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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Flying Miracle Brews

There were many people who performed an incredible feat on our December 5th Fly It Forward  event. We flew 173 women and girls in "one day" at Renton Airport. Smiles, laughter, tears and inspiration soared. And then--- Lesley, our neighbor to the North, decided she didn't want to lose the "Most Female Friendly Airport In The World" award.

A couple days ago she hosted another event and flew over another 100 women, bringing their total up to 262. Congratulations Lesley. Oshawa, Canada is in first place.

Renton is currently at 182. And holds the most Female Friendly Airport in the "U.S." Despite if we regain our title or not, we did create miracles.

And yet--- "81" more women by the end of the year? 10 days? Christmas? New Years Eve? Seattle weather? I'm leaving on an eight day trip on the 22nd. Can we do it? Is it possible?

Is there a Santa? Does he fly? Duh!

Oh yeah, I've met many Santa's in the last few weeks. Peter, Doug, Austin, Wes, Shad, Jay, Glen, Dick, a couple Toms, Ryan, Charlie, and Mark. Then the Christmas Angels, oh my--- Kathy, Debbie, Jean, Bonnie, Anne, Bobbie, Emily, Amanda, and Diana, to name a few. They've all been making dreams come true. And now, in a little town in Boeing country, the elves are hard at work, and while....

A Northern wind is blowing,
The rain she does pour
A Christmas Miracle is brewing,
Something magical is in store

Never doubt the power of imagination and the magic of belief

Enjoy the Journey~ 

... And Believe! 

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  1. Karlene, your spirit of possibility is fabulous. I have no doubt you can do it! (with the help of angels and Santas and miracles, too)

  2. I know some women who would like a free flight. Email me

    Melissa Roe
    Renton Mom's Group

  3. What a wonderful post Karlene! Yes you can do it. I have complete faith. After all, Santa does fly. ;)

  4. So, nicely put, Karlene. I have met incredible people with amazing 'can do' attitudes in Renton on Dec 5... I cannot take sides in the competition but you have my outmost support. Let miracles happen!

  5. Whose counting? Just offering the opportunity to a few more women is a good thing. Some say, "Why waste the time and gas on little kids?" Little kids have dreams and once in a while they stick for a lifetime. One of two of those kids may become pilots in a few years. Even those who do not, will never forget the wonderful experience. If you will believe a boy, those things stick. About 1957, about six years old, probably a DC-6 or 7. Headed from SeaTac to LAX to visit grandma and Disneyland and dressed to the nines, including a bow tie! The FA (Stewardess in those days) pined wings on my jacket and escorted me to the flightdeck during a stop in PDX. I sat on the Captain's lap and he let me turn the 'steering wheel' a couple of times. When I got up to leave, he asked me to push a RED button on the overhead panel; I was afraid of what it might do! It honked the horn, so I did it again. Kids do not forget those things. Fifty-five years later, the memories are firm and flying is not what it used to be. I'll talk about that another time.
    I enjoy your blog and appreciate the wide variety. Over the last 5-6 weeks, I slogged my way through virtually all of it. Good stuff and thanks for taking the time to share it with what is often known as Self-Loading Cargo. -CC

  6. Thank you Linda!!! We need more time. But a successful day today. Will explain... thank you!

  7. Thank you Heather!

    Mireille, Thank you for all your help... we needed you!!!

  8. Cargo CC--- Thank you so much for slogging through my entire blog. What an amazing gift.

    Yes... reach out and touch the life of our children. It's amazing the inspiration that comes. You'll like today's post.

    Happy Holidays!!!


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