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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Motivation: Timing

"Everything Happens in Perfect Timing with the Universe"

Ever hear the saying when the stars and moon align? Maybe they have.

Last week I was given a trip that deadheaded me from Seattle to Detroit to Nagoya to sit for 48 hours. A flight to Honolulu to sit for another 35 hours, and a deadhead home. I was missing Thanksgiving, and spending 23 hours plus sitting in the back of planes around the world for a 7 hour flight.

I have a huge remodeling project going on at home. My middle daughter is due to have her baby any day. Holiday decorating is waiting. Recurrent training pending. Final edits on Flight For Control in the process... The list goes on. I didn't have time to sit on a plane! Or did I?

I finished my novel between DTW and NGO. I gave up the HNL layover and made it home in time for the first 1:30 a.m. call to babysit the big brother so my daughter could get to the hospital. (False alarm... my newest little granddaughter is in a holding pattern.) While nothing is organized at home, I managed to get the staining done after my grandson was sleeping last night.

The point is... as much as I have to do, it always gets done despite what perceived obstacles are thrown in my way.

In hindsight~ everything worked out as it should. Sometimes we have to sit back and accept when the Universe has a different plan than we do... it may just be better.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. I believe there IS a universal order, Karlene, and what we get from it depends on both what we want and what is reasonable within that order. What I'm hearing you say is that knowing what we want is key to our fulfillment, and so is accepting what comes our way and making the most of it. You are a master of that!

  2. Though that can be incredibly hard to do, it makes life so much easier when we do that. I'm so glad everything worked out for you! Hopefully the stars are aligning for your release.

  3. Well done... now... how do you manage to fit a visit to Ghana into the next around the world tour? (just teasing!)

  4. Thank you Linda, I am hardly the master...but always willing to work toward understanding...and accepting.

  5. Heather, yes... it's working out. Or at least it will. I'm being positive!

  6. Captain Yaw, Thanks for the comment... Now, all I need to do is schedule it.


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