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Monday, July 8, 2013

Recipe For Success

Monday Motivation: 

"You manifest what you think about.
Change your focus. Change your life."

I recently received the following email from a frustrated Aviation Enthusiast:

"I am very passionate in being in the aviation industry. I have tried so hard to make my dream came true but at same point I feel hopeless, as you can see on my attached documents I have covered several areas in the aviation industry but my dream is to became a fully qualified PILOT. I have tried to work in the industry so that I can get to pay for my pilot training only to be disappointed at the end.

Currently I have worked with two Airline companies with no payment neither a guarantee to be employed so that at-list I could be in a position to pay for my training. Now I would like to ask you how did you manage to reach to where you are despite of all disappointments that come across, I don't want to give up on my dream I want to keep on pushing on till I get there. Please your advice to me will be highly appreciated."

How did I manage to reach my goals despite all the disappointments I have come across? 

The answer is simple ~ Focus and Attitude. They are the answers to a happy life. The answers to success.

How do you create 
what you want in life? 

It takes more than hard word, dedication, and commitment. It takes a positive focus on the outcome of your life. Remove the negative language that looks at the dark side. Get rid of the hopeless feelings. Know everything will work out. If you feel working with no pay is an option to gain experience, then get all the experience that you can. Focus on what you are getting, not what you think you are missing. If you work for free expecting something other than the experience, you are setting yourself up for failure.

I do not look at disappointment as anything other than a gift of something better to come, and knowing that whatever I think I missed, was actually not meant to be. I have also learned (through a great deal of experience) that no matter what happens, everything always works out for the best. Not through idle sitting around wishing it will work out. But working hard, doing everything I can to achieve success, and knowing however the dream happens, it will happen. It will be perfect.

Everything has always worked out, no matter what. 100% of the time. With odd like that, I have developed faith and confidence that everything always will work out.

You have two choices:

  • You can wake up wanting, and yearning for something that you don't have. Feeling hopeless that you never will get it, and sorry for yourself that you don't have the ideal job. Those are the thoughts and the energy you are putting out in the universe.
Or ...  
  • You can start each day knowing that you are one day closer to your dreams. Knowing that through your efforts the doors will open when the time is right. And every disappointment is an opportunity. Enjoy each day for what it is. 

This is my simple recipe for success and dealing with the hard times. We all face the challenges in life... but those who believe, achieve. Focus on what you want. Your dreams will come true. Once the thought process clicks, and you get in the flow of life, everything else will fall into place.

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Simple but great words of wisdom and encouragement!

  2. Great post Karlene. It really is all about attitude! From the pilots I've talked with, the ones with a good outlook and atitude on life seem to always do better in the end!

    Thanks for posting this Karlene, bookmarked it!
    -Swayne Martin

    PS.. for the person who emailed you, here is another article similar to this featuring words of wisdom from Karlene and a few other pilots:

    1. Thanks Swayne, I think this rule applies to all in life. And I really appreciate you posting the link too. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. Karlene,

    Two words: POWER POST!
    Sometimes the most simple of messages (such as "focus" and "attitude") have a power that we need to keep reminding ourselves of this is one of them. If we don't remind ourselves of these two messages, our worlds can crash.. just like in recent and unfortunate news (airspeed and altitude, less alone training..)

    Thank you for always spreading the motivation and the most important of messages.

    Have an awesome week!


    1. Thank you so much Jeremy! Two powerful words for sure. And so simple. Here is to never allowing our worlds to crash, and always having a team to back us up.
      Thanks for the great comment!

  4. I couldn't agree more, it's all about focus and attitude. Love this!

    1. Thanks Heather. And you have both! So just keep strong and thanks for supporting all the writers and encouraging everyone!

  5. Every pilot I have ever met, including myself has failed in aviation. The difference is that the successful pilot, gets back up following that failure.

    If plan A isn't working move to plan B. It is okay to constantly update your position and try to improve when things aren't working the way you intended.

    1. Rob, this is so true. Pilots call those failures experience. And we learn and move on.

      Here is to always having a plan B in the making. Sometimes there are no do-overs as in the recent crash. Those are the experiences the other pilots learn from.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

    2. I was referring to failures outside the jet.

      But since you brought it up, it was a crew effort to crash that jet. The PF for everything her did.

      The PM (also known as the Line Check Airman) who let his student crash the jet.

      The two pilots sitting in the jump seat watching the entire event.

      I am not a 777 pilot, but I have many friends who are. The magic on the airplane is amazing. I would expect the airplane was talking to them the entire time.

      Four humans on board and the airplane was the only one who knew how to prevent the crash. Go-Around.

      Just the opinion of a former 727 pilot.

  6. What a powerful message, and so true! (and btw, there's now scientific support for the idea that you are what you think--it's in Nicholas Carr's book, THE SHALLOWS. Incredible book. I don't read much nonfiction, but this is one you won't want to put down.)

    1. Thank you so much Linda. It's added to my shopping cart! I love the books you recommend. They are all awesome. And my brain book... still carrying it around. Highlighting... etc.

      Thank you!

  7. Thank you Karlene and every one who posted, I feel more empowered by your comments, I will stay focused with a Positive Attitude and I believe I will make it.

    1. You are so welcome! Just keep your dream alive, you will get there!

  8. I'm just catching up on my reading and saw this post - great stuff Karlene! I couldn't agree more. This post needs to be mandatory reading!

    1. Brent, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments. And we'll see more of this reading in my motivation book.


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