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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fabulous Flyer

Dipeet Mehta

Many young people have dreams and aspirations of greatness, but it takes someone with work ethics, energy, and ambition, to reach those dreams. Dipeet is that person. Depeet is originally from India where he started his love affair with airplanes. This was after watching "one" plane pass over his house every evening after he returned from school, for four to five years of his life. The Aviation Bug captured Dipeet at a young age, and he’s been working hard toward his dream of becoming a pilot ever since.

Depeet focused his life to immerse himself in with aviation in anyway possible—Teaching at Air Cadets, volunteering in aviation related events, and becoming a member of Air League. All of which have proven positive experiences for him. He’s currently living in London, and has been there for the six years. He also won and completed a flying scholarship.

What was the best moment of his life? Soloing! He’s even written a diary to included the details— time, date, place, technical details, fun experiences— everything he could recall. Dipeet plans on writing a book one day, too.

Karlene: Depeet how did you catch that flying bug?

Depeet: ‘Bug’ of flying was already into me even before my first flying experience. I use to watch Airplanes take off from Mumbai international airport from my aunt’s house which literally next to the airport. I use to run from one end to another to have a second glimpse of take off. I use to record the Airline name and time when I saw it. At that time, I was 10 or less and had no idea why I had ever done that. Moving to London in 2005 and visiting Heathrow airport in pouring rain or harsh cold winter to see airplanes take off and land one day, it soon flourished into a more specific interest when I took my first flying lesson and the instructor said "you have controls"; this confirmed my earlier thoughts that being a Pilot is one of the most exciting professions that exists. Since that day I have made the Internet my best tool to find out about everything possible regarding this ambitious career. I have loved it ever since and can't wait to do what I have always wanted to: to fly! I have joined the club of aspiring Airline Pilot.

Karlene: You’re amazing with all the volunteering you’ve done. Can you tell me about your aviation events and how you got started teaching at Air Cadets, and volunteering in aviation related events, as well as your involvement in Air League?

Dipeet: I use to be at Air Cadets was given this fantastic opportunity to teach Aviation subjects for First Class & Leading Cadet level which included Principles of flight, Airmanship 1 and 2 along side I also had a bonus, loving flying very much and knowing a 'little' bit more I was given an opportunity to teach on Flight Sims to cadets giving idea of basic instruments, circuits and general handling before they go of to have real experience in the Grob Tutor aircraft.

I had totally loved it I had gained an amazing new experience on how to confidently teach the right stuff, make sure its understood and in return make sure the results from exams are great. Fortunately everyone I had taught passed. I am an Air League student member, which is an Educational Trust which provides flying scholarships, engineering scholarships, balloon scholarships along with gliding to help young people support their ambitions to fly and get that initial step towards it. Being a member we also go to places like RAF valley, RAF Lyneham, sim visits to fly with BA pilots! It’s great fun great way to make a network really.

Karlene: What is your favorite part of teaching and/or volunteering?

Depeet: I would honestly say volunteering because the teaching I did was by being a volunteer, helping out at flying events to raise awareness again by being a volunteer, simply helping the Air League a lot by being a volunteer because they provide us so many things like flying, gliding, career advice, activities, etc. I would really like to help in whatever I can.

I also love teaching not that I am an expert of anything, but I love to see people go 'what on earth is that' and after 2 weeks they pass an exam with flying colours knowing exactly what they didn’t know before! Its great to see someone progress. I was very nervous at first but it was aviation subjects I had extra interest in it so I was able to teach at a standard.

Karlene: Tell me a little bit about the scholarship you won. How did you win it?

Dipeet: Keeping ongoing love for aviation always inside my heart, I decided to apply for the Air League Flying Scholarship competition 2011 through I had won the Flying Scholarship which was 12 hours towards my PPL. For me it was extra special because it was my first official flying career start so I started from 0 went all the way to Solo in 9 days in 10 hours! Best 12 hours of my entire life, it was so amazing to be flying specially after all those years you have waited for and going Solo in matter of days being in a Cessna I cant describe how brilliant it has ever been to me.

The way I had won it was writing the best possible essay I could, and spell checking it 100 times before sending it off. Once you are through the initial you go to an interview round. I decided not to be over confident and start to plan from square 1, which is ‘why do I like airplanes’, ‘what do you know about becoming a pilot’ not that I dint have an answer to that but I wanted to make it have a steady progress on preparing for this date.

Preparing for the interview was a challenge in itself I had to practice my speech, communication tactics, putting all my hard earned research into 1 format, being up to date with current affairs in aviation and most of all learning to be yourself in that controlled environment. Finding out in real honesty of what I was good at and where lied my weaknesses, long term planning and most of all interest in flying ‘that bug’. So I think that was the main reason why I had got it because its to prove your commitment and have clear goal towards why you want it will certainly get you in a nice position.

Karlene: Do you have any family members who fly?

Dipeet: Unfortunately NONE! I am in fact the first ever person in my family and family (cousins, uncles, anyone else) to ever go flying. I can't truly understand why they are not interested. It’s a downside not being in an airline environment, which I really wish I did, but it also makes me to all the research and work myself to prove that I really want it. But I am planning to start a a new flying trend in future so there will be next time.

Karlene: What are your ultimate goals with flying?

Dipeet: My very short-term goal at the moment is finish off my Private Pilot's License. My medium term goal is to get the Airline Transport Pilot's License and what I would call my main career goal is to fly for British Airways as First officer and work really very hard to become a Captain and ultimately working even harder for the ultimate aim which is to become a Training Captain. Because I would always love to stay in the industry as a Pilot no matter what. If possible help others when I have enough experience in my life. Nothing better then helping young people to fly, I love it when other pilots help me I would do the same when I am old.

Karlene: If you could give anyone advice, what would it be?

Dipeet: As a student just like any other person, I would always say to anyone before starting to fly make sure you hold a medical certificate! I cant stress enough on how valuable it is along side when training make sure YOU use every hour in sky to best because flying school are doing their job to get you through but it is YOUR responsibility to learn, adopt it and enjoy it. Because flying isn’t like 'yea that will do' it is a job of 'knowing your stuff up to date' and also keep loving airplanes it is very hard to start fund etc. I have the same problem of on going funding talks but that wouldn’t let me work towards what I want to be, what I have always aspired too. I can't wait to turn my dream into reality its just fascination and all will be rewarded sometime in future. Many pilots honestly say it is though job and it is but if you love it you should be ready for it. Better then 9-5 at an office.

Karlene: What has been your greatest struggle and how did you overcome it?

Dipeet: My biggest struggle in this day and age is the funding! It's the biggest pain for any student pilot who really wants to make this a career. The way I am still overcoming this is by saving as much as I can, correct planning, right decisions, taking decisive actions and some sacrifices for couple of years for this well worthy career of flying. To over come it is simple: Believe in yourself make things happen don't wait for someone else for to do it for you.

Dipeet, I know you’re going to make all your dreams come true. Keep working hard like you are, and never give up. Continue to believe in yourself... I do! And don’t forget to drop on over to Critique Sisters check out the advice I gave you for writing your book.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. I have learned from him that to be almost perfect,I should check until I think it is ready.checking 100 times is amazing,and congratulations to win the scholarship!!Thank you for sharing motivational story!!

  2. Wow, with that combination of ideas, ambitions, dreams, common sense and experience, this young man is definitely going far.

  3. Hi Jun, Thank you for the comment. He is a true motivation because he is willing to work hard for what he wants and gives back too. You're just like him. Maybe one day you'll fly together.

  4. Linda, he is certainly going far. Dipeet has crafted the perfect combination in his life. There is no possibility that he won't excel. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Best of luck to Dipeet! I look forward to reading his books one day.

  6. Dipeet, you are already on your way! I know the funding issue can be difficult but if this is what you want to do, don't let anything get in your way! Keep at it, and it sounds like you are doing the right things! Networking, even at this point in your career is so important, don't ever pass up an opportunity for that! I hope Karlene updates us on your progress, best of luck!

  7. Thanks Heather, you will read his book one day. I know it. And, we'll all fly on his plane too.
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  8. Thanks for the great encouragement Daniel! Yes... I will keep everyone updated on his progress. He's going to make it!

  9. Hey Jun thanks for the a lot for very kind comments and wishes! Really great of you. Indeed it's only one thing that keeps me going.. flying!!!!! Yes cross checking is well worth it I do it for anything to avoid disappointments for the hardest preparations. Linda thank you once again for all your support, and I hope so! badly one day would be that day. It's a wonderful colorful adventurous job I can just see it. Hey Heather Indeed I will make sure I will finish it and do what ever it takes to publish it or hand out free copies if nothing works haha. I exactly know what you mean Daniel despite 100 difficulties and ample amount of scarifices here and there I don't feel like I am 'giving up' something for flying. I just want it that way. Networking has helped me a lot and I do whatever it takes to get to here and there meet and greet people, might be worthy in the end. Thanks a lot I will keep up to date as much as I can. And Karlene thank you so much for what you do! You simply are the super best pilot that I know off into so many things, know so much! its simply amazing!!!!!! thanks for all your support as always.


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