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Friday, October 9, 2015

Paul Job

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

 Paul Job 

Paul Job is an aviation art photographer in South Africa. And not just any aviation photographer. He takes the most beautiful photos. He currently lives in a small mining town called Kimberley.

Paul believe as a person with extreme dyslexia, he did not have any options to do anything else but take photos. Thus after school he studied photography, and did that pay off.  

Paul became well known for his beautiful sunset aviation photographs and aviation art photography.


He has been an aviation photographer for the previous 12 years, and his photography has been well received all over the world. He's also been published in numerous aviation magazine publications worldwide. While he'd thought of starting his own magazine, his dyslexia prevented that dream. Until this year, that is, when his dream became a reality.

Paul says, “I went to a large aviation event in South Africa in 2014 as the representative of an aviation magazine. After the event, I was very disappointed and disillusioned by the treatment I received from that publication. I went into depression and did not even want to take photos again. Then I realized that I don’t need other publications - I could start my own magazine and do it myself for myself. After registering my media company, Aviation Lifestyle Media (PTY) Ltd, I started working on my magazine titled “Aviation Lifestyle Magazine™.” 

The magazine focuses on the lifestyle aspect of aviation. The people. While many aviation magazines spend so much time on the aviation products including the aircraft and equipment that they forget to put the pilot in the picture.


Aviation professionals from all facets of the aviation industry are included in his magazine. They are interviewed and you will learn first-hand what it is like to fly an aircraft, how it feels to be in the cockpit, the emotional side of aviation and why they do what they do. Amazing people, like Karlene Petitt, who has made a difference in the aviation industry, and Bernice Cremore, an up and coming South African pilot with big dreams, are interviewed. 


Life is Beautiful~ Photograph  it! 

Contact Paul via his Website 
and check out more of his beautiful work!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Safer Skies

Help Requested!

My friend and fellow PhD student, Chris Broyhill, is conducting a study for his dissertation on the effects of IS-BAO (International Standard Business Aircraft Operations) implementation and leadership on safety culture in business/corporate flight operations and he needs your help! 
Working with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Chris has sent out survey links to every IS-BAO-registered operator in the United States, over 570 of them, but not all of the links have made it to folks at the line level. 
If you work in an IS-BAO-registered operation and you haven’t seen a survey link forwarded to you by your aviation manager or your head of safety, email Chris at and he’ll send you a link directly. All responses are completely anonymous and will make the industry and IS-BAO better and safer!
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

De-Crewing the Aircraft

Research Update:

I am flying to Hong Kong today, and will have the chance to work with my statistics partner on our project to reduce the total time requirement of 1500 hours during my layover.  However, for my other class, Future Trends in Aviation I have read an interesting book... Innovations in Aeronautics

Researchers are promoting single pilot operations:

"With Judicious use of a range of technologies developed during the past decade there are not major reasons why a single-pilot-operated aircraft is not feasible" 

Voice your opinion: 
Why do you think we need at least two pilots?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Justin Reed

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Justin Reed
aka The Artful Dodger

Why would a teen orphan without a  pilot’s license be Friday's Flyer? Because Justin recently put his unique set of skills to not only thwart a hijacking, but to land the airliner as well.

The main character of pilot-author Eric “Cap’n Aux” Auxier’s Spy/Fly thriller series, “Code Name: Dodger,” Justin chronicles his latest adventure in Mission 3: Jihadi Hijacking, now available in print or ebook!

Trouble seems to follow this adopted son of a secret agent, and Jihadi Hijacking is no exception.  We caught up with Justin after his wild, Middle Eastern escapade.

Karlene: I heard you love Flight Sim 3000... what do you love about it? 

Justin: Oh, man. It’s so much fun! I used to play it for hours on my computer every day after school. My girlfriend Joya would get kinda miffed when I played it too long; can’t say as I blame her.

The systems work exactly like you see on a real Airbus. And, having had to land the real deal in an emergency, I can tell you it’s like crazy-realistic. But, to tell the truth, ever since that emergency crash landing, well, let’s just say it fried the fun out of the game for me. Talk about stress!

Karlene: You were able to understand the systems . . . did that help you fly the plane?

Justin: Oh, totally. My adopted dad Bob used to fly tiltrotor V-22 Ospreys in the Marines, but that was like before I was even born, and he’d never flown a jet before. So, when it came to flying the A321, he was totally lost. So, I go, “Hey, do you know how to program a CAT 3 Autoland in the MC-DU?” (That’s the Multipurpose Command/Display Unit, which programs the plane.) And he’s like, “The Cat in the Mc-what?” LOL! So, he made me his copilot.

And it’s a good thing, too, cuz I had to help him with all the systems stuff. To tell the truth, though, I was totally in over my head when it came to the actual flying part. But, as it turned out, together we made a pretty good team, and Bob did an amazing job, despite the crash and emergency evacuation. I mean, I’m still here to tell the tale, right?

Oh, and speaking of which, since Bob’s International anti-Terrorism Agency—the ITA—“doesn’t exist,” please remember: Just like the clueless Press has been saying on TV all week, our plane had an “electronic malfunction,” and “the pilot” made a precautionary landing in Israel.

And “None of this ever happened!” (Insert wink face here, LOL!)

Karlene: Terrorists took control of the plane. Could these sim programs help bad guys fly?

Justin: Oh, ya, totally. In fact, I bet that’s how Muhammed Myanmar and his terrorist cell learned to fly it in the first place. Those systems on my computer are so realistic, you can’t imagine. But the real thing’s a lot bigger and louder. And faster!

Karlene: What was the scariest or most challenging thing about flying the plane?

Justin: Well, having a Glock 19 machine pistol pointed at my noggin by one of the world’s most notorious terrorists did not exactly start my flight out in clear blue skies. And then, having his henchman shoot up a bunch of systems and depressurize the plane didn’t help, either.

