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Monday, December 27, 2010

Aviation Count-Down!

Fly It Forward Event continues---

Oshawa: 273    Renton: 221   

Our superstar, and very own Santa, Austin Watson has been flying his plane in lieu of his sleigh in honor of --- The gift of flight for women and girls. Yesterday he took to the sky again.

Austin and Beth

Austin flew 12 more women today. He tells me he had to quit when wind gusts were reported at 25+. He said, "It got pretty sporty and right thing to do was stop."

 Hailey and Priscilla (Austin)

"It was definitely not first flight experience weather by the time we stopped."

 Phyllis, Austin, and Fran

Austin says, "Lotsa bad WX  coming our way this week. Think I got last possible ride in for a few days at least. Will fly again if WX cooperates."  Austin, I hope your wrong on the bad weather.

 Jill and Austin

Mother nature must be on our side. We have 86 women scheduled to fly on the 30th and 31st.

Someone asked Austin, "What does CG mean?" He said,  "well it depends, In aviation it is Center of Gravity, otherwise if I'm hanging out with the boys, it is Cute Girls." Austin... I'm thinking it could be Cute Guys too. Maybe Cessnas Go!

Our Santa dropped by Renton Tower and gave them Christmas cookies--- homemade by his mother-in-law, and thanked them for doing such a great job in helping us.  In turn, they said that "we did a great job too."

Austin, you're doing a great job!

It's midnight at home now, so that means only one thing. Time to climb into my Airbus and head into the sky.

Departure: Osaka Japan. Destination: Honolulu.

Fly safe and enjoy the final days of 2010~

~ Karlene


  1. Austin and his family sound wonderful. Great stories. Love reading your posts.

  2. I'm just floored by the fantastic thing you pilots have come together to do. Christmas miracle accomplished! Enjoy Hawaii Karlene!

  3. Yes ... keep it going ...
    Weather in Germany is still awful for General Aviation under VFR rules.

  4. I love hearing about your Fly It Forward events! Way to go! In a few years, a couple of those now very young women will be doing our driving. Whether they fly big planes or not, you can bet your flaps that those young ladies will never forget the wonderful experience. I retain vivid memories of my first flight, About 1957, age 6)on a DC-6 or 7, enroute to Disneyland! I got wings, a cockpit visit and the Captain let me push a button. It honked the horn! I salute your efforts!

  5. Thanks Linda! One place to meet great people is general aviation! Great people and tons of stories!

  6. Heather... Yes, these guys are great! And amazing what they're doing. Austin is literally flying in every sense of the word! A wonderful man. I'm honored.

  7. Patrick, I'm so sorry about the weather over there. I'm listening to the news... did you see NY? Wow!
    Be warm and safe!

  8. Cedarglen, Thank you for sharing your story. What wonderful memories you hold. I know this time of their life will be with them forever, too. And one day, they too will fly it forward. Thank you for your comments.


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