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Friday, January 20, 2017

Flight For Sanity the Thriller

Is Finally Complete!  
(Available February, 2017)

Many long nights have gone into this novel, with a great team helping to bring it to life. Readers and editors have provided great insight into what stays and what goes. My editor is making his final touches, and I'm writing the additional front and pages, and jacket synopsis. 


Kathryn Jacobs is a top ranking FAA official in charge of drone regulation. But her proposed research has exposed a nerve deep within the walls of the FAA. At the same time, her best friend, airline pilot Darby Bradshaw, is fighting to promote a safety culture at Global Air Lines. Darby was warned by many not to report, but her determination to do the right thing manifested into a nightmare she may never escape. Aviation safety is at stake, as is the survivability of the pilot job. 

Flight For Sanity is a thriller that reads like a mystery. But there is no mystery as to the corruption behind the scenes of the world’s largest airline and within the walls of the FAA. The lengths to which the industry will go to destroy these women will shock the nation.

It's time the world learns the truth, before it's too late, and pilots are replaced with automation.

Truth is stranger that fiction.

Flight For Sanity will debut at:

The 34th annual Northwest aviation event 
The Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show 
February 25-26, 2017
Join me there!

Catch up on the series... 
You won't be sorry!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FAR Requirements

For Mental Health...

As you all know, Aviation Safety is a passion of mine, and the reason I'm pursuing my PhD, as is mental health in the flight deck. While conducting research, I have come to a legal versus responsibility question: 
Are there any Laws or Regulations 
to have a pilot removed from duty
if there is a concern they are a threat 
to the safety of the operation?

Can you help with the following questions? 

  • If a captain thinks a first officer is a threat to the operation... what is the captain's legal and operational responsibility to do with that information?

  • If a captain has this concern while getting a line check, and reports to the check airman concerns with the pilot stating he is a threat to the operation, due to odd and unstable behavior, what would the check airman's legal and operational responsibility?

  • If the captain and check airman take no action, but the check airman later reports this pilot's behavior to management with concerns, what is management's legal responsibility? 

  • What is the captain's legal and operational responsibility to remove a passenger who was a threat to the safety of a flight?

  • Which is more pressing... a passenger or a crew member that this a threat to the operation, and do the same rules apply for removing this person?

Level of severity could be a question... so what if there was absolutely no question because the pilot was identified to be unstable, emotional, displayed odd behavior, and was stated to be a threat to the safe operation of the flight.

We all know the "right" thing to do. But where is this legality and responsibility written in the FARs? 

Has any legislation or FAA discussions been made concerning this issue since Germanwings?

Do you know your legal responsibility?
What would you do?

Your Thoughts are Appreciated!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opportunity is a Gift

 We give ourselves 

By facing fear, taking chances, 
following our hearts, 
giving more than we take 
and above all... being prepared. 

Motivations from Flight To Success

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of:
I am Awesome. The ABCs of me. 

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 Flight For Sanity coming February 2017

Motivation and Children too! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Celebrating a Life of Advocacy

Happy Birthday 

Martin Luther King Junior
"The Time is Always Right 
to do What is Right." 

Dr. King has provided many people around the world the courage to do the right thing. The courage to speak out and stand up for their rights. To speak out and stand up for others. To love enough to not remain silent because of fear. Speak out and be strong for all. 

He has been the voice, the inspiration, and a leader of justice and humanity. What inspires me most is he gave his life for others. He was an advocate of what is right. His life mission, words of wisdom, compassion, and love should never be forgotten. I will live my life in his honor.

When an injustice occurs... we must stand up, despite our fear. That is the only way we can impact the world, as Dr. Martin Luther King has done.

"Our Lives Begin To End 
When We Become Silent."

Keep Living Strong!  
XOX Karlene

Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Baby is

All Grown Up... 

34  Years ago...

My eldest daughter entered my life,
and brought me the greatest joy
I had ever known!

She grew into a beautiful, intelligent, talented,
and amazing young lady,
filled with goodness and compassion.

She was the first to make me a Grandma too!

Despite the many challenges she faces,
there is nothing she can't handle.
She is one of the strongest people I know,
and I am so proud of her, and who she has become.
Happy Birthday Kalimar! 
I Love You!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When Tragedy Strikes

We Give a Helping Hand 
My eldest daughter's childhood friend, Megan McCullough, has been faced with more life challenges than anyone should have to handle. I've known Megan for 20 years. She has been a close and compassionate friend to my daughter, who supported her in her greatest time of need when my son-in-law was injured. Megan always has a smile for everyone. She's got such a good heart and we all love her so much.


Seven months ago Megan and JT lost their son. 

Last Night, at 39 years young...
JT had a heart attack.

JT's Recovering in ICU after surgery
But the challenges will continue. 

The family is still behind financially after losing the baby, and these medical bills will be astronomical. I'm not sure how Megan will manage it all, but with friends and support she'll get through this. How much should any one family endure?

Megan is a strong young lady, but even the strongest people need support. Sometimes more so because they give everything they have to everyone else. 

Prayers and Blessings sent to 
Megan's family and a rapid 
recovery for JT. 

XOX Karlene 

Monday, January 9, 2017

What Kind of Day

Are You Having?

Sent from a Great Friend

January 8th, 1987, the Dow Jones Average closed above 2000 for the first time. Consensus was, it was over priced. Now... 30 years later I think it will go over 20,000 today. Is it still overpriced?

Have a Beautiful Day!
(or the day you deserve...) 
But Keep Smiling 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of:
I am Awesome. The ABCs of me. 

Catch up on the series so you will be ready!

 Flight For Sanity coming February 2017

Motivation and Children too!