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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reflections on the Road...

We said good night to the sun as we departed Atlanta, and then we met her on the other side of the ocean as she crested the horizon to say good morning before our arrival into Amsterdam.

The previous eight days I've flown with a different crew each leg, visited Ireland for the first time, flew with crew members I hadn't seen for years, met many wonderful people and connected with new friends. This is what aviation is all about... The journey. The adventure. Connecting the world.

The job is more than flying, its about the crew and the people we meet on the road.  The good people sharing their lives one flight at a time. A moment of laughter, dinner, a glass of wine... friendships are born. Then we depart and fly into the sunset in different directions. Better off for the time we spent together.

Greg, Renee, Harry, Jennifer, An, Terry, Me, and Cynthia
A wonderful evening in Amsterdam with a great crew. And in the center of our group is my friend An, who drove two hours to join us.

An Alons and Karlene

An and I met on Twitter and we clicked from the very beginning. I am so glad to know this special woman, and feel honored she would drive so far so we could meet. I'm looking forward to our future friendship and the many adventures we have in store.

Next stop... Seattle.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. What a great looking crew! These pictures are excellent Karlene! I hope you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam. We'll be happy to have you back on the west coast shores of home!

  2. What a wonderful odyssey. You are a great ambassador for the world of flying, Karlene. The opportunities for world connections are amazing, the people sound great, and that sunset (rise?) is gorgeous!

  3. How awesome, this is what it's all about. Safe travels Karlene!


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