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Monday, July 16, 2018

Amelia Earhart

Eastern Kitchen talk Radio
Shares the history... 

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward."
 Amelia Earhart

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Episode 374
July 16, 2018 

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Empowering Women! 

Joana Visa 
Coach for women

Anytime we can empower anyone, that's a good thing! Please meet my friend Joana, who is doing just that. In that women are under presented in the airline workforce (6-7%), I think that Joana's coaching could be just what the doctor ordered. To empower and educate our sisters, friends, daughters, and mothers. Since I'm a grandmother, I think we can add grandmothers to the list. I'm pleased to introduce you to Joana


"If you are willing to take your career to the next level, if you want to take the fast track to the top, if you are an executive woman who wants to jump the innovation curve, then I can definitively help you. I am a STEM women ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

I am an internationally certified coach who delights in empowering women so they can become senior executives and impact the world. I have accelerated young talented women by guiding them into a new dimension of their selves. My passion is sharing their own experience as a scientist, as a university teacher, and as an executive to launch women into the arena, like the gladiators in Roman Coliseum. I believe that by working with my clients’ strengths, every woman can have her 'me time', balanced life, they can grow and learn every day, be visible, lead amazing projects and, finally find an inspiriting job. 

You can walk this path alone, spend a huge amount of time, or walk in a partnership with me and go faster. If you have a clear purpose in your life, you will be able to see the path. I will be there with you. Don’t go alone. Go with me.

Female leadership: 
Are you ready for a robot workforce?

I had the opportunity to attend Global Female Leadership, Berlin June 2018. I knew nothing about robotics and bitcoins before going to Berlin. Now I know a few but the summit rose my curiosity about these topics, and even more. I wish to know what is the link between artificial intelligence, blockchain and female leadership.

The intention for this international economic summit for women was to establish a global network of high-ranked female executives and thus to provide a platform for women to share a variety of thoughts, perspectives and solutions – we establish the “Davos for women“.

Do you have a robot as a colleague? The reality is that, in the near future, we will all be answering ‘yes’ to this question. are ready for Artificial Intelligence? 

These are some quotes took my attention:

  • We have not been afraid of robots, they are not able to create anything, humans do.
  • We have to be able to move from human rights to cyber human rights. 
  • 40% of the jobs will be automated in 20 years. How are we going to solve this? Focus on people. 
  • Some jobs will be merged, some will disappear and these changes will not be in the same place. 
  • As a leader, you are watched all the time. Leadership is a mindset for shared success Learning is a long life event. Leadership qualities: authenticity, listen, invest, permit and let go.
  • I got the position I have now, I have a huge variety of functions. True humility is not to think less of yourself, It is to think of yourself less. Be in a continuous learning mode: humility, adaptability and engagement. 
  • Robots has to have a neutral voice to reduce the gender bias.
  • The robots are coming, we as an executive women have to ready for them.
Do you want to become a female CEO? 

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

History Soars...

Eastern Airlines 
and the Good Ole Days...

"From fabric to metal fuselage and wings, changes were rapidly occurring in aviation. From the pioneering days of the Mailwings to the Curtis Condors and Kingbirds the introduction of the Douglas DC2 – an all-metal aircraft - enabled Eastern Air Transport to cut the scheduled time from the Northeast to Florida to just eight hours. Shortly after, the Douglas DC3 arrived on the Eastern property giving Eastern the title of its fleet of aircraft – The Great Silver Fleet. The Year was 1935 and to market the new speedier aircraft this song was introduced..."

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Episode 373
July 09, 2018 

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Fran Bera

Inspiration to pilots everywhere...

Fran Bera
December 7, 1924 - February 10, 2018 

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

I received an email yesterday that began... "On a number of occasions, we cite Beryl Markham as the iconic woman aviator as recounted in the book West With The Night. A friend of mine, Gary Jusela, brought Fran Bera to my attention as a notable woman aviator. Fran Bera died in April, 2018. Difference is no one has written the definitive book on her history. Karlene; do you do biographies?

