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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smiling Faces Soar

The days have been long organizing pictures and reading comments--- and I'm not sure if any of us have come down from our high from last Sunday. Never in my life have I experienced so much emotion, and pure joy by so many, that's lasted for days-- and inspired so many.

Note: I'm delaying contest drawing for one day. I'll post the winner(s) on Thursday! Write a comment if you see yourself on the blog so I can update names. Thanks to our pilot Peter, we have more pictures today, you'll find on Face Book.

 "That was Epic!"... We impressed a 14-year old.

The smiles say everything---

"It was life changing for both my daughter and her best friend. They loved it so much Hannah will be applying to Aviation High School." 

 Emik, not yet 2, has a Great Grandfather who had a license  and would have been proud!
"She blew kisses to the planes on landing"

 "Maria now wants to become a pilot so she can med-evac animals to care facilities"

"The colors and details from the air were breathtaking.... the way the descending sun caused silver clouds to glow, like they were on fire"

Tears of joy were shed and discussion about flying lessons carried on throughout the night

"I think my best part was when my friend Elisa said, "I want to do this now!"

We celebrated Christine's, Myra and Emily's Happy Birthdays.

And then there was our designated Aviation Enthusiast-- Annika!

Annika was so excited, she couldn't wait to write my a Thank You letter. I carried it with me, as I will this experience for life.

Thank you everyone for making this day special! 

Leukothea said, "I felt a connection to the people throughout history who have cast their lives into that void.... to the people who sailed from one Polynesian Island to another guided only by starts and wind... to all the amazing people who had done amazing things throughout history, just because they believed they could." 

Enjoy the Journey! 

~ Karlene


  1. How awesome! You've changed lives with this day. :)

  2. Karlene,

    Thanks so much for organizing this amazing event! My 13-year-old niece was thrilled by the experience -- especially when Tom let her take the controls. She began researching flight training for teenagers as soon as we got home. Sunday was a very special day in our lives. Thanks again, and all the very best to you!


  3. Thanks Heather! I think we did change a few lives here.

  4. Madeleine, thank you for being part of this event. Have your niece leave a message. Or you can tell me what she thought so I can put her in the contest too!

  5. Karlene, you have my unbounded admiration.

    Fair winds,


  6. My friends at work are still talking about it. I autographed Nikki's daughter's Young Eagle certificate. I guess she is still talking about it - as much as an 18(?) month old can!
    Great letter from Annika, seems pretty knowledgeable with the G comment and she appears to be right on the PAPI glidepath on her drawing too. :-)


  7. Ahhh that's my solo picture up there. ^_^

  8. Tom, that's great everyone is still talking about it! And Annika's letter... I was thinking she was right on too. A natural born pilot!

  9. It was your birthday so I had to snatch it. What a special day that was!!! Oh wait... both. Solo and your birthday. Is this a good year or what?

  10. Wish I had been there, instead of 2,000 miles away. I would have brought my Sundowner! I sure there had been an Aviation High School where I grew up!


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