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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congratulations Winners!

Everyone who participated in our Fly It Forward event left the airport a winner, and became part of history. But as promised, I have one $100 winner today. Please respond with your last name below--- that way I can find you in our paperwork.

$100 Winner...

Congratulations DAWN! You just won $100! Dawn who? The Dawn who said, "It was a life changing for both my daughter and her best friend. They loved it so much that Hannah will be applying for Aviation High School."

And thanks to Anne Simpson and Bonnie Dunbar we have 10 pairs of tickets to the Museum of Flight to give away, and one  Annual Membership to the Museum of Flight, too.

Winners for the pairs of tickets:
  1. Maria:  Who wants to be a pilot to medi-evac animals.
  2. Janet Krueger: Your sister cried.
  3. Deborah Greer:  "How old is too old to become a pilot?"
  4. Laura: Your Dad was a pilot.
  5. Christina: You took the last flight with Dick, with the darling little girls.
  6. Jessica: Your Mom is Sherry, and you've never been so excited.
  7. Leukothea: "I felt a connection to the people throughout history..." 
  8. Emiko Burns: "Emiko's great grandfather had his license and loved to fly... He would want his great granddaughter to have every opportunity to experience the joy of flying, as he did.... she not quite 2."
  9. Dana Marland: "This was my first time flying in a small plane, a seaplane at that. Absolutely awesome!" 
  10. 777jumpseat:  " I am really inspired by the pilots I met at the event and eagerly look forward to taking to the skies in 2011 to earn a private pilot's license." 

Museum Annual Membership: 
And the Annual Membership is going to our little astronaut. She "Squealed" with joy as she took flight in Peter's Cirrus, and wrote the most lovely Thank you Letter. At the age of 7, she knows about "G's" and the proper angle for an approach. 
Congratulations Annika Sturgeon! 
I'm not sure if there could be someone that would love this membership and use it more than this young lady. I hope she keeps her motivation flying, so I can fly with her at Delta before I retire. 
Annika, you have 17 years--- study hard, and never lose that passion. "Anything is possible!"

Congratulations Ladies!!! 

What does it mean to be a pilot? Click Here to watch the video. Today the Centennial of Women Pilots have 804 total. Renton Airport is now in the lead for the most female friendly airport. at 175! We flew 173 at our event. You were all part of History.

Leave me a message below with your full name so I can find you in the paperwork, and mail you your prize.

Dreams become reality when you take action--- then everything is possible

I Almost forgot! If you didn't make it to our event, or know someone who wants to go up, I am planning a flight, for myself, to get checked out. I'll need to be doing lots of landings and we can take two at a time. Email me if you might be interested! 

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Yea!! Great writeup, Kar, for a Grrreat day!

  2. Congrats to all the winners! What a fantastic event Karlene. Have I told you how much you rock lately?!

  3. Hello there! This is Catherine Warren, "Leukothea," checking in. Thanks once more!

  4. Laura Jensen

    And my dad flew for United for 30+ asked earlier! :)

  5. Glad to see that two of my friends at least got the ticket prize. :-)

  6. Fantastic! Congrats to all the lucky winners. Well done, Karlene!!

  7. Thank you Linda, Heather and Kathy!!!

    Tom... glad two of your friends won too! Exciting.

    Congratulations Catherine!

    Congratulations Laura! Ask your dad if he knew Bud Berlingeri... I'm friends with his daughter. She's a 777 pilot for United. And, has three sons!

  8. Well done to all the winners, I think everyone that took a flight that day were winners anyway and not to mention the kindness of the pilots donating their time, effort and planes to make it possible!

    Well done Karlene, there seems to be no stop in you, I'm sure you made a massive impact on women wanting to go into aviation. Lauren can't wait for her lessons next year, weather is dire at moment but I feel she will be more ready when she is 15 :)

    Jo x

  9. Thank you Joe!I'm getting checked out and hopefully when you come for a visit I can take her flying!

  10. Hey Karlene, just saw this. Very cool! Thanks again for such a great day and for the pair of tickets!
    Janet Krueger :-)

  11. WOWSER!! To fly and have fun and to show my daughter and her friend what women can do and now I find I WON MONEY!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for showing my daughter she can reach her aspirations, thank you for showing her there is a high school for people wanting to get into aviation, thank you for opening the eyes of a child who never gets opportunities to do things like that...For all of that and more..THANK YOU ALL!

  12. Dawn, you are so welcome!!! I'm glad we found you. Have a Merry Christmas!!!


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