But, after we kicked their psychotic butts and took back the cockpit, I’d have to say what really threw me was how fast everything happens on a jet. I mean, I’m used to skateboard speed! And, when flying Flight Sim 3000, I can always hit Pause and go to the fridge for a soda.

There’s no “Pause” button in a real plane!

Karlene: What message would you like to give to the kids of the world?

Justin: You know, this has been a wild year for me. For starters, the CIA took me into protective custody to hide me from the evil spy Pharaoh. To be safe, they trained me in all sorts of survival and self-defense, and even some cool spy stuff. I wound up using every bit of that training—along with my street skills—to survive. Then, I had to use those skills to go rescue Bob when he got kidnapped by that drug cartel. Not to mention the hijacking, which nearly lit off World War 3!

But, really, even before all that crazy stuff, back at the orphanage I always had to stand up to bullies. I had to either talk or fight my way out of fixes, because I’m so small for my age.

So, my advice, really, would be: Stand up for what you know is right. You may get knocked around once in awhile, but in the end you can look back and know that you did the right thing, and did something to make the world a better place.

Karlene: Thank you for your time, Justin. And, thank you for your heroics aboard that airplane. Lord knows, we don’t need another World War, and maybe we can all sleep more soundly, knowing that there’s people like your father out there protecting us from evil. Um, that is, if the ITA actually existed. Which it doesn’t.

Justin: Right. And none of this ever happened.

Karlene: Right. 

Enjoy the journey!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flying It Forward 2015

Girls Take Flight 

This weekend at the Museum of Flight about 250 girls were gifted a memory they will never forget. But this event could not have been made possible without the help of the incredible men and women giving their time, av-gas, and love of aviation to the young ladies they flew. Photos speak louder than words... Enjoy! 











I am not sure how pilot Keith escaped a photo!  Or Grant too, who worked effortlessly on the ramp on our first day. But a huge thank you to you both! And Sandy who was the official gate master for two days and Craig who kept the ramp running smoothly on day two... And Cale for coordinating the schedule and our wonderful assistants at the table for check in! For those without pictures ... send them me one to upload!

Thank you!!



An Amazing day was had by all! 

For more photos... Check out Face Book:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kathryn, Darby and Jackie

Meet the ladies of...
Flight For Control!

Movie time! These are not the real ladies. And the photos were nabbed off the internet. However, you know when you read that perfect book and you can envision the look and personality of the characters? Well, this is how I would have the ladies cast if it were my choice.

Kathryn Jacobs!
An NTSB Investigator on the move with a single minded focus to prevent aviation accidents. Sidetracked from her career to have a family, she is now ready to go back to work as her twin daughters are growing up way too fast. Unfortunately her husband, Captain Bill Jacobs, has prohibited her from working. But when three major airline crash and nobody knows why; while her husband is busy running for the union presidency, Kathryn's boss makes a deal that she cannot refuse. it's time to take control. What she finds will shock the nation!

And then there are her best friends...

757 Captain, single, fun, flirty, airline pilot living the good life. Whether Darby is captaining her 757, or hanging out with her girlfriends playing strip poker and toasting with a bottle of tequila, you'll fall in love with Darby. She has the worst luck with men, drinks way too much coffee, but is Kathryn's right hand gal when it comes to the investigation, and so much more. But when she learns secrets that nobody should know, there is nothing that will stop her fight. Until it's too late.

And Jackie makes three...

Jackie Jameson

Jackie is a flight attendant, married to a pilot who is the perfect husband. First Officer Greg Jameson is not only Jackie's husband, but Kathryn's childhood friend. Jackie is the mother of one son, whom she would rather be home than anywhere else, but circumstances prevent that choice. But when her husband is involved in the fourth crash, her world is turned upside down in more ways than one. Jackie will have to figure out to pick up the pieces. But with best friends like Kathryn and Darby, survival is the only hope.

Action! Adventure! Romance!
Airplane Crashes
with you in the flight deck. 

A thriller that reads like a mystery,
and hits far too close to home.

Do you know who is flying your plane?

In Honor of the third book in the series, Flight For Survival, well underway, with a hard deadline of December 2015, this gift is for all who have yet to read Flight For Control, or would like a copy downloaded into their kindle for another read before the adventure continues.

5 Days only September 25-30th
Kindle Edition
is FREE! Flight for Control

My only request...
Please leave a comment on Amazon!

Thank you!

Enjoy the Journey!

XO Karlene

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flight Lesson of Another Kind!

"Look what I'm doing! 
I'm using your book in my classes!"
Santiago, Susan, and Ignacio
"Santiago on my left and Ignacio on my right are beginning their career in aviation and they are also studying English as they know this is elementary to be able to start flying in an airline. Both their fathers are airline pilots in Argentina and so these boys want to follow their fathers' steps.

Santiago and Ignacio have just logged 200 hours. Their English is basic and what they need most right now is to gain fluency before concentrating on air communication. So what can be better than read "Flight to Success" and learn about life while improving the language? We have just read and discussed the Introduction and Chapter 1. They are fascinated and they already find that your book reflects a lot of things they or their parents have already lived.

Once again thank you for such a wonderful book and I invite foreign pilots to read your book. If they can manage on their own, without help, it means they have a good level of English to fly and communicate without problems as well as the possibility of having a good read!"

Best wishes,
Communication is the essence of safety in the aviation world... and Susan Lagier is teaching pilots to become proficient in English! 
What a great surprise to see she is using
in her classes. 
Now her students can learn tips for life success, as well as master the English language. 
Thank you Susan!!  
And best of success in your aviation careers
Santiago and Ignacio!
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene