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Monday, May 13, 2013

In Loving Memory Of....

"We do not remember days; 
we remember moments."
  ~Cesare Pavese

I have the honor to read the most incredible memoir, and doing so has brought tears to my eyes, and pain to my heart for a love that was and should have lasted a lifetime. In essence, it had. How I connected with this pilot/author... I'm not sure. But I was touched by a moment in the history of his love story. New York. 1996. I was flying to Paris behind TWA 800.

But Mark's and Susanne's story began a year earlier, on May 13 1995. A moment in time when two people met. Laughed. Soon to fall in love. One year later, May 13, 1996, they became engaged, in Amsterdam no less, and looked forward to the life they would share together. 

Their time together ended too quickly. I will share more of this story on July 17th... in memory of. 

Today, May 13, 2013, Captain Mark Berry is somewhere toasting to a life that should have been, but was. Please take a moment and say hello to a pilot who is struggling with his day, and share your greatest memories...

Mark, take today to celebrate what was. They can never take that from you. 

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene  


  1. Heartfelt care to Mark. Having love is always better than to never have had it, and we leap in spite of the risk, because to love and be loved in return is our most powerful meaning in life.

  2. There are somethings which can never be taken away from us. Love is one thing. thank you and to Mark for sharing this post and I look forward to hearing more about this story. AND yes Airways Magazine is my favorite print. We shall find out why tomorrow



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