mom who share her gift of flight!

Last week someone posed the question...

Why not more women pilots?  

Is it due to exposure? Lack of mentors? Doubt? Yes. But it also may have to do with the desire to have a family and a belief that it's impossible to do it all. Well ladies, I'm here to tell you there are thousands of flight attendants who have families and work. Some of my best friends are pilots moms. Yes, it is possible to do both, and the rewards for the entire family are many!

In honor of Women in Aviation week: 
Take time to Educate. Inspire. Support. Bake. 
And...Take girls for flight!




Education comes in many forms. Sydney is on her way to Regionals after writing an amazing story about Amelia Earhart for National History Day competition. She wrote from Amelia's perspective, and dazzled her audience by bringing the passion of flight to life! Good luck Sydney! (Competition is Saturday, March 7th)


NW Aviation Conference and Trade Show

Take your kids to the airport, to museums and aviation events. The little cutie above spent the day with dad at the NW Aviation Trade Show and when he stopped to chat, she grabbed a seat resting those little feet. Whenever I ask the young girls if they are going to fly, and they shrug and say, "I don't know." I say...
"You should! It's super easy, 
and they even let boys do it!"

The little fingers holding the sign is little brother.

Mom's brought their daughters to the NW Aviation Conference and Trade Show, and shared their passion of aviation. I met a single mother who always wanted to fly, but she was working to put her daughter through college. During the college experience her daughter took a year off to work, and when she went back to finish she told her mom that she had tuition covered! At the age of 40 Mom took that hard earned college money she had saved, and is putting to good use...

Today is her time to fly!
MoM upside down is WOW!

Take your children to aviation events and aviation museums! Open their eyes to opportunities of flight. Inspire their minds to possibilities. Have fun and dream big!

This week find a Women Of Aviation event in your area, and take your daughter, sister, or mother for a free flight! If you want to know the "why" I began flying, read Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life. At 16 I took to the sky and the rest is history. Was it easy? Nothing in life worth having ever is. The fun part of the game of life is the challenge!


Do I need to say more?

Inspiration does come in chocolate
 and with frosting too!


Women in Aviation is hosting their annual WAI conference March 4-7. Thousands of women will be attending the conference to connect, find jobs and win HUGE scholarships! I will be signing books at the book corner, and speaking at a session on Saturday the 7th, at 3 pm. I hope you will join me for a great time in Dallas!


Women in Aviation 

Advancing Aviation Careers


Women Of Aviation   

Give the Gift of Flight!

Air Race Classic

Join the Race for Women! 

Aviation Adventures 

Education Through Aviation! 

 International Society of Women Airline Pilots: ISA

It Takes that First Flight To Make a Career!


Supporting General Aviation!

Lady Pilots Fly
 Even at Two!

What can you do to inspire a young lady 
With the Gift of Aviation?

"Behind every successful man is a strong woman" 

Today it's time to give the controls
to a woman! 


Aviation Community:

If you want Aviation to thrive, take time to sponsor the groups listed above. These women are making a difference in the future of our industry, and our children. They need your support. Put your energy into the women making a difference in aviation, and you will see change for the better!  Be the person who takes action!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Fan mail, that touched my heart. 

This week I received a wonderful letter in response to my newest book, Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life And the photos are from another reader, taken from his village in Southern Switzerland (Ticino). I hope you enjoy both as much as I did. Anyone married to someone who doesn't listen... you will laugh, and then you will run out and get your loved one this book.

"Dear Karlene,

I am half way through your book which I bought with your recommendation on twitter. If you get this message I hope you take some gratification from what I say. I'm not a big reader as I'm not a well educated person. 

I'm a Dad of two and proud, and also well loved and loving to my wife of 18 years. My kids are 8 and 15 and Im just realizing how challenging our kids life has become. They are more inspiring than i realized before i read your early chapters about fear and listening. 
My 8 year old has been hit by fear of school. We are having to drag him in crying traumatized by an idiotic teacher. Kids get loud, she gets louder. She doesn't listen to them, she just yells at them. Children are so delicate at that age (not all agree) and also so much more intelligent than I was, its scary. I would love him to learn from your book and face his fears as you have and we all have. I have already quoted parts in a more simplified manor and hope it plants a seed in his mind. More so I wish his teacher would read it  lol. 

He wants to be a pilot so much. Games on tablet, p.c, even xbox are part of his life. Hes been influenced by myself because I've loved aviation since crawling. After a trip, he sat in the copilots seat and his eyes lit up like the instruments. The pilot looked at him and said, "do you know what that is?" He replied, "yes its the throttle." He laughed and said I bet you don't know what that is. Again he replied, "its the flap control." The pilot looked at his co pilot and said, he's the next one.   

I intend to pass your book on to him in a couple of years and follow his dream. He wants to join the R.A.F and then go on to the 747 and A380. Start small hey. In spring we will put him back in the air in the cessna and see if he continues to enjoy his flying. That's what's really important to us at the moment.

Then my daughter wants to be a surgeon. She has also already faced huge fears. Anxiety caused by bullies. Nasty but she is amazing. She has come through the other side with dignity, honesty and pride. We guided her best we could. Bubble wrap round her she ripped it off and faced her demons by herself. I help my son with a very basic interest in aviation but my daughter is on her own. My medical know how is none. 

Then there's me. I have just realized that my listening skills are poor. My wife has told me this for years, and I admit shes right. From your book I am changing my ways today. I wouldn't admit that it's your book after all these years but its never to late.

Conclusion ... I love the book so far and got loads to go. I hope you get this message and I understand you cant reply because of the probable amount you receive. But thanks for your book. First one I have read in years and not going to be the last. I feel better about myself and I think I can be a better person. I have two jobs and me and my wife work hard to secure our kids future. We also enjoy life as well. This is our year."

Are You The Captain of Your Life?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Power of Intuition

Magical Powers Turn Science

In Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life, I discuss the power of fear. In order to achieve success we must find the strength to face our fears. Pushing through them builds strength. But we must also respect fear. How do you know when to respect fear, and when to fight it?

For those of us who follow your instincts, and understand the power of intuition, you get it. You understand the feelings. Those hunches when something is not quite right, and you turn and run, or select another alternative. The reality is, this power of intuition is science based. Our brains are continually being programmed through experience. Living life, reading, hearing stories of others...all this builds experience and programs the all powerful mind.

When something doesn't feel right, it probably is not. When a Flight Attendant tells you something sounds off... believe her/him. They may not know what it is, but experience is guiding those feelings. When you think something isn't right, follow that gut feeling. Learn to embrace your power of intuition, as the signals are coming from deep within your mind. Learn to honor your gift, it may save your life. 

Have you read 
It's Time!
Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aviation Inspiration and Books!

The Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show was a huge success!

Chicago's Aviation Pilot Shop,
Aviation Universe, was there in Spirit 
With the gift of Bags!

All the way from Homer Alaska
Chris Palmer 
Twitter @FlyAoAmedia

Austin was the first Sale!

108 Autographs, 
Much laughter, 
Many hugs! 

A successful debut

For the love of reading 
Make every word count!

XO Karlene  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mike Trahan

Friday's Fabulous Flyer 

Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan grew up on the Louisiana border in the small town of West Orange, Texas, just twenty-four miles from the Gulf of Mexico. As far back as Mike can remember he was enamored with flying. He started building model airplanes at the age of ten, and took his first airplane ride at the age of fifteen. Mike said, "the airplane had barely cleared the ground I knew, without a doubt that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. "  Seven days later he took his first flying lesson.

Mike continued flying throughout high school and attained his commercial pilot and multi-engine ratings, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. After graduation from the University of Texas, and receiving his officer commission through the Air Force ROTC program, he went to undergraduate pilot training (UPT) at Webb AFB in Big Spring, Texas.

Following graduation from UPT, he flew the C-141 “Starlifter” jet transport, with the 76th Military Airlift Squadron out of Charleston AFB, South Carolina. After two years he was reassigned to the 4th Special Operations Squadron in Vietnam, where he flew the AC-47 “Spooky” Gunship. He flew the AC-47 for eight months and when the Air Force turned that mission over to the Vietnam Air Force, he was reassigned to the EC-47 “Electronic Countermeasures” aircraft. He was assigned to the 362nd Electronic Warfare Squadron in Pleiku, Vietnam. 


Mike separated from the Air Force in April 1970, and was hired by Delta Air Lines in July of that same year. He flew for Delta for thirty-two years. He began his career as a Flight Engineer (Second Officer), Copilot (First Officer) and eventually upgraded to Captain. He also served as a Flight Engineer and Pilot Instructor in Delta’s Flight Training Department.

With Delta, Mike flew (in chronological order) - the Convair 880, Boeing B727, Douglas DC-9, Convair 880 (again), Boeing B737, Boeing B727 (again), and finally the Boeing B757 and B767. He served seven and a half years as Engineer on the 880 and the 727, and eight years as Copilot on the DC-9, 880, and B727. He flew as Captain on the B737, B727, and the 757/767 aircraft for his last sixteen years with Delta. He retired, at the mandatory retirement age of sixty, in 2002.


Apparently retirement gave Mike some time on his hands and he began writing his memoirs in 2013. To date has published three books in his autobiographical series The Gift. The fourth, and final, book of the series is in progress. He has also published several short stories. 

The Gift – The Beginning "This book covers my life from birth, until I graduated college, and left home for Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training. The main focus is my advancement as a pilot, and my quest to qualify for a slot in UPT, and contains an intimate picture of growing up in East Texas, playing sports, serving as an altar boy, dating girls, and flying airplanes. I also spent two years playing football at The University of Mississippi."

The Gift Part Two – The Air Force Years  "Covers my four and a half years as a United States Air Force Pilot. It contains detailed descriptions of my flights in Pilot Training, flying around the world in the C-141, and my year in the AC and EC-47 aircraft in combat in Vietnam."


