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Monday, February 21, 2011

A330 General Limitation Review

It's been 9-months since I joined the flight-line on the A330. What does this mean?  It means that it's time to visit the schoolhouse for recurrent training.

My nose is buried in the books to see how many facts I actually remember from initial ground school. I've created a study guide for limitations, that when printed can be folded in half. Questions on the front, answers on the back. If anyone wants them, leave me a message and I'll email it to you.

But for now... test your A300 general limitation knowledge. How many of these questions can you answer?

1.     Maximum operating Altitude?

2.     Maximum Takeoff and Landing Tailwind component?

3.     Max demonstrated takeoff and landing crosswind component?

4.     Turbulent Air penetration Speeds-300: Below FL200At or above FL200?

5.     Turbulent Air penetration Speeds-200: Below FL200At or above FL200?

6.     Minimum altitude and time limits for Autopilot use?

7.     Maximum wind for autoland operation:
Headwind, Tailwind, and Crosswind?

8.     Max altitude for flaps and slats?

9.     Max takeoff and Landing Altitude?

10.  Max Landing Gear Extension Alt:

11.  Minimum Operating Temperature

12.  Ground wind limits for doors

13.  VMO

14.  MMO

15.  Max taxi speed with deflated tires, one per gear with max three:

16.   Max taxi speed if two tires are deflated on same gear:

17.  Max Brake temp for takeoff:

18.   Do not use differential brakes at what speed?

19.  Max EPR with parking brake on:

20.  Max operating speeds for Flaps

21.  Max gear operating/ extended speed

22.  Gear limit tire speed

23.  Max speed for wipers

24.  Max window open speed

25.  Weights for -300

26.  Weights for -200
27.  Max Positive Cabin differential PSI

28.  Max Negative Cabin differential PSI

29.  Is it okay to use any ground air simultaneously with air from packs?

30.  Non-ILS, disengage autopilot before what altitude?

31.  CAT I ILS approach disengage autopilot before:

32.  Alt restriction for OPEN DES or DES:

33.  FMA must display what for CAT III automatic landing

34.  FMA must display what for CAT II automatic landing

35.  Max weight for Autoland:

36.  What flaps setting is required for an autoland:

37.  Ignition must be on when?

38.  Max continuous engine starter operation time:

39.  Max engine start cycles:

40.  How much cooling time after exceeding max start cycles

41.  No starter engagement with N2 RPM above what?

42.  Max EGT for Takeoff and Go-around, limited to what time?

43.  Minimum oil quantity for engine start:

44.  Minimum and maximum oil temp for takeoff:

45.  Minimum oil pressure:

46.  Maximum transient oil temp and time:

47.  Max FLEX temp and Max Reduction:

48.  APU started and operated to what altitude?

49.  Max altitude for battery start of APU:

50.  Max altitude for APU bleed air, 1 and 2 packs:

51.   APU starter duty cycle, and cooling required:

52.  RVSM operations: Max difference between altimeter and field elevation.

53.  Does the standby altimeter meet accuracy requirements for RVSM?

54.  What latitudes does the IRS NOT provide magnetic heading info?

55.  Maximum fuel tank temperature:

56.  Minimum fuel quantity for departure:

57.  Minimum Temp for Jet A fuel:

58.  Max fuel imbalance between outer tanks:

59.  What is the condition before center tank fuel can be loaded?

60.  When can the center tank have up to 3000 pounds of fuel without the mains full?

61.  Normal hydraulic operating pressure:

Answers tomorrow... 
Enjoy the Journey!
~ Karlene 


  1. wow, excellent work once again. Who needs an instructor when you are around. I am sure you will have helped 100s of pilots with their homework. The answers will not only be useful to pilots but controllers too. Thank you

  2. Thanks Munawar! I hope they can help them too. Answers tomorrow. And, there is a blog with your name in it too... coming soon. Very soon.

  3. That's a lot of numbers to remember. My brain is tiny, I just look at my checklist now and then for some of the 172 numbers when I teach students. Just making sure I don't give them wrong numbers, and to show them how to find that stuff. (Ok, actually I do forget things, I'll admit it)

  4. Tom, I was thinking the same thing. But tomorrow I'll give you the answers and you'll know as much as I do!

  5. Wow! Good thing you've got a terrific memory for details, Karlene. That is one impressive list.

  6. And you think I remember them? ;) Oh, this is the easy part. Come back tomorrow and you'll know them too.

  7. Hi Captain.. Very interesting to know about the A330 :) Looking forward to the answers, thanks! Fly Safe

  8. Thank you Carlos! The answers are moments away!

  9. Hi Karlene, Worked at DTW as ramp agent,last summer EM Terminal B/C. Know a few Airbus pilots in India and thanks for posting. Inactive private pilot and IT guy. Perhaps someday you can meet my family if you are @ DTW. Kindly "console" our friend Arun4 :>)). As a non pilot he did not stand a prayer of chance on the quiz. Thank You. Regards - Ajit Mahida

  10. Ajit, I would love to meet you and your family when I'm in Detroit. Thank you so much for the kind offer! Well, at least Arun4 tired. Thanks for the nice comment. Be well and lets get you flying again.

  11. Can't answer any of these, unless I ask my buddy google :-)

  12. Rafael... I have the same buddy!!! And my best friend in the research department. Answers posted today. :)

  13. Wow, Karlene! If I need a ride outta Kennedy via DAL, I'm calling dispatch with a crew-request for KP. :)

    V1, rotate, positive rate, gear up!

  14. Windtee.. while you're at it, you can call Richard and get me a raise too. :) Have a great night! Thanks for your hard work on my shirts!


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