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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pierre de Fermor

The Heart of Aviationclub International 

 Pierre de Fermor

Please welcome Pierre as he share his heart and passion for aviation through his Aviationclub:

Aviationclub is a unique private association gathering individuals who are involved in and/or passionate about aviation, headquartered in the Principality of Monaco. Our website has taken off in April 2009, in order to create, and gather under one flag, a vibrant nation of aviation enthusiasts, pilots both commercial or private, licensed or learning, or soon to be, all fans of the Wild Blue.

1000th member: December 2009 
3000th member: December 2011 
6000th member: December 2013

Aviationclub has just registered its 8000th associate and is now heading towards its 9000th member! 

The Wild Blue: A myth long dreamt, that men made true, when the wings which they engineered one day with passion opened for them, and those to follow, the infinite skies and the never ending space behind.

Flying: A pure and lasting feeling of absolute freedom, of ethereal power over the elements, of simple joy.
An assembly of knights, proud people who share their common love for aviation, this is actually Aviationclub, an already existing and fast growing international organization which develops over the five continents, thanks to a team of devoted enthusiasts.

Target market (primary)  
  • Pilots
  • Professional pilots 
  • Flight crew 
  • Individuals fascinated by aviation
Target market (secondary)
  • Aero-clubs worldwide
  • Airlines willing to offer a communication platform to their employees

What does Aviationclub offer?
  • Immediate benefit and gratification for people who subscribe through fast going and easy online registration.
  • A private social network assembling a vibrant community sharing a common passion.  
  • An aviation Library assembling newspaper articles (editorials, interviews, reports, analyses, etc.) as well as books, photos, videos and films on Aviation. 
  • A live forum to exchange flying experiences, upload or download photos, videos and articles on aviation, constitute and consolidate a solid aviation network. 
  • A blog with a monthly tribune on the world of Aviation. 
  • Local gatherings / get together. 
  • Recruitment and job search services in the aviation industry.

What Aviationclub will also offer in the future?
  • A directory of aero-clubs worldwide with direct links and a communication platform for all aero-clubs worldwide.
  • Flight swapping: An updated list of aircraft made available by our members for shared flights with other members, as well as a database for shared flights on non owned aircraft.
  • Through aero-clubs : vouchers for discovery flights
  • Links with humanitarian organizations such as The Red Cross, Flying Doctors, Peace & Sport, etc. allowing them to search & find pilots willing to participate to various missions established in observation to applying Rules and Settlements.
  • An Aviationclub TV Channel to be broadcast on the Internet, offering net viewers a continuous choice of images, films, documentaries, scientific and commercial information, etc., all in direct relation with the world of aviation.

How is Aviationclub functioning?
  • Touch emotions and senses, build an active community where people feel at home, in a global family.
  • Build a social network platform impressively designed as well as fast and easy to use, attracting members from all continents willing to discover, explore or simply keep on flying through the world of Aviation.
  • Bring in the best aviation services already existing on the Web and utilize them within Aviationclub.
  • Act as a main marketplace and entry platform for all aviation related matters.

Supporting membership:

1. GOLD WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 100.

2. SILVER WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 25.

3. BLUE WINGS Free membership is offered to all visitors of our website joining our community of aviation fans.


We are developing sponsorship, and shall strictly limit our sponsors to five max.

Each sponsor is to contribute for a yearly amount of Eur 25 000, allowing him to have his logo on each page of our website, as well as being displayed during all and any events that we shall participate to.

Our first founding sponsor is the famous watchmaker Breitling, strongly established since 1884 as the luxury watch provider for the aviation.

We ideally search for four additional sponsors.

Aviationclub International participates yearly to various air shows in the World, such as Cannes Air Show, Abu Dhabi Air Expo, etc.

Please contact for more information. 

I'm a member and amazed at the number of aviators under one roof. This site is well done, and easy to use. As soon as I can carve more time out of my life, I will be spending more time there too.

Pierre, Thanks for creating an International base for aviators to come home too!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Human Factors and Investigations

Workshop in Partnership with NIBRT

Updated with recent case studies based upon our Project and Regulatory Compliance work around the world, this two-day workshop will provide attendees interactive sessions with professionally oriented activities, to ensure the understanding of the concepts and methods of Human Error Reduction and Investigations required in the regulated industry.

This course is directed to the industry professionals that desire to gain practical knowledge and obtain information to build a strong foundation for identifying Human Errors and implement Human Error Reduction Methods. The course is also aimed at training the participants in the tools that can be used to manage Investigations.

Hosted by Pharma Bio Serv with Key Speakers, Victor Sanchez, President of Europe Operations and Magaly Aham, Vice President of Compliance and US Operations.

Date: September 22nd & 23rd, 2014
Time: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue: Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

To Register please contact: Dr Fiona Gilchrist , Tel. +353 21 4619034 (Office) +353 834434913 (Mobile)

Or email Tel. +353 21 4619034 (Office) / +353 86795 2010 (Mobile)

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend as I will be in Hong Kong on a layover. If there was anyway, I would love to be here. Hopefully you can go and report back! For detailed information checkout

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Inspiration grows....

With the power of momentum! 

Life has been a whirlwind and I've spent more time on the road than when I was a commuter. But living in base and working for an airline has afforded me the ability to fly around the country, which has made life possible.

August 11-16th I spent at Daytona beach for the first week of my Ph.D. program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with an inspiring group of people. I have to admit that I am humbled to be among this group of talented individuals. Proud more like.

My mission, to create an aviation environment where we never have another accident, began with my one wish for aviation. Well, it began with the idea to write aviation thrillers and invite the world into the side of aviation that should only belong in books. But my plan was to create change for the better.

How do we create change? 

It begins with education and critical thinking, then becomes reality with communication. Connections and having the opportunity to share ideas with a diverse group of people from cross-cultures of life and operations expands potential and success ten-fold.

Prior to my arrival in Florida, I planned on finishing my degree with the five year plan. 4 years for academics and one year for the dissertation. However, after becoming submersed in the environment for a week, I had a profound thought... "Aviation changes daily!" I cannot delay my studies. Our aviation would will be different in five years and I want to be part of that change. 

I have decided to go full time... 2 classes per quarter and a year for my dissertation. Yes... KP is on the three year plan. Will I be able to keep up the pace? You bet! I will figure out how. One of my friends said, "I'll see you in three years." Hopefully it won't be that bad.

Okay... if I can handle my first two courses, Statistics and Human Factors, with my work schedule and family events I have booked for the next three months, I will be fine. Besides, I can do anything for three years. :)

Success is achieved with the added momentum 
that urgency creates

Also... I've got a great support team going into the program. Together we can create the change needed to do the impossible. But doing the impossible requires change. Something in my life will have to give to make this happen. I will be posting that soon. Your advice is always welcome!

To the greatest success of our fellow cohorts!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO  Karlene 

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Daniel Shulte

For the Love of Flight!

Daniel Shulte

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

When young people experience the gift of flight and take it upon themselves to share their passion, the butterfly effect is put in motion. Age is no match for passion, as 18-year-old Daniel decided to take aviation to the next level and share his love with the world.

When I asked Daniel why he started flying, he said...

"The reason I started flying is simple: I've always loved it. For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for flying. When I finally became old enough to start training (around 15 years old), I took an intro flight and BOOM... I had the aviator's bug. Loved it and couldn't stop."

"Somewhere along the way, I also developed a passion for filming and photography. So now I want to bring aviation to all those who haven't experienced it, but through film. It's definitely going to be a tough project, but I know I can make it happen."

"I want to share all of this with people because:
  • If you aren't part of the aviation world already, the only things you know are probably things you learned from the movie "Top Gun".... no one really knows much about REAL aviation and what it's like to fly.
  • I want to bring the younger generation into aviation and get them involved; even the aging pilot population wants to see the youth become more interested! I know that so many kids would love to fly, but don't know where to start. This film would explain all they need to know. And ...
  • I want to bring a good reputation to aviation. With all the awful accidents happening lately, it's easy for people to start thinking that flying isn't safe anymore. I want to show them how amazing it is, and how safe it is. 

.... So yup, that's just about it! I've already put over $1200 of my own money into equipment for making this film. I want it to be a cinematic beauty. Not just a regular, old, boring documentary. I'm putting my heart into this and hoping I can get some support along the way."

Daniel has been approved for a kickstarter project and when I first looked, he had less than $600 of donations. As of Wednesday he had $6,601.

He is less than $3000 from reaching his goal. So... for all you in the love of aviation, and want to support this young man keep aviation alive... click: For The Love Of Flight!

Daniel is in my friend's young explorer group. My friend, Robin, is a 747 pilot for my company and she could not be more proud of Daniel, and I know why. Click play on the video above right to see a preview of what and why he is creating this film. You can also see the video on his kickstarter page by selecting the link to the For the Love of Flight. It's amazing! And you can see Robin too! :)

If you love Aviation
and want to make a difference
it's time to Take Action!

I donated $250! If the movie doesn't get made for some reason, I get my money back. But when it is made... I will get my name on a For The Love Of Flight! poster as an Executive Director. How cool is that?! I encourage you to join me on the project!

Only 7 days from today and counting!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FAR 117 Reality

"I'm so @#!*ing tired since FAR117!" 

I am the most avid commuter there is for someone based at home. I travel the airways (in the flightdeck) to see grandchildren, for FAA testing, school, Oshkosh and many other other aviation events. I have talked to many commuter pilots and the conversation is always the same...FAR117 has had an opposite effect.

One of the pilots I met along the way recently wrote sharing his story.

"I have been working as an first officer for almost 8 years. I was able to credit 90 hours or more every month for 5 years without any need for energy supplements. Then after FAR 117 was implemented, I have had to work more days, and found myself feeling more tired due to the changes in our work schedule. My seniority has only gotten better during this year, but my schedule has gotten worse.  

The new work rules have forced us to work longer days for less pay, and that in turn forces me to spend even more long days at work than I had in the past. None of this is due to some greedy corporation trying to squeeze me for more labor.  It's all because a bunch of politicians jumped in an made laws concerning a subject that they couldn't possibly understand.  I now find myself struggling to spend time with my family, and I keep a bottle of energy mix in my flight bag to help me through the long days and odd hours at work" 

An International pilot told me he was flying a short flight, 6 hours and 39 minutes from the East Coast to Europe. This flight actually required a single crew, but they were dispatched with three pilots. He wanted to take first break, as he did not sleep well in the hotel. It was 8 pm and he could have fallen to sleep for a good nap, and been in the seat with ample time to be refreshed for landing. However, due to FAR 117, he could not be in the seat for more than 2 hours prior to landing. 

Sometimes decisions are made in error. When they are, we need to fix them. Does anyone know how to change an FAR?

How has FAR117 been treating you?

Enjoy the Journey...If you can stay awake for it!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Karly Janette Harbert,

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!


Can I tell you how many times I've seen Karly across the country? This time was at Oshkosh and I said, "You were at the Western Washington Aviation trade show!" And that she was.

Karly travels with Spencer aircraft and is the best sales person anyone could want. And... dressed like a pilot too. But she really is a pilot. Karly is 22 years old, and born in my home town of Seattle Washington. 

She graduated from Sumner High School in 2010 and attended Clover Park Technical College in the Professional Pilot Program to earn an Associates degree. After finishing her degree she received her  commercial license with an Instrument rating. 

Karly is currently working towards her multi-engine rating while attending Purdue University. She's majoring in Aviation Technology with a minor in Aviation Safety, and this lady is headed places.

After she completes her Bachelor's degree at Purdue, she is joining the Air Force with plans to become a C-17 pilot. An amazing young lady that is as sweet, fun, and beautiful in person as she is in these photos.

Enjoy the Journey!
Oh...and those books she's holding... if you haven't read them, it's time.

XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Live From New York...

The Naked Cowboy! 

You know him from New York, but did you know he's all about the blue oysters? The Naked Cowboy is "dedicated to the restoration and preservation of living food resources in their natural habitat." 

You can find more information at:

Behind the tighty whities
he also supports:

Have you read them? Have you left a comment yet?
Do so, and you will be entered in the contest!
Click HERE to learn more.

Enjoy the Journey...
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Freight Dogs Unite.

A friend sent me these little words of wisdom about Freight Dogs. An oldie... but goodie! 

You know you are an old freight dog when:

  • Your airplane was getting old when you were born.
  • You have not done a daylight landing in the past six months.
  • ATC advises you of smoother air at a different altitude, and you don’t give a shit.
  • When you taxi up to an FBO they roll out the red carpet, but quickly take it back when they recognize you.
  • You call the hotel van to pick you up and they don’t understand where you are on the airport.
  • Your company call sign is "Oil Can".
  • The lady at the FBO locks up the popcorn machine because you plan on "making a meal of it".
  • Your airplane has more than eight faded logos on it.
  • You wear the same shirt for a week, and no one complains.
  • Center mispronounces your call sign more than three times in one flight.
  • Your Director of Operations mysteriously changes your max. take off weight during the holiday season.
  • Every FBO makes you park out of sight of their building.
  • You have ever walked barefoot through the FBO, ........because you just woke up.
  • You mark every ramp with engine oil.
  • Everything you own is in you flight bag and suitcase.
  • All the other pilots wait for you to "test the squall line" first.
  • All the other airlines hold to see if you get in.
  • You request the visual approach with 300’ overcast and ½ SM vis.
  • You make no attempt to deviate around weather.
  • You don't bother to check the weather because you're going anyways.
  • You have an emotional reunion with your newly assigned Beech 99 because you used to fuel it 25 years earlier when it only had 18,000 cycles on it and the windows weren't painted over.
  • You've slept more nights at Willow Run than in the house you grew up in. (or on the plane)
  • Upper management thinks a derelict fuel truck for you to sleep in is a "crew domicile".
  • You hope to someday make it to the big time... Atlas Cargo. (Or NWA) 
  • You carry your own personal step ladder in the back of the aircraft.
  • You've changed tires, starter generators, and ADI's but you're neither an A&P or an avionics tech.
  • You have a secret Mexican family in Del Rio, Texas.
  • The tip tanks also serve as an alarm clock when they run dry.
  • You become VERY proficient at nightime aileron rolls to stay awake.
  • You lose your radios and the approach controller says, "Hey, Mailbag 216, wake up! I know you're sleepin' up there!"
  • On a clear night you consider it normal to make a low pass or two to clear the ground fog and deer off the runway at Presque Isle.
  • You fly with a Captain who has both dead-sticked a DC-3 at night to a safe landing and had to declare an emergency because his copilot tried to pee out an old antennae hole on a Convair 240 and was nearly emasculated. 

When I was flying with Evergreen I was told that I was not a real freight dog until I ate food off the trays in the hallway as we arrived at 0300.  But the reality is, flying freight out of Alaska was the best job there was...until this one.

Enjoy the Journey...
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Experience Flight!

Flight Chops all the way!

A year ago October we met Steve Thorne as a Friday Fabulous Flyer. He was busy making videos which have literally taken off!

Steve is a Private Pilot who is sharing his flight experiences with all those who love flight. What's unique about his videos?

They are all about Steve's flying and self-analysis. His goal... learn from the small mistakes so he doesn't make the big ones. By watching his videos, we can all learn from his small mistakes so we don't make the big ones too.

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."

You will love this video!

Follow Steve on Twitter @FlightChops

Enjoy the Journey...
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The fun has begun.

I'm spending the week in Daytona Beach at Embry-Riddle, as the Ph.D. adventure begins. 

If you haven't read my novels, it's time! And... comments on Amazon are so much appreciated. Also remember to enter the contest to win a Northwest Airlines 747 model.

A thriller that reads like a mystery. But there is no mystery on the condition of the airline industry. It's broken. Planes are crashing. Pensions were stripped. Pilots are financially and emotionally bankrupt due to fatigue, furloughs and loss of seniority.  It's time that someone takes control before it's too late. Unless it already is. 

"A strong debut with a complex plot that keeps the reader guessing until the very end."  

Robert Dugoni, Lawyer and New York Times Bestselling author of the Jury Master, Cyanide Canary, and Damage control.

An A330 falls from the sky, a B777 crashes short of the runway, and pilots everywhere are losing control of their aircraft. Global Air Lines has taken over Coastal in a merger and stapled the pilots to the bottom of the seniority list. But what management pilots are doing behind the walls of training is nothing short of criminal. They are playing a game of Russian Roulette and the bullet is about to come out. 

 "Can you handle the truth? A thoroughly engaging and lightning-paced new work... The truth is exactly what you get: The truth of being a professional airline pilot in today's stressed airline world...major new threats to the safety of airline passengers from pilots who aren't trained to fly anything but computers, and which political and personal agendas sometimes trump safety and sanity.

Can you handle the truth? Then this book is a must-read." 

John Nance, Author Pandora's Clock and Orbit Aviation Analyst, ABC World News.

Enjoy the Journey...
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rick Watson

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

 Rick Watson
"Never lose sight of your dreams 
and feed your passion."

"My journey began longer ago than I can remember. To fly was all I ever wanted to do. 28 years ago at the age of 19, I strapped myself into a Hughes 269 (Yes I started on Choppers) and why not? They were fun to fly. I took to it like a duck to water. The following year I converted to fixed wing flying Piper Cherokees and Warriors soloing in 2 hour. Along the way I flew a myriad of different types and makes including Gliders and Gyrocopters. And then it happened. As quick as lightening, I blew my eardrum.

Now on the great scheme of things this doesn't sound like a huge medical disaster. However, for me it was just the start of a HUGE journey of faith. I lost my medical while the professionals delved into the problem. 2 operations later I was on the mend. I had a 5 year hiatus while things healed. I was now married and had 2 wonderful children. Time and money was a factor, however it did give my ear chance to heal. I started to feel the pull of my home again, so I started to fly with others to ease into it.

I was able to do quite a bit of flying even some aerobatics with the Royal New Zealand Airforce. The time felt right. By this stage a few more years had gone by. I was now divorced and living with a new partner so it was time for new beginnings. In 2008 I decided to do my multi-engined instrument rating. I passed my commercial medical (Yay first hurdle cleared). I passed my exams (2nd one done) and I was back in the air, my home, my comfort zone..... Then BANG it happened.

I was on a turning descent with an instructor on board when I felt the same ear let go again... this time I had managed to dislodge the drum from the membrane behind it and it stretched the nerves that help carry the sound to the Cochlea... That was it, medical gone again and I was grounded........ The thing is I have never lost my passion for aviation through the ups and downs, it is my addiction, my guilty pleasure, so I never stopped looking up.

Roll forward to November 2011. Another new beginning with a move to Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand. What a beautiful part of the country, great walks, awesome fishing, just paradise. I trucked along as you do before the call was strong again. I thought well If I can't fly for real I am going to find a decent simulator. In late 2012 I purchased a twin engine simulator based on a Beech aircraft which I configured to fly the 1900D. Many hours were spent flying all around NZ, I loved it but my love of aircraft was too strong. So like many I found the local flying club.

I was talking to the instructor and he asked if I wanted to go for a flight. Now that was like asking a junkie if he wanted a free hit. The best part was he let me do the flying. I was home again. I felt at ease and best of all there was no pain in my ear. The best part, I was informed that I would have no problems passing my medical. How could this be? I thought. Well as fortune would have it the plane I was flying was a Tecnam P2002 Sierra a high performance sport aircraft, classified in NZ as a Microlight!

The medical is the same as if I wanted to drive a bus. It's a recreational license designed for experienced pilots who can no longer obtain the stringent GA medicals. BRILLIANT. I joined the club and was voted in as the Club Captain. I was now right seating with other club members to fly-ins around the country as well as left seating with an instructor to get my rating.

I passed all my exams again and I am once again a qualified pilot holding an advanced passenger rated license for high performance sport aircraft at the age of 47. One hell of a journey but I never lost sight of my goal. I am currently working through my instructors rating and purchase of my own aircraft so I can share my passion."

Rick Watson

103 Reservoir Road
Thames 3500
New Zealand

PH:(07) 8686879
MOB: 027-684-0044
SKYPE: Madrick69

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Save the Tigers


I had heard tigers are working the fabric for designer jeans. Then I saw the sign, "I am not a a rug" at SeaTac airport. Moral of this story... signs are everywhere, people will buy anything, and tigers are lovely cats that should be saved. Click on "I am a Fashion Designer" to see what the cats are up to.

Enjoy the journey and love our animals! 
XO Karlene

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Air France 447: Remember

So this never happens again!
Sunday I met with my friend Jeremy Carlisle, from Captain Aboard, in New York. We went for a great walk, had a super lunch, and wonderful conversation. It's moments like this when we can take a few minutes out of our day to visit with friends, reflect, plan for the future and remember why we're doing what we're doing. 

Just talking about AF447... the memory tugged at our hearts. Jeremy is one of the kindest people I know. He works hard, and cares for so many. I really appreciated him taking his time to come visit me on my layover. During our conversation he reminded me of the video he posted on his blog remembering the passengers of 447. 

He sent me the link as a reminder for what I'm doing and why.

There is no mystery when you read Flight For Safety that this novel was written because of what happened with AF447 and events that followed. This accident should never have happened.  My post on the subject started an avalanche that tried to bury me. But when you have a mission, you end up with phenomenal strength you never knew you had. Sometimes you need a reminder of why. These are the faces that give me strength to carry on.


Enjoy the journey 
and may they all be safe!
XO Karlene

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The First AirForce One

Who knew this stuff? Fascinating!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ready to Quit?

Anything is possible... 
just never give up!

August Blogging In Formation
is honoring Brent Owens
author and pilot extraordinaire.

Brent wrote a powerful post:
 Defying Gravity 

A must read! 

There will be times gravity will pull you down. 

The question is how you will fight it when it does?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sea & Sand from the Sky

As Portrayed by Margot Cheel

Margot Cheel

Margo, an award-winning photographer, private pilot and arts educator, is an amazing woman who continues to give back to our profession. She inspires many, and has dedicated her life to sharing the beauty of what we pilots see daily (and sometimes forget to appreciate) to those land lovers. How did this all come about?

“I came to aerial photography at a time when I was seeking a new turn and view of the world. The perspective from above was exhilarating. After thirty years my art and travel background found a new focus.” 

It's amazing how we can take a passion and turn it into a business. Didn't someone say, "Do what you love and the money will follow?" The point is... money or not, we must have a passion for our work. Margot certainly does. 

Her photography not only offers unique views of property & locations, but helps realtors sell homes, towns attract tourism and conservation groups promote preservation. Her bragging rights are many, but I can't help but brag about her.

Margot is an arts graduate of Middlebury College, founder of Twin Willows Craft Center (Ottawa, Canada), a licensed Private Pilot, and Eastern New England Chapter Chairman of The Ninety-Nines - the International Women Pilots Organization founded by Amelia Earhart. She is a member and past President of the New England Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). Margot is one of our leading ladies of aviation.

Not only has she been chosen for juried exhibitions in New England and South Florida. Her photography has appeared in numerous publications, calendars and environmental presentations. She is the cover photographer and contributor to the “Narrative History of Cohasset, 1950-2000”, published in 2002, Treasury of Cohasset History 2005” and ‘Savor of Salt” 2006. 

Oh... and her recent Fine Art Aerial Photography book, “Sea & Sand from the Sky 2012, has been endorsed by astronaut to artist.

"Sea & Sand from the Sky: Aerial Photography" by Margot Cheel. It's a hardcover full-color coffee table book with aerial views of Cape Cod and coastal Massachusetts. Accompanying the photos are quotes from aviators.

"Pilot and photographer Margot Cheel takes you on a journey over sand and sea, river and shorelines to glimpse nature's patterns, seldom seen. Experience the earth's beauty, power and fragility with a perspective from above. From the quotations alongside the photos, take in the inspiration of aviators and air travelers who find special meaning in the adventure of fight."

When I asked Margot where this book came from, she said, "Basically, this book came about because of my love for flight and the beauty of the earth below - wanting to capture it for memories, history and environmental concerns."

Several months ago she was on a Boston TV show featuring her aerial photography, her book, and flying. To view a 3 minute clip of her show on Up in the Air, click HERE. The show was about the many different ways people took to the air. 

Why did you take to the air?

Margot sent me a copy of her book and what an amazing assortment of photos. More than that she's included inspiring aviation quotes and sayings, and added a visual reference at the end displaying where each photo was taken. I am honored to have this book on my coffee table. The gift that keeps on giving.

You can find Margot's book on her website or through Amazon. I know you will love it as much as I do. This is seriously the most beautiful gift.

Enjoy the Journey! And remember to appreciate the view from above.
XO Karlene