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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amsterdam to Atlanta

The journey continues....

Today was an example of never say never---

Something happened on the flight over that has never happened before.
Not since I've been on the A330...

I got the takeoff!
I got the landing!
I got the middle break!
My captain today has officially set the bar very high. We also had a bit of fun arriving into Atlanta, too. The other first officer said, "they never slam dunk you in here." Never say never all over again. With all arriving aircraft dodging thunderstorms, we were kept high. A runway change upon our arrival, a PRM approach and a little surprise of a ten knot tailwind on landing, we brought her in to finish another successful flight.

We had a great crew up front and in the back, too. If you have a chance you must take a Delta flight with Atlanta based flight attendants. You'll be in for a treat. These ladies and gentlemen know how to take care of their passengers... and their crew.

Oh, and I just realized that June is the 1 year anniversary since I first came on the Airbus. I'm thinking an anniversary celebration is in order.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Happy anniversary. How many different aircraft are you qualified to fly?

  2. Ahhh... Thank you so much for the comment Zongrik. I'm type rated on the 744, 747, 757/767, 737, 727, and the A330. Boeing girl gone bus. But not forever... Never say never.

  3. Just curious who's decision it was to give you the take off and landing? The Captain's? Which break did the Captain take?

  4. Thanks again for the great photos! I can attest to the great ATL flight attendants, excellent service! So glad you got the takeoff and landing, and hope you are enjoying the trip! :)

  5. #Jealous! Beautiful pictures Karlene! And you are right! Never say never :) Love your blog and stories, looking forward to the next one!

  6. Congrats on takeoff, landing and break! I love how positive pilots like you always are about their flying. It makes me smile and gives me confidence as a passenger to know seasoned pilots never lose their love for flying. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos.I am looking forward to seeing these scenery in near future:)
    I see power plant of wind in your photo and I recalled that wind is one of principal energy in Holland.Is it difficult to take-off at Schiphol airport?

    Please keep continuing journey and have a safe flight,Karlene san!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  8. Hi Jun, it's what we call a piece of cake to takeoff in Amsterdam. You will have no problems when you get there!


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