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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Motivation: The Sky

"For some the sky is the limit,
For we who fly, it's home"

Barry Schiff

For anyone who has discovered his or her passion, and is living it, knows the meaning of being home. For pilots, it's in the sky. For writers it's sitting at their computer. For artist’s it’s behind the a lens of a camera or at the end of a paintbrush. Could there be anything better than making a living doing what you love?

In honor of Thanksgiving, I have an extra special week all about Barry Schiff—Barry defines the meaning of home by welcoming you into his.

Barry is an accomplished pilot, author, motivator, and he’s continually giving back to the community that’s become his life. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share his story.

Throughout the week you’ll have many opportunities to enter a drawing to win one of Barry’s autographed books—the drawing will be held December 22nd.

And one day this week, you’ll learn how to enter Barry’s 500-word essay for $3000 toward your solo!

It’s people like Barry who motivate us all. Who are you going to motivate this week? Who will you give thanks to?

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. This sounds wonderful, Karlene. I will be back to see what Barry has to share with us!

  2. Karlene, I'm very excited that you are going to write about Barry Schiff this week! He's always been someone I've found VERY interesting and a great inspiration to all. His goal of flying as many airplanes as possible during his career is pretty neat, something I'd hope to do but will never catch up to his list! On that note, this week I'm very thankful for my current career situation, and even more thankful that I can finally be home for a while!

  3. Thanks Linda, You'll be so amazed at where he took his writing career. It's a funny story that other authors can appreciate.

  4. Daniel I would love to catch up on his list. Makes seven type ratings nothing. lol. He's an amazing man, and an inspiration to all.

    You should be thankful for your current career situation! I am so happy for you!!! We'll update on you soon, too.

  5. I'm touched that I motivated a dear friend this month to pick up an old story line and fall in love with it all over again. I couldn't ask for a better gift than that. I'm thankful for each and every one of you!

  6. Heather, you motivate so many. I'm glad Barry motivated you too. And we are very thankful for you!


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