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Monday, September 1, 2014

Follow Your Passion

"Dream a Dream so big that if it comes true,
it will blow your mind."

Last week I received a phone call from my friend, Charlie Hewitt. Charlie was a Friday Flyer back in December 2011, and at the time he was creating training films in his Cirrus aircraft with Dick Rutan. But music has always been the core of his passion. Somewhere along the line, that passion got buried in life. We have all been there.

When Charlie called to tell me what he was up to, he had no idea how his phone call helped me. He brought awareness to an important change I needed in my life. More on that later ... as today is about helping Charlie reach his dreams. His voice is incredible. His music spectacular. This rendition of Bob Dylan's song is amazing. Watch the video below, and you will become a believer. You can make any dream come true if you believe. 

Make a dream come true 
by downloading Charlie's music.
100,000 downloads this year!
 99 cents is all it takes

iTunes Store: Make you feel my Love 
(click on the song title)

What is your Breakthrough Goal?
Let's make it happen!

Happy Labor Day!!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety, If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pierre de Fermor

The Heart of Aviationclub International 

 Pierre de Fermor

Please welcome Pierre as he share his heart and passion for aviation through his Aviationclub:

Aviationclub is a unique private association gathering individuals who are involved in and/or passionate about aviation, headquartered in the Principality of Monaco. Our website has taken off in April 2009, in order to create, and gather under one flag, a vibrant nation of aviation enthusiasts, pilots both commercial or private, licensed or learning, or soon to be, all fans of the Wild Blue.

1000th member: December 2009 
3000th member: December 2011 
6000th member: December 2013

Aviationclub has just registered its 8000th associate and is now heading towards its 9000th member! 

The Wild Blue: A myth long dreamt, that men made true, when the wings which they engineered one day with passion opened for them, and those to follow, the infinite skies and the never ending space behind.

Flying: A pure and lasting feeling of absolute freedom, of ethereal power over the elements, of simple joy.
An assembly of knights, proud people who share their common love for aviation, this is actually Aviationclub, an already existing and fast growing international organization which develops over the five continents, thanks to a team of devoted enthusiasts.

Target market (primary)  
  • Pilots
  • Professional pilots 
  • Flight crew 
  • Individuals fascinated by aviation
Target market (secondary)
  • Aero-clubs worldwide
  • Airlines willing to offer a communication platform to their employees

What does Aviationclub offer?
  • Immediate benefit and gratification for people who subscribe through fast going and easy online registration.
  • A private social network assembling a vibrant community sharing a common passion.  
  • An aviation Library assembling newspaper articles (editorials, interviews, reports, analyses, etc.) as well as books, photos, videos and films on Aviation. 
  • A live forum to exchange flying experiences, upload or download photos, videos and articles on aviation, constitute and consolidate a solid aviation network. 
  • A blog with a monthly tribune on the world of Aviation. 
  • Local gatherings / get together. 
  • Recruitment and job search services in the aviation industry.

What Aviationclub will also offer in the future?
  • A directory of aero-clubs worldwide with direct links and a communication platform for all aero-clubs worldwide.
  • Flight swapping: An updated list of aircraft made available by our members for shared flights with other members, as well as a database for shared flights on non owned aircraft.
  • Through aero-clubs : vouchers for discovery flights
  • Links with humanitarian organizations such as The Red Cross, Flying Doctors, Peace & Sport, etc. allowing them to search & find pilots willing to participate to various missions established in observation to applying Rules and Settlements.
  • An Aviationclub TV Channel to be broadcast on the Internet, offering net viewers a continuous choice of images, films, documentaries, scientific and commercial information, etc., all in direct relation with the world of aviation.

How is Aviationclub functioning?
  • Touch emotions and senses, build an active community where people feel at home, in a global family.
  • Build a social network platform impressively designed as well as fast and easy to use, attracting members from all continents willing to discover, explore or simply keep on flying through the world of Aviation.
  • Bring in the best aviation services already existing on the Web and utilize them within Aviationclub.
  • Act as a main marketplace and entry platform for all aviation related matters.

Supporting membership:

1. GOLD WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 100.

2. SILVER WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 25.

3. BLUE WINGS Free membership is offered to all visitors of our website joining our community of aviation fans.


We are developing sponsorship, and shall strictly limit our sponsors to five max.

