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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Motivation ... the Journey to Happiness

"The key to life is Happiness... 
The key to happiness is aviation!"
Jasmine Clarke
 And This time we found happiness in Dublin Ireland.

Arrival into Dublin, filled with magic and luck of the Irish, was nothing short of spectacular. And the magic continued... 

Atlanta to Dublin, and we're on the crew bus. I sat beside one of our flight attendants and we began chatting. Where do you live?  Seattle. Where did you go to high school. Highline. What year did you graduate? 1980. Wow! Me too! Yes... we graduated from the same high school... Laurel, nice to see you again.

Lauel and Karlene after a long flight... Go Pirates!

We happened to arrive in Dublin during the weekend of a Taste of Ireland.  A walk through town, expert travel tips from Leanne, and a beautiful day filled our layover. 

Then at the AULD DUB we listened to the local talent of Brian Brody. Fabulous singer and great entertainer. Brian on Facebook

Karlene and Brian

Deb, Leanne, Karlene and Leslie

And then who should I find in Ireland? Darby~ Miss D.B. was waiting for our arrival in Dublin. The first photo I have with her. Classic.  (Yes, she really is a redhead despite what she claims.) What a great surprise this was.

Karlene and Darby

We had a great layover. Leanne, thank you for the great travel tips. Darby stayed on with some friends. I returned to the U.S. and got the landing. We're planning on meeting up in Holland with An!

Ireland Travel Tip:

 Take the Dart Train to Howth (Not the junction, but to the end)  

Baily Point
  • Take the number #1 train from Tara Station near Liffey River and Trinity College. 
  • Hike the Sea Wall to the summit and take the trail (above) back down, or the bus.
  •  Eat at the Oar House on the Pier.
    • Make reservations first, then hike the trail. Round trip will take about two hours.
  • Or you can pack a picnic and dine at the top of the cliffs. 
  • The Abbey Tavern, with open fire pits, is great for Irish coffees. 

If you stay in town, find your way to the Auld Dub... not to be confused with the "Old Dub."

Tomorrow ~ Amsterdam, as the adventure continues.

Enjoy the Journey



  1. OMG, I am dying to go to Dublin and see the countryside, too. Fabulous pictures, Karlene. Thanks so much! (And it's great to see Darby, too!)

  2. WOW! So jealous! Looks like an amazing time. Ireland is on my list of "Must Visits." Mahalo for sharing. One day, I'll join you.

  3. Oh wow Karlene, what beautiful pictures. It makes me long for those shores. :) And that is fantastic that you ran into Darby there! I hope you told her hi for me!

  4. Sure, Darby hides from the camera on our Narita layovers together, yet yucks it up with you in Dublin! Maybe alcohol was involved??? :)

  5. That looks like a great trip! I've never been to Ireland, I really hope to go some day. Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

  6. Darby, can you come back to your old instructing job and tell Jesse to stop being so difficult? He can be such a guy sometimes.

  7. Hi Linda, Thanks for the comment. You, Heather and I will come to Dublin one day together. Count on it!

  8. Heather... read note above. :) The critique sisters on the way. You would love it!

  9. Okay Supovadea... we are going to have a road trip for the girls! Yes... you're coming with us. We'll get An and Karla to come too. First Class on Delta. :)

  10. Hey Pat, yes... Darby was feeling no pain. But I think she was a smart woman to not take pictures with you. Remember... girls talk. She also said that I'm the only pilot she'll date. lol. Maybe the only pilot she'll take photos with too. Should have been in Ireland... fun.

  11. Daniel, you will love Ireland when you have the chance. And you will! Thanks for the comment.

  12. Christine... I too think she should go back and teach. She was a great instructor. I'll tell her.

  13. what a surprise with your same graduation of high school friend.haha!
    thanks for sharing photos.i love the runway from the sky:))Have a safe trip to Amsterdam!!!!!

  14. Thank you Jun... the runways are so beautiful from the sky. I'll share more... Thank you for the comment.


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