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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivation... Inner Voice

"I always trust that which
I perceive to be, my inner
voice. Because I have realized,
that it speaks far more sense
to me - than most."

~By Eleesha

Author of - The Soul Whisperer

What road should I take?

We face a multitude of questions attacking us daily. Some more important than others—some life impacting.

What road do we take? What college should I attend? Where should I go work? What classes should I take? Where should I build my hours? Who should I query? Who should I marry? Should I self publish? Should I get an editor? Does my book cover look right?

Last week we learned how to analyze choice to logically make the right decision in Decision Making, the Process. But the reality of life is—sometimes you just have to listen to your inner voice.

Enjoy the Journey~

XOX Karlene


  1. Thank you very much for sharing great message,Karlene san!!What do you think to control inner voices?I want to listen to the positive inner voices,so I try to release negative inner voices such as worries by running until I will be able to forget negative one. If you have time,please share your idea.Sometimes I wonder I should trust first inner voice or the inner voice which I control(new inner voice).
    Have a great day,

  2. Jun, that other inner voice... the negative one... is one of the antagonists in your life.

    We all have external antagonists- those people telling us why we can't do something. But you have already proven you don't listen to them because you are coming to America to fly.

    But we also have the internal antagonist. Our own negative voice that says, we can't do something. If you are unwilling to listen to that external antagonist, do not listen to the internal antagonist either.

    How do you know the difference? Whenever a voice (internal or external) tells you that you cannot do something, they are not being in your best interest. Don't listen to anyone that does not have your best interest.

    A good voice doesn't say you can't. A good voice says, "How can we make that happen?" You have control over that negative internal voice.

    When you stop feeding it, and stop being its friend. And give the other voice inside of you room to think and ask questions of how you can do something... that negative voice loses its power.

    Listen to the internal voice that tells you there is nothing you can't do. That voice that says you will fly. Jun, you have a good voice in there.

    It's the core of your being that guides you in doing the right thing, being good to people, caring, supporting, encouraging, and finding your way. Let that voice do the same for you, as you do for your friends.

    We will always have that internal voice of doubt. But it's the other voice we must listen to. The voice that can and will be stronger than doubt if we allow it.

    How do you make the doubt go away?

    When a negative thought creeps into your mind, you respect the concern it's giving you, and then you say, "I chose not to believe you, and here are the reasons why I will succeed."

    You say, "I have no time for doubt, it wastes my time and energy that I choose to spend moving forward toward my dreams."

    Say what my daughter said when she was told she me never walk again. "Those aren't my plans. Come see me in a year, and if I'm not walking, we'll make new plans." Today she walks because she did not listen to the external protagonist, or her internal protagonist called doubt.

    Jun, it's a choice. You have a choice with what you want your mind to think about. You have so much studying, flying, learning, growing... you have no time to think about the negative "what if" thoughts. You only have time to figure out how you will succeed.

    Because my friend, you will succeed. I have no doubt in your abilities, your energy, your passion, or your willing to travel to great lengths of the world to follow your dreams. Know this with every waking moment... There is nothing that you can't do if you want it bad enough.

  3. Thank you so much,Karlene san for great advice and kind words!!! Yes!!! I agree with you and respect your ideas,and You give me huge power. Yes.. I don't have time to think negative "what if" thoughts.I should not waste time just for worrying negative one.Now,I know what I should do!! Just walk straight toward the road where I am standing!! Thanks again:)

  4. Jun, you are welcome. Walk straight to that road from where you are standing! You do have the power.

  5. Jun, the more you let your positive voice argue with your negative voice the more your positive voice will win. I am living proof of this and it does get easier to let that positive voice out!

  6. Runs with Java, this is so true! It's like using your muscles. The more we work them, the stronger they become. Thank you for the great comment!

  7. Oh, I love this Karlene. I went to a lecture last week by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brilliant neurologist/neuroscientist who taught at Harvard until she had a massive stroke. (It took her four years, but she totally recovered). She wrote a book called My Stroke of Insight, because losing all of her left brain function not only left her unable to speak or even know the physical boundaries of her own body, it showed her the mesmerizing beauty and peace of the right-brain world, where all is love. She was amazed by this new world. As writers, we're not so shocked by it, but sometimes even we, who work in the world of imagination, forget how important it is to listen to our inner voice. Thank you for this great reminder!

  8. My inner voice has started to sound like Rosie telling me to land the plane better all the time. :) You're so wonderful, Karlene.

  9. So true. Only by listening to our inner voice, can we truly achieve happiness.

  10. So true, Karlene. That inner voice is pretty darn smart. And prayer never hurts either :D

  11. Linda, I've got to read that book. How absolutely fascinating. I hadn't thought of that...but how utterly true. Imagine living in the creative and love side of your brain. Thank you for sharing Dr. Jill's story.

  12. Ah Christine, Thank you so much! And... that land the plane better is an inner voice for every pilot.

  13. Heather, and you are achieving happiness!

  14. Julie, so true. Prayer never hurts either.

  15. Thank you very much for sharing your experience,Runs with Java san!!! I see.You are the expert how to manage these voices.I try to do that!

  16. So true! I've been contemplating a lot of things lately as I assess the paths that lay before me and which ones to take. This advice is so timely and helps more than I can tell you!


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