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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Did You Do Today?

Today I flew in from Tokyo, and landed an A330 at SeaTac Airport. Three hours later, I took off in Lake Washington, Renton airport, in a Beaver.  I love this plane!

Doug DeVries flew 22 passengers today. And he let me fly! The highlight of my day, week, month. Flying does not get any better than this. Did I say I'm in love with this plane? The sky crystal blue. The water like glass. The ladies smiles could not be beat.

Shailee, Rayan, Allison

Susie Head and Barbara Grandma behind

Natalie, Darian, Toni, Cassidi, Shailee
Betty McCombs and Terri Lindow
And then we moved from the dock and the planes they flew! Jay Sacas flew 12! Shad flew 7. Thank you guys. We could not do it without you.

Jonathan and Jessica Moore
Then we had three BEFA members show up with their women and gave us 4 more... for a total of 45!

Jay and Camille (football player)

Me, Jay, Isabella, Emma, and Aleni

Aleni is going to become a pilot! And our last flyers of the day were brought to us by Mark, a wonderful Delta Flight attendant that joined me on my flight from Tokyo to Seattle this morning. He brought is wife, daughters and one of the girls' friends to join us.

Claire Benson and Ella Ludwig

Kalle Benson

Claire, Ella and Kalle
Harlen, I really appreciated your help today!


Now, I've officially been awake for 32 hours. It's time for me to sleep. We have another busy day scheduled tomorrow. Yes... the weather couldn't be more beautiful for our event. An eagle stood perched, watching our planes fly--- and Mount Rainier stood guard on the other end of the field.

And we couldn't have done this without Katie and her Mom Annie's help. Thank you ladies!

Note: I'm missing some names on the pictures above. Please tell me who you are. are on Facebook. Help yourself!

Happy New Year!!!

Enjoy the Journey~



  1. What an awesome day Karlene, yet again! You never cease to amaze and inspire me.

  2. Very cool! I'm yet to take a seaplane flight. It's on my list for 2011 =)

  3. Thank you Heather! You keep me going. And... I'm blaming this all on you. lol

  4. Hey Traytable... check out Doug on the Friday Flyer list. He's flying us to the Bahamas. Oh, such an experience to fly.

  5. We just need to keep flying girls, it seems to keep the weather sunny!
    I'd be tempted to skip out of work early today and go fly a few loads, but my planes are broken. :-(


  6. I was home from work early today, sun was out, plane was open, but I checked with BEFA and your last flights were going up. Was going to run down and grab my bird and offer a few rides!
    Later found out that the plane was encased in ice all day, so it wouldn't have worked.
    The guy on the phone said there will be another event like this in March?
    If so, I'll be there!


  7. Hi Tom, yes- we're planning another event in March! I'm sorry your plane was encased in Ice. But she'll be thawed by spring for sure, and you will be with us. Yeah! Thank you for noticing that when women fly--- the sky is blue!

  8. Looking forward to it. Great way to start spring!
    Looks like another great day. I think the event on the 5th was one of the best days of 2010 for me. Great fun!
    If you need someone to keep you slow and flaring low to the ground (I know how you airline types are!), let me know, I'd be happy to fly with you and keep you out of trouble. :-)


  9. Thank you Tom!!! I would love that. Count on it. I would love to fly with you.

  10. Happy 2011 Karlene: Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday. We flew the last fight with Austin in the float plane and had an amazing flight! What a JOY! Thanks to Austin who was wonderful! Thanks again!
    Katherine and Chelsea Hanson

  11. Kat, you are so welcome! I'm glad you had the opportunity to fly with him. An incredible plane and an incredible man. A perfect day. Happy New Year!

  12. It's DEC 30th of 2010 here... This post is so refreshing! I think I want a seaplane license... When you retire, let's fly between the American and Canadian border... Those lakes are quite nice... I've seen some pictures.

    Your blog is a memoir... Probably is the only place I can visit the past again and create change on the present and future.

    I like the photos!

    Big hugs,

    1. Alex, this is so cool! Almost 3 years later... thank you for taking me back to a fun time. Yes... let's do just that! When I retire... a float plane it is. And I will be your co-pilot!


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