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Thursday, November 10, 2011

WWII Aviation Trivia

Compliments of Barry Schiff, and Test Pilot 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Avation,

"During World War II, military pilots developed a colorful "slanguage."

Test your skills to see if you can define the following slang expressions, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of Barry's books.

  1. Blanket drill
  2. Chinese landing
  3. Flying the iron beam
  4. French landing
  5. Geese
  6. Laying eggs
  7. Pulpit
  8. Roll up your flaps
  9. Rug dance
  10. Shot down in flames
  11. Sugar report
The more attempts you make at answering the random questions I'll be posting throughout the month of November and the first two weeks in December, the more entries you'll have into the drawing that will be held on December 22 nd. Sign up to follow my blog then leave your answers. They don't have to be accurate to be entered into the drawing. Just your best guess.

Good luck!

I'll post the answers tonight.... sometime before the clock strikes midnight.

Enjoy the Journey~

XOX Karlene


1. Blanket drill: Sleeping
2. Chinese landing: One wing low
3. Flying the iron beam: Navigating by following the railroad.
4. French landing: Keeping the tail high for as long as possible during the landing roll after a wheel landing in a taildragger
5. Geese: And enemy bomber formation.
6. Laying eggs: dropping bombs.
7. Pulpit: cockpit
8. Roll up your flaps: Relax, and stop talking
9. Rug dance: standing nervously in the commander's office while being chastised.
10. Shot down in flames: Jilted by a girlfriend.
11. Sugar report: A letter to or from a girlfriend.

Congratulations everyone! You'll all be entered in the drawing on December 15th. Stay tuned, there will be more chances for more giveaways over the holiday months. Tis the season of giving.


  1. I don't think I'd try to touch any of these with a ten-foot pole, Karlene. But they certainly raise possibilities! Can't wait to see what the pilots have to say.

  2. I'm so tempted to Google, I wonder if they are out there or we will need the experts to tell us. Can't wait to see what they are! I have a few guesses but I'm sure they are way off, LOL.

  3. Hm. Chinese landing and French landing sounds like landing gear-up (or as badly as I sometimes do). Geese might be planes, I think laying eggs is having kids...and I don't know the rest of them. Ah well. :D

  4. 1. Blanket drill ... playing with honey under covers?
    2. Chinese landing... Right on the Money?
    3. Flying the iron beam... ILS in Russia?
    4. French landing... Creating excuses as to why it sucked... ie, "wining"
    5. Geese... Vodka
    6. Laying eggs... Sitting duck?
    7. Pulpit... porcelain god?
    8. Roll up your flaps... Shut your face?
    9. Rug dance... playing with your honey on the rug?
    10. Shot down in flames... Did that to the guy at the bar the other night!
    11. Sugar report... Telling my girlfriends how much I love them.

    Put me in the drawing pretty please...

    <3 Darby

  5. Chinese Landing: A landing that could be measured by the richter scale?

    Flying The Iron Beam: IFR = I Follow Railroads?

    Laying Eggs: Bombs away?

    Well..this is very interesting! looking forward to the answers.. Cheers everyone, Fly Safe

  6. Some of these will be wild guesses!

    Blanket drill - Sleeping in
    Chinese landing - (this one I've heard!) wild landing 'wun wing lo' ;)
    Flying the iron beam - I was thinking either I follow roads or, given the iron beam, railroads?
    French landing - aborted landing, go around (surrender?)
    Geese - enemy aircraft
    Laying eggs - easy, dropping bombs
    Pulpit - what else is a pilot's pulpit?! The cockpit!
    Roll up your flaps - packing up?
    Rug dance - thinking akin to 'Top Gun scene, in the CO's office, getting chewed out and you're shuffling your feet on the rug?
    Shot down in flames - getting shot down would be too easy a guess for this one. Stood up, or rejected by the opposite sex?
    Sugar report - sugar coated flight report?

  7. Excellent guesses everyone! I'm thinking Darby may take the prize for the most creative. You're all brilliant. Even those who knew better than to try. Thanks for your comments. Good luck to the lucky winner.


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