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Monday, March 31, 2014

My First Flight

Tomorrow we begin Blogging In Formation. The first week in April is all about the Solo flight. What a better way to begin than with a "first flight" encounter.


"To be sincere, I wanted to cry. For the first time I felt my soul was in connection with flight and all I knew is that I was born for this. For the first time, the hardest and most ambitious soul that lives in me became entirely satisfied with aviation. For the first time, I felt big and I felt I could do it. The best part: I thought it was a terribly difficult thing to perform, but actually it is much in the contrary."
Alex Wood

And then ... "I had my first 747 Flight!"

Blogging In Formation Line up:
Apr 1 Tues: Karlene and Andrew
Apr 2 Weds: Rob and Chip
Apr 3 Thur: Eric and Ron
Apr 4 Fri: Mark and Brent

Saturday I landed in China, the land of "illegal" blogging. Yes, I am banned until I return on April 2nd. It's times like this I so appreciate the freedoms we have. Thanks for your comments. I will post and reply as soon as I return. 

Enjoy the Journey! 
XOX Karlene


Thank you for your comment! If your comment doesn't appear immediately, it will after I land. Enjoy the journey!