Each sponsor is to contribute for a yearly amount of Eur 25 000, allowing him to have his logo on each page of our website, as well as being displayed during all and any events that we shall participate to.

Our first founding sponsor is the famous watchmaker Breitling, strongly established since 1884 as the luxury watch provider for the aviation.

We ideally search for four additional sponsors.

Aviationclub International participates yearly to various air shows in the World, such as Cannes Air Show, Abu Dhabi Air Expo, etc.

Please contact for more information. 

I'm a member and amazed at the number of aviators under one roof. This site is well done, and easy to use. As soon as I can carve more time out of my life, I will be spending more time there too.

Pierre, Thanks for creating an International base for aviators to come home too!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Human Factors and Investigations

Workshop in Partnership with NIBRT

Updated with recent case studies based upon our Project and Regulatory Compliance work around the world, this two-day workshop will provide attendees interactive sessions with professionally oriented activities, to ensure the understanding of the concepts and methods of Human Error Reduction and Investigations required in the regulated industry.

This course is directed to the industry professionals that desire to gain practical knowledge and obtain information to build a strong foundation for identifying Human Errors and implement Human Error Reduction Methods. The course is also aimed at training the participants in the tools that can be used to manage Investigations.

Hosted by Pharma Bio Serv with Key Speakers, Victor Sanchez, President of Europe Operations and Magaly Aham, Vice President of Compliance and US Operations.

Date: September 22nd & 23rd, 2014
Time: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue: Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

To Register please contact: Dr Fiona Gilchrist , Tel. +353 21 4619034 (Office) +353 834434913 (Mobile)

Or email Tel. +353 21 4619034 (Office) / +353 86795 2010 (Mobile)

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend as I will be in Hong Kong on a layover. If there was anyway, I would love to be here. Hopefully you can go and report back! For detailed information checkout

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Inspiration grows....

With the power of momentum! 

Life has been a whirlwind and I've spent more time on the road than when I was a commuter. But living in base and working for an airline has afforded me the ability to fly around the country, which has made life possible.

August 11-16th I spent at Daytona beach for the first week of my Ph.D. program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with an inspiring group of people. I have to admit that I am humbled to be among this group of talented individuals. Proud more like.

My mission, to create an aviation environment where we never have another accident, began with my one wish for aviation. Well, it began with the idea to write aviation thrillers and invite the world into the side of aviation that should only belong in books. But my plan was to create change for the better.

How do we create change? 

It begins with education and critical thinking, then becomes reality with communication. Connections and having the opportunity to share ideas with a diverse group of people from cross-cultures of life and operations expands potential and success ten-fold.

Prior to my arrival in Florida, I planned on finishing my degree with the five year plan. 4 years for academics and one year for the dissertation. However, after becoming submersed in the environment for a week, I had a profound thought... "Aviation changes daily!" I cannot delay my studies. Our aviation would will be different in five years and I want to be part of that change. 

I have decided to go full time... 2 classes per quarter and a year for my dissertation. Yes... KP is on the three year plan. Will I be able to keep up the pace? You bet! I will figure out how. One of my friends said, "I'll see you in three years." Hopefully it won't be that bad.

Okay... if I can handle my first two courses, Statistics and Human Factors, with my work schedule and family events I have booked for the next three months, I will be fine. Besides, I can do anything for three years. :)

Success is achieved with the added momentum 
that urgency creates

Also... I've got a great support team going into the program. Together we can create the change needed to do the impossible. But doing the impossible requires change. Something in my life will have to give to make this happen. I will be posting that soon. Your advice is always welcome!

To the greatest success of our fellow cohorts!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO  Karlene 

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Daniel Shulte

For the Love of Flight!

Daniel Shulte

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

When young people experience the gift of flight and take it upon themselves to share their passion, the butterfly effect is put in motion. Age is no match for passion, as 18-year-old Daniel decided to take aviation to the next level and share his love with the world.

When I asked Daniel why he started flying, he said...

"The reason I started flying is simple: I've always loved it. For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for flying. When I finally became old enough to start training (around 15 years old), I took an intro flight and BOOM... I had the aviator's bug. Loved it and couldn't stop."

"Somewhere along the way, I also developed a passion for filming and photography. So now I want to bring aviation to all those who haven't experienced it, but through film. It's definitely going to be a tough project, but I know I can make it happen."

"I want to share all of this with people because:
  • If you aren't part of the aviation world already, the only things you know are probably things you learned from the movie "Top Gun".... no one really knows much about REAL aviation and what it's like to fly.
  • I want to bring the younger generation into aviation and get them involved; even the aging pilot population wants to see the youth become more interested! I know that so many kids would love to fly, but don't know where to start. This film would explain all they need to know. And ...
  • I want to bring a good reputation to aviation. With all the awful accidents happening lately, it's easy for people to start thinking that flying isn't safe anymore. I want to show them how amazing it is, and how safe it is. 

.... So yup, that's just about it! I've already put over $1200 of my own money into equipment for making this film. I want it to be a cinematic beauty. Not just a regular, old, boring documentary. I'm putting my heart into this and hoping I can get some support along the way."

Daniel has been approved for a kickstarter project and when I first looked, he had less than $600 of donations. As of Wednesday he had $6,601.

He is less than $3000 from reaching his goal. So... for all you in the love of aviation, and want to support this young man keep aviation alive... click: For The Love Of Flight!

Daniel is in my friend's young explorer group. My friend, Robin, is a 747 pilot for my company and she could not be more proud of Daniel, and I know why. Click play on the video above right to see a preview of what and why he is creating this film. You can also see the video on his kickstarter page by selecting the link to the For the Love of Flight. It's amazing! And you can see Robin too! :)

If you love Aviation
and want to make a difference
it's time to Take Action!

I donated $250! If the movie doesn't get made for some reason, I get my money back. But when it is made... I will get my name on a For The Love Of Flight! poster as an Executive Director. How cool is that?! I encourage you to join me on the project!

Only 7 days from today and counting!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FAR 117 Reality

"I'm so @#!*ing tired since FAR117!" 

I am the most avid commuter there is for someone based at home. I travel the airways (in the flightdeck) to see grandchildren, for FAA testing, school, Oshkosh and many other other aviation events. I have talked to many commuter pilots and the conversation is always the same...FAR117 has had an opposite effect.

One of the pilots I met along the way recently wrote sharing his story.

"I have been working as an first officer for almost 8 years. I was able to credit 90 hours or more every month for 5 years without any need for energy supplements. Then after FAR 117 was implemented, I have had to work more days, and found myself feeling more tired due to the changes in our work schedule. My seniority has only gotten better during this year, but my schedule has gotten worse.  

The new work rules have forced us to work longer days for less pay, and that in turn forces me to spend even more long days at work than I had in the past. None of this is due to some greedy corporation trying to squeeze me for more labor.  It's all because a bunch of politicians jumped in an made laws concerning a subject that they couldn't possibly understand.  I now find myself struggling to spend time with my family, and I keep a bottle of energy mix in my flight bag to help me through the long days and odd hours at work" 

An International pilot told me he was flying a short flight, 6 hours and 39 minutes from the East Coast to Europe. This flight actually required a single crew, but they were dispatched with three pilots. He wanted to take first break, as he did not sleep well in the hotel. It was 8 pm and he could have fallen to sleep for a good nap, and been in the seat with ample time to be refreshed for landing. However, due to FAR 117, he could not be in the seat for more than 2 hours prior to landing. 

Sometimes decisions are made in error. When they are, we need to fix them. Does anyone know how to change an FAR?

How has FAR117 been treating you?

Enjoy the Journey...If you can stay awake for it!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Karly Janette Harbert,

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!


Can I tell you how many times I've seen Karly across the country? This time was at Oshkosh and I said, "You were at the Western Washington Aviation trade show!" And that she was.

Karly travels with Spencer aircraft and is the best sales person anyone could want. And... dressed like a pilot too. But she really is a pilot. Karly is 22 years old, and born in my home town of Seattle Washington. 

She graduated from Sumner High School in 2010 and attended Clover Park Technical College in the Professional Pilot Program to earn an Associates degree. After finishing her degree she received her  commercial license with an Instrument rating. 

Karly is currently working towards her multi-engine rating while attending Purdue University. She's majoring in Aviation Technology with a minor in Aviation Safety, and this lady is headed places.

After she completes her Bachelor's degree at Purdue, she is joining the Air Force with plans to become a C-17 pilot. An amazing young lady that is as sweet, fun, and beautiful in person as she is in these photos.

Enjoy the Journey!
Oh...and those books she's holding... if you haven't read them, it's time.

XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!