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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lauren Martino: Why I Want To Fly

Lauren is another runner up in the "Why I Want To Fly" essay contest. I wish we could get her to the U.S. in July... there is another essay contest brewing for "anyone" -- yes guys, you're invited too -- who want to learn to fly. The prize? $3500 toward flight training. More news on that tomorrow. 

Today... enjoy an essay from a remarkable young lady who is going to be a pilot despite what life throws her way. She is an inspiration to me. Go get em Lauren~

Lauren Martino

"I could reel off many answers to that question, but the one answer that prevails the rest of them for me is simply the fact that the sky is the only place I feel truly free. All worries of the world are left beneath me, nothing can touch me in this ethereal realm. The clouds are my company, their shapes twisting and distorting as I gaze upon them. Everything is innocent. There are no looming buildings, winding streets or angry drivers to worry about. All thoughts of schoolwork and important exams drift back down to the earth below to be fussed over later.

One thing I love about airliners in particular is the immense feeling of power that rushes through my veins when the engines begin to roar, hurtling its cargo of passengers down the runway at an awesome speed. In my own seat, I feel as one with the plane, its beautiful choreography striking a note in my heart that cannot be replicated by anything else I have encountered in my life.

I feel no fear as I fly, unlike many people. I put my faith in the machine and the dedicated people who ensure that it gets to its destination safely. The whole process surrounding an aircraft is in itself like a well oiled machine. Every job relating to that flight is crucial, and every individual working in this process has a kind of responsibility placed upon their shoulders, and every action has to be executed with precision. It is because of this care that many flights fly safe and well each day.

Why do I want to fly? Because I want to be part of this well oiled machine. I want to have a career in something that I love utterly, and I cannot think of anything else to do in life that would touch me as
much as flying does."

Thank you Lauren for a wonderful essay. I have no doubt you will accomplish all your dreams. Never give up, and don't ever let anyone tell you no. Freedom is one flight away.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. That's my girl :) Will support her all the way, just need to book some flying lessons now as she is 15 next week. Can't believe it was nearly a year ago since she had that first flight experience. Lauren will make a fantastic pilot, when she is instructing, she can teach me to fly, that would be amazing.

  2. Well said Lauren! Feeling free is a wonderful reason to love something, maybe even the best reason. :)

  3. Jo, Lauren is so lucky to you have you for her Mum! That would be awesome if she could teach you how to fly. I have no doubt that she could do it! Especially with you by her side.

  4. Heather, Yes...that is the best reason! Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. Come to Dallas next summer, and I'll teach her! I just got my instructor's license, and being of Yorkshire descent, I can speak America, English and Tyke (Yorkshire dialect, bah gum!)

  6. Hi Karlene,

    This is off topic, but what happened with your AF447 page ? It's no more exists.

  7. Ah, flying is so much more expensive in the UK. :( A friend of mine is planning to move to the US from England once she finishes school in order to do all her flight training. We're hoping by then I can be her instructor.

    Anyway, if Lauren ever wants to talk about airplanes, tell her to email me. :D

  8. Toshi http://qsk1.exblog.jpJune 2, 2011 at 6:53 AM

    So impressive! I can feel freedom in the air.
    I am so motivated to take new scenario photo.
    Hope to get the Sky,Lauren !

  9. D.B. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so excited. I'll come to Texas and you can teach me how to fly too!
    Awesome. I'm thinking Friday Flyer! Email me.

  10. Lauren, you will get there! Fly free my dear!

  11. Hi Zoli, please email me.


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