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Friday, October 19, 2018

Kevin Miller

Flying Strong! 

Kevin Miller

One of our Friday Fabulous Fliers is back! Kevin Miller has published his third contemporary and authentic novel of aircraft carrier aviation, this one entitled Fight Fight. It takes place today, in the dangerous South China Sea. Sound familiar?

China is exerting control over this vital sea, areas of which are claimed by seven countries, and only last week a PRC naval combatant challenged and maneuvered aggressively against a US Navy destroyer conducting innocent passage in international waters. China believes the South China Sea belongs to them. The rest of the world does not, but China is building and equipping outposts and patrolling the sea - and waters beyond - with its increasingly muscular navy.

In Fight Fight, a spark off a disputed fishing ground ignites the region into war, a full-blown Air-Sea fight such as the US has not engaged in since WWII. Kevin's characters of Flip, Weed, and Olive deploy on the fictional carrier Hancock with no notice, and must fight their way across the Pacific. Known for his character development, Kevin introduces the reader to Chinese antagonists from four-star commanders to a brash fighter pilot on an outpost spoiling for a fight, and he gets one. Through their eyes we gain a sense of Chinese sensibilities and what motivates them, as we did with regional enemies in Kevin's previous novels Raven One and Declared Hostile.

Fight Fight was published last month through Braveship Books. Kevin's style is to not only put the reader in the cockpit of a supersonic fighter, in his case the FA-18 Hornet, but also in the ready rooms and command spaces to determine strategy as all deal with the fog of war and enemy countermoves no one expected. Want to know what it's like to fly a high-performance aircraft off a ship and into combat? Kevin Miller's unforgettable trilogy lays it all out, including the interpersonal dramas that evolve when thousands of men and women are at sea for extended periods in close quarters.

Fight Fight is Kevin's latest epic techno-thriller and by the initial reviews arguably his best. Download it today on Amazon Kindle.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Happy Birthday to Our Baby

33 Years ago today
Krysta made the world a better place 
by joining us!

Happy Birthday Krysta!

We Love You!
XO Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We Fly to Serve

British Airways Video

That forgot the women!

If we want to inspire the next generation of pilots
we have to at least acknowledge the lady pilots.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Aviation Law and...

The Eastern Airlines Kitchen Talk Radio! 

A show you won't want to miss...

Episode 386
October 15, 2018

Call-in number is 

at 7:00 P. M. EDT 

or listen in by clicking the hyperlink:

Aviation Attorney Joins the Show! 

Edward M. "Skip" Booth

"Board Certified Aviation Law Attorney since 1996, Edward M. "Skip" Booth. He is also a partner at Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. in Jacksonville, FL. and serves as Vice-President of the Jacksonville Historical Society. 

A vast resume that is outstanding in Aviation Law. His background encompasses a myriad of valuable knowledge. Mr. Booth is an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Legal Services Plan panel attorney. He is a past chairman of the Florida Bar’s Aviation Law Certification Committee and Aviation Law Committee, and a past president of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association. As an experienced pilot, he holds a multi-engine Air Transport License and has over 3,000 hours of flight experience. 

Mr. Booth is also a past member of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority Board of Directors and received his undergraduate degree from Emory University in 1978 and his Juris Doctorate from The Florida State University College of Law in 1981. He is also a member of The Florida Bar."

This should be an interesting night
of legal discussions... 

Call in: 

at 7:00 P. M. EDT 

or listen in by clicking the hyperlink:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Carry On!

"I am carried
forward by my own
willingness to learn,
and my determination
to fulfill all that - I have
set out to do."

Monday, October 8, 2018

You're Invited to Join the talk. 

Eastern Airlines 
Kitchen Talk Radio 

Breaking News...

  • "Boeing CEO Muilenburg on Flying Car, Hypersonic Plane and Working with NASA.Boeing Co. says the age of air taxis is getting closer.... "
  • "For all the noteworthy progress United Airlines had made over the last year, it just takes one bad story to sink the ship. We may have our story…Imagine you are a young mother and step onto a 14-hour flight from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco and find your seat in business class. Your eight month-old is crying and you do your best to calm him down. But he won’t stop...."
  • "Sixty years ago, British Airways, then called British Overseas Airways Corporation, became the first airline to fly a turbo jet engine aircraft between Europe and New York, reducing the journey time from 18 hours to around seven...."

"When 31-year-old Douglas Groce Corrigan took off from Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field on July 17, 1938, in a modified Curtiss Robin, he carried two chocolate bars, two boxes of fig bars, a quart of water and a U.S. map with the route from New York to California marked out..."

A show you won't want to miss...

Episode 385
October 8, 2018

Call-in number is 

at 7:00 P. M. EDT 

or listen in by clicking the hyperlink:

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XO Karlene 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Making Paradise out of Life

Amazing People doing Amazing Things!

Will & Aleeka

Friday's Fabulous Flyers! 

William Morgan is an enlisted aviator with the U.S. Military, and his wife Aleeka is a financial advisor.  I met them at the ERAU graduation in Seattle last month. Will was graduating, I was the keynote speaker, and Aleeka was the support system for both of us. They found me after the event, and I learned what an amazing couple they are! They have also been extremely patient with my schedule in posting this. What's also amazing is that Aleeka is from Guyana, and we probably walked the same streets. It's a very small world. 

Will is one of those people who doesn't allow adversity to defeat him. He faces life's challenges and then keeps pushing forward. The fact he walked across that stage after earning his diploma speaks volumes. And Aleeka could not have been more proud. 

Will Morgan

The story goes, that they were looking for ways to stay connected while Will was away on his missions. Then they thought of a story plot and decided to write a book together. They created characters through international messaging apps, and emailed each other chapters. This act of partnership resulted in their debut science fiction novel- THE VOG. 

"A politician's attempt to increase tourism and "Make Hawai'i Beautiful Again" involves killing the homeless by injecting micro-robots into the volcanic fog. This altered cloud is top secret. It is more deadly than smoke inhalation. And thanks to advancements in nanotechnology, it even has the ability to detect when it's near homelessness. It also might have caused the death of the NOAA bioengineer who programmed it." 

Vog (a portmanteau of "volcanic" and "fog") has never been written with such humor and so poignantly. The couple parallels their narrative to the current political climate, making it easy for readers to detach from current events but also validates everything they've been feeling over this past year.

Aleeka and will are also the founders of Honolulu Sea Hawkers (HSH), a non-profit organization that works with NFL players to produce community events that promote mental and physical health. Aleeka, an immigrant from Guyana, graduated from Brown University with a degree in Economics. Prior to HSH Inc., she was a television producer (Today Show, Peter Jennings Documentary Group). She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Business & Communications at Chaminade University. William Morgan, a Seattleite, graduated from Emry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a 15-year military veteran. He currently serves in the Air National Guard. They live in Hawaii where they are contributing writers to Honolulu Magazine.


I have been submersed in my dissertation and life, and last night was the first opportunity I took to read something fun in the tub. I had ordered the VOG and it arrived while I was away at training. So, I climbed into my tub with this book. Wow! Amazing writers. They say you can judge a book by the first 10 pages... I read the first 7 (chapter end) and I was hooked. Their writing is exceptional. Character development, dialogue, and voice are fantastic. These are two incredible authors and I hope they keep this aspect of their bonding going. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene