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Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Time Of Giving!

 Christmastime Inspires the Gift of Giving! 

Following the success of "Beyond Haiku: Pilots Write Poetry," American Airlines Captain Linda Pauwels expands her literary wings to capture the soaring beauty and adventure captured in the words of 58 female pilots in her new book: "Beyond Haiku: Women Pilots Write Poetry."

Proceeds go toward flight training scholarships! 

I am a poet and didn't know it! In Beyond Haiku Women Pilots Write Poetry are two poems that I authored, and I even donated a little artwork, too. There are also 'surprises' in Women Pilots Write Poetry. Amongst the poems, Captain Linda Pauwels included never-before published poems by Amelia Earhart, with the assistance of Professor Sammie Morris and permission of the Purdue Research Foundation.

Because this is a historic book it was mentioned in a Washington Post article. It was also reviewed in Diario las Americas by journalist Grethel Delgado. You can read the press release here

Women Pilots Write Poetry is available on Amazon just in time for the holiday gift giving season! Please encourage friends and family to post genuine book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. This is very helpful for book sales, and Linda's goal is to donate proceeds towards flight training scholarships.

This is a much overdue post. But time flies while learning a new plane.  I had immediately purchased a book when it was first released with the intent to write a post, and then time got away. I just returned home from my first flight and found a gifted book from Linda in the mail with a note of appreciation. I now have two books. I want to give the one I purchased to someone who could use some light in their life. 

First: go to Amazon and get your copy of Beyond Haiku, Women Pilots Write Poetry. Remember to leave a comment! 


I'm certain we all know someone who would love this book as a gift. Leave a comment below and tell me why you would want to gift this book to a particular person. I'm going to pick the most heartwarming, love-filled story, or perhaps the funniest, and I will gift them my original copy. 

But also send me an email ( with Women Pilot Poetry as the subject, so I'll have your contact information if you win. 

Happy Holidays! 
And Enjoy the Journey
XOX Karlene