What amazing accomplishments. If she had an affiliation with the Northwest, she would be a great nominee for Pathfinders. In any event, she is an inspiration for women who aspire to changing the percentage of professional women pilots from its current meager 5-7% (I believe)"  Peter Morton

Peggy Chabrian added, "Fran was one of the first year members of Women in Aviation International, joining our organization in 1995, and attended our conference numerous times. She was also inducted into the Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame in 2006. San Diego is my hometown and so I would also see Fran when I returned for various visits.  She was indeed a pioneer woman in aviation and a gracious lady who enjoyed sharing her love of flying with others.

Bruce McCaw stated, "I knew her for many years. A remarkable and capable lady who was so understated and humble. I admired her very much... She was on Friendship One and attended our reunions. Agree a book on her would be terrific!"

I too think a biography on Fran Bera would be a wonderful idea! Until that happens... I would like to introduce you to the amazing woman through a wonderful description of her life as written by the Smithsonian. 

National Air and Space Museum 
on Fran Bera:

"Frances Bera started flying in December, 1940 in Grand Rapids, Michigan while attending high school in the small town of Lake Odessa. She skipped school to take lessons and when it came time to solo in early 1941, her instructor informed her that she needed her parents' written permission since she was only 16. Fran had been taking lessons without their knowledge and was a little worried about having to explain her recent adventures. No one in the family had even been in an airplane. However, with her persuasive nature, they signed the papers and said "good luck, do it well." With this encouragement she has been flying continuously ever since.

Fran secured her Commercial license and Flight Instructor rating, became a free fall parachutist, ferried surplus aircraft after World War II, and continued her aviation education while working in the business as a flight instructor. She now holds an Airline Transport Pilot license and is rated in single and multi-engine land aircraft, single engine sea, helicopter, hot air balloon and is CE-500 (Cessna Citation) type rated. 

She is a rated flight instructor for airplanes, instrument and rotor craft. In addition, she was one of the first women in the 1940s to be designated as a Federal Aviation Agency Pilot Examiner at the then minimum age of 24. She took the exam at 23, but when they discovered she was not yet 24, she was told to come back on her birthday for the certificate. She has been a designated Pilot Examiner for private, commercial, multi-engine and instrument for the FAA for more than 25 years during which time she has licensed 3,000 plus pilots and lost track of the number she soloed.

With more than 24,000 hours, Fran has been chief pilot for various aviation firms, charter pilot, flight operations manager and has owned and operated her own flight school and aircraft sales business. She was also an Experimental Test Pilot for the Lift Systems, Inc., who developed a new design in rotor craft with no tail rotor. In the 1960s, Fran became the first woman to fly a helicopter with no tail rotor....  Read more.

“It still fascinates me after 65 years of flying."
“And I’m still learning.”(2007)

Photos in this post came from the New York Times

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Disclosure Act

Senator Claire McCaskill's 
Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing 
Disclosure Act!

What this means is Airlines would have to disclose where they are conducting their maintenance. A must watch video. Quite interesting! Nice to see a Senator attempting to make a difference in Aviation Safety! 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July

May your Celebration have Meaning!

And you enjoy the day 
with family and friends! 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Airport Briefing

An APP for Aviation Safety!

My friend just notified me his App is ready to go live. As an A330/A350 captain, he utilized his experience in the development of this product. He sent me the following message to share with the world.  I'm thinking this is something we could all use! 

"Airport Briefing is a new generation flight operations and training platform, and an ultimate situational awareness tool for any operating aviator. Powered by a sophisticated 3D engine, Airport Briefing allows true-to-life briefing and familiarization experience. Complying with the aerodrome competency qualification requirements, it enhances the ability of the crew to identify operational black holes, manage obvious and subtle threats and creates a clear mental model of the environment before getting airborne.

Visit the website to learn more. This App is the first of its kind and has been created by active flying pilots who face there operational challenges in their day to day operations. Something that no other IT tool has been able to effectively achieve."  

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene