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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Litunica's Status

Jay and his team of aircraft builders have accomplished great feats---
  • The fuselage is in the original Bellanca specifications. 
  • Woodwork has been repaired and final assembly complete.
  • Flying surfaces and support fixtures are mated. 
  • Wheels and brakes have been located along with the tires of that area.
  • Fuel tanks built and fuel bays are ready to accept them.

But so much is left to be done.

They have an engine, the Wright 975M---which is comparable to the original Wright J6-9E that put out 330 hp and supercharged to 365-388 hp---but it's in need of a major overhaul. Along with the overhaul, they need to find a ground adjustable propeller that compliments the engine model.

A major concern is acquiring permission from the Lithuanian government to borrow a part from the original Lituanica. Once the sister ship is closer to completion, Jay believes they will receive permission.

I have no doubt Jay will complete his project. And once the Lituanica is ready to fly his goal is to repeat the events of Darius and Girenas prior to their flight by visiting various Lithuanian communities.

Then in the spring of 2013 Jay will ship the airplane to an airfield near the site of the crash and reassemble it. He will locate relatives of Darius and Girenas that might be pilots and include them in the flight.

At 12:36, on the morning of July 16, 2013, they will fly over the sacred site and turn Lituanica toward her homeland. They will arrive in Kaunas in the manner they should have with humility and pride.

Upon completion of this flight she will be flown back to the United States, as was the original intent of Darius and Girenas, and visit Lithuania communities once again--- eighty years late.

With luck, timing, and a light wind on her nose, the Lituanica will be landing at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in time for the closing ceremonies of the EAA Annual fly-in --- Fulfilling the dream of Darius, Girenas and a little boy who completed the goal of the Lituanica.

Is this the final story or will she fly again?

Currently all work is on hold due to lack of funds. Jay is retired from the airlines, but working two jobs. It's just not enough.  Sponsorships and donations are welcome. For further information, please contact him at or call--- 360-731-0871

Enjoy the Journey

~ Karlene


  1. You are an amazing woman for bringing us this great story and supporting such a worthy cause. I hope the donations pour in! This reminds me of Divinci's Horse. A labor of love is one that is always worth it!

  2. Thank you Heather! Yes, a labor of love is worth it! Linda thinks movie deal, I'm seeing it too.

  3. Yay, movie deal! This labor of love deserves it. Beautiful story, Karlene. Keeping my fingers crossed for Jay to get all he needs to make it (the flight, and the movie) a reality.

  4. Thanks Linda, That would be great! Now we need to pitch it. Write it. Sell it. Not necessarily in that order.


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