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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prevent Blood Clots; Get Your Flu Vaccine

"Off the Record Q & A with a Local A.M.E."

DR. Larry

My personal health care provider, Amy Doneen, is great! We talked recently and she asked if I had my flu shot this year.

I know she cares about me because she quizzes me, holds me responsible for my health and works really hard for my well being. She’s vested in my longevity and treats me as the individual being I am. She knows I travel a fair amount and she believes that I’ll stick around this world longer if I get appropriate vaccines.

So, being the diligent doc I am and trying to lead by example, I said I got my flu vaccine two weeks ago. Then she made me feel even better by sharing some literature: influenza vaccines can reduce my risk of developing a blood clot in my legs. Interesting! In 2008, an American Heart Association study known as FAVIRE showed that in people with known history of cardiovascular and stoke disease, receiving a flu shot was associated with a 26% risk reduction for development of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and a 48% reduction in people less than 52 year of age.

I know about Deep Vein Thrombosis. They are dangerous and common. I’ve cared for and worried about too many patients with DVTs over the years to not have respect for them.

DVTs are blood clots that develop in the deep veins of our lower extremities and to a lesser extent our upper extremities. When a chuck of the clot breaks off and migrates to the lungs, Pulmonary Embolism (PE) occurs. PEs obstruct blood flow and suffocate the lung tissue. Death can occur if the clot is large enough. Disability and long term anti-coagulates happen when the PE is less than deadly.

PEs are scary, they are medical emergencies and they happen all too often. Approximately 2 million Americans a year develop DVTs and of those, about 600,000 people will experience a PE. Worse yet, 10% of those or 60,000 of our friends and relatives will die each year from pulmonary embolisms. About 15% of all sudden death cases are from pulmonary embolisms yet, they are largely preventable.

What are the risk factors for developing them? Prolonged sitting in a car or airplane; bed rest; fractures; recent surgeries, especially of the lower extremities and abdomen; cancers; hormones and birth control pills; crossing of the legs; obesity; smoking and COPD; and recent childbirth.

What prevents them? Movement; stretching; support hose; ergonomic seats; hydration; blood thinners and behavioral changes. Maybe even a flu shot. It’s something simple, cheap and has positive side benefits. Why not?

One caveat. Many people resist flu vaccines because they say they react to them and get the flu from them.

All influenza vaccines given by injection are inactivated viruses, meaning they are dead virus and incapable of replicating and infecting. They work by fooling the body into developing an immune response. It’s my belief that many of the reactions people develop are due to the preservatives in the vaccine, such as thimerosal, or mercury. In Washington State, we don’t allow thimerosal in pediatric vaccines so why not make your vaccine thimerosal free, especially if you’ve had a reaction in the past?

Amy Doneen a brilliant Nurse Practitioner lectures nationally and internationally on cardiovascular and stroke prevention. When she speaks, doctors and patients listen and I listen because I feel safer when I know I am doing what I can to control my health care destiny. What can you do to control your destiny?

To your good health,

Dr. Larry.


  1. Dr. Larry, I'll be the first to comment. So... "why" does a Flu shot prevent DVT?

    I don't get a Flu shot. It's my impression that by the time the Flu shot comes out that it's created based on the last year strain. Nothing stays the same. So... will this really prevent the next year's flu? And, if you've never had the flu... the why fear now?

    Also, what is the age that if someone hasn't had the flu shot, they probably shouldn't have it? I'd heard that it wasn't a good idea for "older" patients.

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Like Karlene, I don't get a flu shot. I'm not around kids or in close contact with loads of people every day, so figure it doesn't make a lot of sense for me. But no DVT history, either (whew). That is really interesting about the connection, though.

  3. In the past, every time my hubby or I got a flu shot I ended up with a horrendous case of the flu! No flu shots in our family and we do much better.

  4. Ahhh! If only I were not 'immune compromised' (by definition, all diabetics, even Type 2, are), so 'flu shot for me, AND pneumonia shot every 10 years. My PCP uses me for a dartboard, and I don't mind, as he's keeping me alive. Remind me to tell the tale about going to inspect a DC6A freighter of Ethiopian that was AOG at Bole International.....I ran out of arms, legs and other fleshy body parts to take shots in! (Plus you have to 'rest' between some shots). Ethiopia is right at the top of the WHO 'threat board'!

  5. Runs with Java, I know many people like yourself. Maybe there are some people who just does better without. But, it's interesting what Dr. Larry said we're reacting to and not the flu. But.. if it feels like the flu, takes us down like the flu, it might as well be the flu.

  6. Shortfinals I am so sorry you're a dartboard. I feel for you. Immune compromised is an interesting term, and a good one. Keep getting all the shots you need to stay alive! And... now you know you won't get blood clots, too!

    Thanks for the comment! I would love for you to tell me the story of the Etheopian Freighter. Send it to me. :)

  7. I received a flu shot and it CAUSED a clot in my neck and upper chest just above my heart. U.S. soldiers I found out keep getting clots from the vaccines they are receiving. I notice the actual study isn't linked to here and I can't find it anywhere. I just find media reports making this claim that a study was done. People need to read the actual studies. Many times this kind of thing is research fraud. They don't use control groups, they throw out data, or make conclusions that aren't even based on the results of the study.

    1. Keith, wow... this is an old post. I am so sorry. If you can find that let me know! I agree... we need to read. Thank you so much for your comment! And if you find the research, send my way!

    2. My husband passed away 10 days after getting a flu shot. He was perfectly fine before the vaccine but during the night after the vaccine he had flu like symptoms. Autopsy said it was DVT. He is not the type of person to have DVT since he is too young his job involved alot of moving around and he goes to the gym everyday. It is so sad that I can't find proof to prove it was the flu vaccine that caused it.

    3. My husband passed away 10 days after getting a flu shot. He was perfectly fine before the vaccine but during the night after the vaccine he had flu like symptoms. Autopsy said it was DVT. He is not the type of person to have DVT since he is too young his job involved alot of moving around and he goes to the gym everyday. It is so sad that I can't find proof to prove it was the flu vaccine that caused it.

    4. I am so sorry that happened! I need to remove this post! I posted this for my Dr. friend, AME...and yet, I have never had a flu shot, because of the side effects. I have never known it to kill however.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Email me at and we can chat. And then I'm pulling this post!
      This is just so, very, very sad. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

  8. @ Leya Reye’s Go on the website Vaccine Injury Cases and try and get in touch with one of those Attorneys concerning your situation.
    I’m so sorry to hear that about your husband. Be blessed


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