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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Inspiration in the Sky

224 women take flight March 8th and 9th at The Museum of Flight, Seattle!

Saturday we flew until the visibility fell and we had to shut down the event, leaving a few tears standing in the rain. Yet we flew 92 women. We came back Sunday to give it another shot and mother nature took better care of our event, and we flew another 132 women! 

The last flight landed at 1705, just as the rain began. 224 was a great weekend!

As I uploaded the photos I had to ask myself, what is more inspiring... the girls enthused about this adventure of a lifetime or the people who made this happen. 

THANK YOU pilots and ground volunteers~
We could not have done this without you!

The noise level was high. 
Enthusiasm soared. 
And we flew!

 Thank you Tamara, Face, Kandyce and Chandra!

Thank you Abby!

Thank you Tom!

Thank you Ryan! 

 Thank you Kandyce, Face and Mike!!

Thank you Kate!

Thank you Dave!


 Thank you Dan!

 Thank you Bill!

 Thank you Haq! 

 Thank you Mike and Rachel!

Thank you Denise!

 Thank you Alicia and World's best assistant!

 Thank you Kai! 

Thank you Daniel!

 Thank you Pete!


A HUGE Thank you to Jeremy Elson
Who fought all odds to make it and arrived 
to take three ladies up before we had to shut down on day one.

Thanks to all the inside helpers! 

The smiles will continue for a very long time. The memories will last forever! 

To see more photos visit my facebook page.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

Karlene Petitt is an International Airline Pilot
Author of best selling Aviation Thrillers:


  1. Thank you Karlene for organizing this event! It's always a lot of fun to fly those girls!

    1. Thank you so much Kai!! And I'm impressed as to how high you can jump!! It was thanks to all of you that made this happen!

  2. Karlene, what a great weekend. Thank you for the opportunity to help out and for all the effort you put into it! I'll have to work on the jumps next year!

    1. Daniel, Thank you so much!!! You are awesome and we could not have done this without you!

  3. Thank you so much! Gabby in her words was the flight. ..its was AWESOME.

    1. Ohhh... So glad she loved it. What a cute girl. Your daughters are awesome!

  4. Fantastic pictures! Looks like a great couple of days. Nice work to all involved!!

    1. Mark, it was great. Maybe you could fly next year????? :)

  5. I was pretty tired by the end of Sunday (probably partly due to daylight savings!), but had a fun and very full weekend of flying! Nice job on keeping everyone flying quickly. We also need to thank BFI Controllers for putting up with the extra traffic and mixing us in with the jets and other traffic. They kept us going very efficiently.
    I'll be there again next year - my 5th year in a row! :-)
    (Kai is learning to fly helicopters these days, that must explain his levitation skills in the photo. Ha!).


    1. Oh... I was beat too. But it was a great weekend! Yay on next year! I didn't know he's flying helicopters. That explains everything! lol

    2. Kai is working on collecting all ratings he can possibly get. I'm sure he will go for hot air balloon after helicopters. He need something to do while building time for ATP! :-)

    3. Brilliant!! And if I can get glider time to count, maybe he'll have enough!

  6. Karlene, I wish I was at this event!! It looks like you all had a field day, or in this case, a sky day. I really love the photos both posted here and on your Facebook page. Spreading aviation to those for the first time is a truly special thing.

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy! I hope one day you can make it. And one day you will.

  7. Thank you Karlene for organizing another great event! You all had everything running very well, and even arranged for better weather for my flying day on Sunday! (you did that, right?) :) Hoping I can do it again next year!

    1. Thank you Ryan! We appreciate you coming out and you are so wonderful with the girls too. Thank you!!!

  8. Thank you Karlene, that was fun to watch the smiles on the kids faces as they exited the planes. I also loved finding out why my daughter wants to fly I really enjoyed the flight in Bill's plane. I can hardly wait to be sitting beside Abby while she is in the cockpit of a plane showing me what she learned at UND.

    1. Thank you so much Terri, I am so glad you got to fly. You have been sitting beside Abby this entire journey and that seat in the plane will be such a wonderful moment. One day. And then one day you can be riding in First Class while I'm the Captain and Abby is my first officer! Wouldn't that be fun!


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