The Gift Part Three – The Delta Years 1970 – 1986  "is about my time as a Flight Engineer, Copilot, and Engineer Instructor / Check Airman at Delta"


The Gift Part Four – Delta 1986 – 2002 (In Progress) "chronicles my adventures as a Captain and Pilot Instructor / Check Airman during my last sixteen years with Delta."
Mike’s books can be found on Amazon

In addition to “The Gift” series, several of Mike’s short stories are also available on Amazon. All the books a may be purchased in Paperback and Kindle format. The short stories are only available in Kindle.

This is the ultimate ... a life and career of a young man who fell in love with the sky, learned to fly, and soared through life following his dreams with a passion. This is what stories are made of, and what makes life worth living.  Congratulations Mike, on a life served well! 

You, too, are writing the story called life... 
make is spectacular! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Your Time To Fly!

In Puyallup Washington...

Pilot Jobs and More! 
February 20th
 and the


- See more at:
Attention: Aviation enthusiasts!  

There will be professionals from Alaska Airlines at career day! Rumor has it, 400 people were hired via the career day/trade show last year.  I'm thinking you want to join us this weekend. You will have a chance to ask questions, meet pilot hiring, and learn what it takes to get a job. Even if you don't want to be a pilot there is something for everyone!

I am also the key note speaker for career day. What will I say? Who knows. How many people will be there? Well... let's push for a 1000 to really put me on the edge. When you read Flight To Success, you'll see that I am afraid of speaking in front of people. How can I do it filled with fear? Ah... you'll have to read the book. This and more secrets will prevail.

AVGEEKS are joining us for the weekend too!!!

Just in time, my shipment of 500 books arrived for the weekend! These books have many aviation stories embedded within the pages, and many more stories bringing them to market. Last minute editing prevailed that will be a plot point in Darby's 3rd book, Flight For Survival. I cannot make this stuff up... inspiration comes in the most unique ways.

We also noticed a missing C on the binding. My friend at Embry-Riddle stated, "There are no C's in success for Doctors." (If we get a C we are out of the program). It's good to laugh during the challenges. Thus, I paid a lot of money to get them here in time, a rush/rush 4 day order. However, a shipper's delay to "hacking" fear, followed by East Coast weather pushed that to 8 days. 

The delivery driver knocked the stack over in his truck and broke open boxes, as he blocked our street when "4" neighbors were trying to get out last night. Timing is priceless. But with all that...we had one day to spare and my neighbors all know that the books have arrived, and there was minimal damage.

Last night I autographed 26 books, to those who pre-ordered and for those whom I wanted to thank in the process for all their help. I also mailed a couple to young aviation enthusiasts and to the BIF Team. Oh...and the first shipment is going international: Brazil! Canada! and Guam! (Guam might be a US territory, but to get there this book will do so via Tokyo... so we are calling this part of the great journey... International!)

Join me at a great aviation weekend and get your copy!

Check out the 

Feb 21-22

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Building Better Pilots Without 1500-hours

Never doubt the power of action!

July 23, 2013, I posted: The Future of Aviation concerning three issues within our industry:
  • Pilots losing their skills due to automation
  • Pilots not learning core skills because they are flying automated planes 
  • The pending pilot shortage

At the time my plan was to get into Embry-Riddle’s graduate school in fall of 2014, earn a PhD, and change the 1500-hour requirement and provide credit toward glider time.

Step 1: Accepted into Graduate school. ✔
Step 2: Begin research to support the plan—in progress

Yes, my partner in crime (who shall remain anonymous for now) and I are busily building a case to encourage the FAA to provide credit for flight time.


Did you know:

  • The FAA currently allows glider time to account for cross-country
  • You can log up to 1,250 hours toward the ATP license 
  • You can solo at 14-years-old 
  • You can get a glider license at 16-years-old 
  • Glider flying teaches skills you will carry throughout life
  • Glider clubs are found worldwide 
  • The Soaring Society of America Badges can be earned! 
  • Contest flying to test your skills are available 
  • Civil Air Patrols provide free orientation flights for cadets and intensive glider camps throughout the country 

“Glider flying teaches stick and rudder skills, coordinated flying, pilotage, decision-making, aerodynamics, situational awareness, navigation, understanding weather, soaring ability, teamwork, formation flying, and off-airport landings”
What are you waiting for?

Go Fly a Glider!

WHEN we are successful, you might get a gift of reduction in hours, too! We are currently working on this, and the research we’re uncovering supports our theory—glider pilots have skills like none other!

Note: There is nothing in my life, that I have set out to do that I have not accomplished. I have no doubt this will be one of those endeavors. If you want to know more about the power behind success, and why we will be able to make this theory a reality, read:

Autographed copies on this site

After reading the story of my life, you will realize that this reduction in flight hours will become a reality. Never doubt the power of commitment when you make a plan and never give up!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.  

What are your thoughts on glider flying?
Would you fly them if there was additional credit given?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene