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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flying Scholarship... Relieving Stress

Wednesday Wellness…

Removing the financial stress of learning how to fly!

How much stress can one person take?

“If only we knew. Crystal ball anyone? Given what we put ourselves through on a regular basis, it’s obviously an amazing amount. Fortunately, our bodies have incredible resiliency. Nevertheless, everyone has a breaking point. Do you know what yours is? Unlike the planes we fly, it’s challenging for us to tell when the effect of stress will cause calamity, and unfortunately, we don’t replace body parts before they fail.

So on the eve of Thanksgiving, let’s pause to be grateful what our bodies do, how well they withstand the pressures we put them under, and how wonderful it is when they work as intended.”

Gratefully, to everyone’s good health,

Dr. Larry.

Thank you Dr. Larry... and now, a special Thanksgiving gift.... from Barry Schiff!

Time to Remove the "Financial" Stress of Learning How to Fly!

Barry Teaching his son, Paul

Barry Schiff is spending the week with us, and today he is reducing the financial stress of learning how to fly. He is running a scholarship to give $3000 toward one lucky winner to learn how to fly, up to their solo!

Why is Barry Providing a Scholarship?

"Aviation has been good to me in a wide variety of ways. I cannot imagine how any other vocation or avocation could have provided me with such a lifetime of gratification and joy. Along the way and especially during my early years, there have been innumerable people who inspired, encouraged, and assisted my aeronautical growth. I would like to honor them."

Sporty’s founder, Hal Shevers, told Barry, there are three stages in life: learning, earning, and returning.”

Barry tells me, I’ve spent my share of years learning and earning. Now, I think, it is time to begin returning, to give back some of what I have been so fortunate to have received.”

Words we can all live by.

How is Barry Giving Back?

He’s taking, teaching, mentoring and introductory flights to the next level by providing someone… who many not have the opportunity on their own… to take to the sky, “to develop the self-reliance and independence that sets pilots apart from those forever limited to travel in two dimensions.”

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The contest is open to any young man or woman who will have reached his or her sixteenth birthday by February 1, 2012.
  • Before flight training can begin, however, the winner must obtain and provide a copy of their student pilot certificate.
  • He or she must also provide parental consent to begin flight training if less than 18 year of age on February 1, 2012.
  • He or she must not have reached their twenty-first birthday by the same date.

How to Enter:

  • Go to Barry's Website by clicking HERE
  • Click on "Email Barry" on the bottom of the left-hand column.
  • Attach a 500-word, double spaced, essay describing why you want to learn to fly.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will count.
  • Contestants must provide your snail-mail address, email address, birth date, and telephon number... all will be kept confidential.


Hurry! Time is Flying.

What will the winner get?

  • $3000 toward flying lessons at any flight school of their choice as long as it is in the United States.
  • A private pilot ground-school course (on widescreen DVDs) and a kit that includes books, an E6B computer, plotter, logbook, and other items needed to become a private pilot…. Thanks to Mike Lorden of Aviation Supplies and Academics (ASA)
  • And more..! Barry tells me, "Almost all of the headset manufacturers have donated headsets. An aviation artist, Rick Broome, has donated a beautiful (and expensive) print. A pilot in Dallas, George Shanks, donated an AOPA membership. Mostly though, people have stepped forward with money to sponsor a number of other solo scholarships. I don't have permission, though, to give their names. Their generosity completely blew me away."

Thank you Barry, and Mike, for giving back and supporting the future of our children. Good luck to everyone entering the contest. Remember to leave a comment here and you'll get another entry into the drawing for chance to win an autographed book from Barry.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Aw, a month to young! Good luck to other people entering!

  2. Great.... shame it is only for the USA.... ah well, we West Africans will soldier on! Great project!

  3. What an awsome opportunity. Aviation students are
    scuffling to meet the high costs of education. Such funding would be a great help to a student.

  4. Ahh... Abby sorry to hear that. But there will be more and I'll be thinking of you!!!

  5. Capt. Yaw, I hope good things come your way to Ghana. You deserve the best!

  6. Thanks anonymous. I know that someone deserving will be rewarded. So many opportunities for the kids! Thank you Barry!


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