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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aviation Giveaways

Giving the Gifts of Flight... 

Over the previous year I've met many wonderful people doing incredible things within the aviation community. People ask me what is my favorite thing about aviation? It's the people. The contests I have running--- Yes for FREE--- are listed below. Don't let them pass you by!

And the first winner has been drawn...

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of Life in the Skies.
Syd Blue is dedicated to helping pilots. Not only is she a pilot who wrote a novel, but she created a DVD  to answer the many questions she receives daily. Syd is fun to listen to, an inspiration to all, and an amazingly talented lady. As promised I drew one lucky winner last night. 

Congratulations Jun Nishioka! Jun, email me your mailing address so we can get that video to you.

More drawings. Leave our superstar pilots your name and we'll get you entered~
    • Chris Findley is any pilot's mentor to aviation. Whether he's teaching his own students, or helping you answer that question... what does it take to become a pilot? Chris is your guy. His book, You Can Be a Pilot, is an excellent readI was inspired by this book and if anyone is thinking about learning how to fly, I highly recommend it. I am giving a copy away for free. The drawing will be held March 31st. Anyone can enter. click Here and leave a comment to enter. 
    • Monika Petrillo... Took the adventure of her life. So she thinks. As a mother of two, her adventures have just begun. Click HERE  and leave a comment. You'll be entered in the drawing to win one of two copies of Flyabout, the documentary of Monika's Australian adventure.
    • Karlene Petitt... Oh wait, that's me! I'm giving away $100 toward a flight lesson... but this one is for any woman who hasn't flown, but might like to learn... anywhere in the world. (The male essay contest is coming soon) And 11  "Flight To Success" T-shirts.  For those women local to the Seattle/Renton area, we have 3, $220 introductory flights in a Diamond Aircraft to be given away, compliments of  Galvin Flying. In 500 words or less, tell me why you want to fly. Register at Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week  Go to contests, and find Karlene's essay contest. 

    15 lucky winners in Renton. WOAW! (Women of Aviation Week) 

    Hurry. Register. Comment. Whatever it takes. The gift of flight can be yours today! 15? Ha... we have 120 women signed up to fly! Those are the lucky winners. 

    Enjoy the Journey!

    ~ Karlene


    1. Flyers are a fantastic community, Karlene. Love getting to know them a little through you!

    2. Congrats to Jun on winning Syd's contest! And wow Karlene, that is an awesome new contest you've got running!

    3. Thank you very very much for sharing Video Karlene san Syd san:). I am happy to know that.

      I am sure this DVD helps me to know aviation knowledge and make me to increase my motivation further more.

      thanks Heather san for wishing:).

      I know without friends's support,I cannot achieve my dream.
      friends/people who have dream power is super .

      Thanks again.

    4. Hi Jun, you are so welcome! I know Syd's DVD will help increase your motivation, and your knowledge. Dream power... I love it!

    5. You're very welcome Jun! Keep pursuing your dreams because you never know how high you can reach until you try. :)


    Thank you for your comment! If your comment doesn't appear immediately, it will after I land. Enjoy the journey!