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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pilots Wanted!

Instruction. Charter. Sales. Services. And Supporting the future of Aviation.

Peter G. Anderson

The recent discussion and concern of the future of aviation includes...

"Where will our future pilots come from?" 

The desire to become a pilot--- once a top of the list dream job--- is lost. Why?

How can we change this current pattern and open the doors to the passion, excitement and opportunities that only flying can provide?

GALVIN FLYING SERVICE has been a part of Boeing Field since 1930 thanks to Jim Galvin, Peter's uncle. Peter Anderson used to come to work with his uncle, hang out, and watch planes take off. Peter grew with the business and then he became the business. As the President of GALVIN FLYING, he's still watching planes. Today we watched the 787 depart out his office window.

Peter is looking for ways to support his community, educate and inspire our students, the future aviators of the world.  Not only is he growing his business, but he's actively supporting Aviation High School, and the Women With Wings program. More than this...

Peter just added his support to Women of Aviation Worldwide Week celebration.

Sunday March 13th Renton Airport, the most Female Friendly Airport in the United States, is conducting another Free Flight event. (Please click HERE to register.) But we're also running an Essay Contest: "Why I want to Fly" All you need to do is tell me why why you want to  fly in an  essay or poem (maximum 500 words) in English. If you win the writing contest you'll recieve $100 USD towards your first flight lesson! You could take your first flight lesson before the end of March 2011.

Peter Anderson and Galvin Flying are graciously donating 3 introductory flights!

A great way to decided if flying is for you.

This contest is opened to girls and women of all ages worldwide.
To participate, you must:
  • Register as a participant in this website (click here to register for free)
  • Write a poem or essay (maximum 500 words) in English describing “Why I Want To Fly”
  • Send us your submission before March 13, 2011, midnight

Yes, I am a minority--- I love my airline job.

But there is a whole other side to the world of aviation, beyond the airlines, in the charter arena. Fast planes. Red cars. Great men and women. What could be better than getting paid to do what you love?

Thank YOU Peter! 

Enjoy the Journey!
~ Karlene


  1. Peter and Galvin Flying sound great! And women and girls are going to LOVE the experience of flying out of Renton Airport March 13! It was so fun and inspiring when I did it in December, I just want to pass along what a worthwhile experience it is to your readers, Karlene. Wonderful opportunity.

  2. Peter Anderson and the wonderful group of people at Galvin Flying Service are truly generous and passionate people. I know it will be an amazing experience for the girls who get to go up for an introductory flight with them!

  3. Katie, Peter is wonderful! Such a great man, and so gracious in everything he does.

  4. Hi! I have been an Air Force pilot for almost 7 years now since I graduated in October, 2004. In the Air Force, we will have to leave flying duties and do office jobs in order to get promoted. Since my passion is flying, I am thinking of applying outside the Air Force so I could continue flying until I retire. Do you know someone who is looking for a pilot like me so I could offer my skill? I have about 1000 hours in the Uh-1h helicopter (600 hours as pilot-in-command and 400 hours as a co-pilot), 150 hours in Cessna R-172 and 30 hours in Marchetti SF-260 as a student. My contract in the Air Force will end on October 14, 2012. I'm from the Philippines. My e-mail add is

  5. I think you need to type in Greg Baker... seattle Helicopters and email him. Tell him you read about him on my blog and you wanted to know if he was hiring... A helicopter pilot has more skills that most of of mere mortals don't have. Pick your could get a job, I'm sure!


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