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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's About The Tailwind!

Tailwind Cellars, that is.

Robbi and Doug DeVries invited my husband and myself to the first release part of Robbi's wine---Tailwind Cellars, and Doug's Grumman Goose project. What a night it was.

I happened to be in Reno at the Women in Aviation conference and flew home a day early for the party of the year. I lured my friend Kathy McCullough to join us with promise of music by Billy Joel. Yes, she shopped, changed her airline ticket, skipped town a day early, and flew to Seattle with me. So what's in a "L" anyway? ;)

Bill Joe--- and the Dusty 45's were incredible. As was the food, the company and especially Robbi's wine.

Billy, Jeff, Kathy, Tom and Jerry

Not only did everyone dance the night away in Doug's hangar at Paine field, but we were surrounded by airplanes. And guess what I found? Three more incredible pilots who will fly at our Fly-It-Forward Event on March 13th. Thank you Kevin, Craig and Mike! How many Beavers will we have at Renton? I'm thinking 3 or 4. (Don't ask Kathy)

Women, click Here to register and join us for the flight of your life. Follow the link to events, United States, and Renton Airport.

Mike's Beaver ... Come Fly with me March 13th at Renton
Doug's Grumman Goose project is well underway. I can't wait until she's complete! You can watch the progress here. It won't be long until she has wings to fly.  Bunky was definitely flying the night away.

Bunky promised to fly!
Bunky may be lusting after the Goose above--- the Grumman, not me--- but he's going to bring his Stearman to Renton. Similar to Doug's below... but a 1920's version. We're going to have the most eclectic group of planes!

Karlene and Doug and the Princess who flew Australia
The dilemma of the evening was how to get into this plane for a picture... in the dress. Yes... women pilots do have extra challenges. The 1942 Stearman that I'm lusting after was the star in the Great Circle Air Safari. Yes, there is a video! Click Here to purchase the journey of this incredible flight. Will I give a video away? Count on it.

Austin and his lovely wife, Mary, joined us for the evening too. Planes, women, wine and music... Austin was in heaven. Look left, look right, look behind you... I think he found his dream. Austin will be flying his 172 on floats for our Renton Event ... unless of course he makes an offer that Doug can't refuse on the King Air. This gorgeous plane is for sale. Whoever buys her and flies her in the Renton March 13th event, I'll buy a tank of gas, and give you a free T-shirt, too. There are some offers that can't be beat.

We had a wonderful time and met incredible people.
Doug and Robbi--- Thank you both!
Mike, Craig, Kevin, Bunky, and Austin... looking forward to the photo shoot as you take to the sky no March 13th.

Enjoy the Journey!



  1. Wow, three more planes and pilots for March 13! Excellent. It will be a terrific event. (No little black dresses that day!) I will see you there.

  2. It sounds like you had a night filled with amazing people and an excellent time! Thank you for sharing these great pictures with us!

  3. It was so fun! What a night!! Thank goodness I got to meet (and get an autograph!) from Billy Joel!!! I mean Billy Joe. And Jeff, Tom & Jerry :)

    If you do ask me how many Beavers will be at Renton for the fly-in, I'll just say at least 5, but knowing Karlene, could be hundreds!! :)

    Thanks to Doug and Robbi for letting me crash their party, too :) Its not every night you go to a private hangar party with an awesome Powerwagon in it.

  4. Ah, Beavers! My first non-commercial ride was in a Beaver, ca. 1964. She was wearing floats with wheels. The March 13th Beaver girls will be the lucky ones. What an airplane.

  5. Hi Linda, I promise the little black dress will be left at home. Thank you so much for your help. We'll need it. And, you'll meet some great people and planes.

  6. Thanks Heather, we're going to have a great time when you come to town too. I can hardly wait!

  7. Kathy, not many women notice the power wagon... I knew you'd be a great date! Thanks for joining us for a great time. Everyone had a great time with you and your camera.

  8. Hi Craig, What a great way to be exposed to flying. You should bring all the women you know to Renton for our event. Give them the gift of flight.

  9. Ah, the ruggedly beautiful Beaver. And, I'm curious as to which Grumman Goose you mention. I'd love to know its serial number and history. The Goose is another bush-flying classic.


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