Contract Airline Services

"We are the protagonists of our stories called life, and there is no limit to how high we can fly."

Type rated on A330, B747-400, B747, B757, B767, B737, B727. International Airline Pilot / Author / Speaker. Dedicated to giving the gift of wings to anyone following their dreams. Supporting Aviation Safety through training, writing, and inspiration.

About Karlene:

Karlene Petitt is a mother of three, grandmother of eight, an international airline pilot, author, pilot advocate and aviation safety subject matter expert, who lives in Seattle Washington with her husband. She recently finished her PhD in Aviation at ERAU, and her research identified problems with safety culture and pilot training worldwide which is impacting pilot performance. Her book Normalization of Deviance presents this research and the significance of her studies. 

Non Fiction Normalization of Deviance
Aviation thrillers: Flight For ControlFlight For Safety, Flight for Survival. and Flight For Sanity
Motivation: Flight To Success Be the Captain of Your Life.
Children's: I am Awesome: ABCs of Being me.  

Non Fiction 
Normalization of Deviance

Aviation Thrillers that read like mysteries:

Flight For ControlFlight For Safety Flight For Survival  and Flight For Sanity

Truth in Fiction... 



The story of my life and others too... 


Aviation Experience:

  • Delta B777 FO based in LAX! 
  • Delta Air Lines A330 FO. 
  • Northwest Airlines 747 SO/Instructor/ Check Airman and 744 FO 
  • Tower Air 747 FO. 
  • Guyana 757 Director of Training/ Check Airman/ Instructor
  • America West Simulator Instructor 737 and 757
  • Braniff SO 727 
  • Evergreen FO 727 
  • Premair simulator instructor. 
I'm looking forward to coming full circle and begin flying small planes again, to promote the best career in the world.

Typed: B777, A330, B747-400, 747-200, B757,  B767, B737, B727. Seaplane rating too.

Writing Experience:
  • Airline training manuals, company procedures, LOFT scenarios, many term papers... and a thesis or two.
  • Hawaii Writers Retreat 2009, I studied under award winning author, William Bernhardt.
  • PNWA Writers Conference July 2010. Worked with award winning author, Robert Dugoni.
  • Finalist in PNWA literary contest with Flight For Control  
  • Magazine articles for NAFI, AOPA, EAA, 
  • PhD: Aviation with a focus on Safety
  • BS Business  
  • Master of Business 
  • Master of Human Services 
My corporation has just changed names to Jet Star Publishing.

CIO, the original corporate identity, was named for my belief system: 'Crisis Is Opportunity.' Doing Business As Contract Aviation Services. I created flight training programs, wrote manuals, and worked with pilots to help achieve their dreams in aviation. Simulator instruction, tutoring, coaching, prepping for an interviews and ultimately helped them connect with employment opportunities.

While I'm still available for teaching, training and manual writing, and the previous year of my life has taught me once again that I can turn any crisis into an opportunity... I have expanded into helping new authors give wings to their dreams through Jet Star Publishing.

Supporting Safety: 

  • The release of Flight For Justice. 
  • The release of Weaponization of Mental Health
  • Aircraft Study Guides
  • A happy healthy family, that continues to grow, learn, love, and embraces life.
  • Good friends to share our successes and challenges with.
  • Giving back to the Aviation industry, by supporting and inspiring future pilots. 
  • Giving back to the writing community by supporting and inspiring writers.
  • Flight For Control on the big screen.
"Anything we can dream, can become a reality. 
You just have to believe."