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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Museum of Flight

Today my sidekick, alias my granddaughter Kadence, and I hit the town delivering fliers for December 5th FREE FLIGHT Event.

First stop--- Museum of flight.  When I told her we were going to the museum, she said, "there's a snake." I told her this museum didn't have snakes. She asked, "Why grandma?" Explain that one to a two-year-old.  Kadence soon learned that planes are equally as fun as the reptiles. We met a wonderful person there who is supporting of our event, too. Thank you Julia!

 Kadence at Museum of Flight
Intent on Flying. She looked at the Altimeter and said, 
"Look at the clock grandma. At 419 we'll fly into the sky"

Today I'm on my way to Dallas to meet a new friend, Karla Antelli, and attend a party with Richard Branson. I have a Centennial of Woman Pilots event idea. What if Richard filled his Virgin 777 with 300 women in Sydney and took them on a flight around the pattern---Would that count?  I'm going to ask. But, he's not taking the most female friendly airport title from Renton Airport. We'll have to make a new category--- most female friendly airline. Of course he'd love that title.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Just how cute is your granddaughter, so adorable :)

    Hope you enjoy your party, you certainly lead a very busy life!

    Jo x

  2. This is so great what you are doing, Karlene!! I can't wait until I can contribute more one day. This should be an annual thing :) Say hi to Richard for me ;) My boyfriend bought me a little pilot bear one year and I named him Richard Bearson lol :o)

  3. Vic, That is so funny. I'm sure after a few drinks I will tell him that too. ;)
    One day you will contribute! Thank you. But you know... you really, already are!

  4. What precious pictures! Thank you for sharing them Karlene! Have fun at the party.

  5. Someone's going to be up in the air before we know it...

  6. Thank you! And a great time it was!!!
    Rushing to the van now.... heading up the hill. I will be blogging enroute!

  7. Can't wait to get the scoop on the party, Karlene. Great post, and Kadence just gets cuter!

  8. Thanks Linda! She is a little doll for sure!!

  9. Glad to hear you girls had fun, saludos Karlene!



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