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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reflecting in Paradise

Today I took my computer to the pool and worked on my much neglected novel, and made excellent progress in paradise. Mumbai paradise? It is at the poolside of the Renaissance hotel. 

I'm getting ready for my nap before our 2200 wake up call to fly back to Amsterdam and I was thinking about the impact Mireille Goyer had on the world with her Centennial of Women Pilots campaign. She impacted my life, and reminded me of the joy of flying. 

I'm glancing through some of the many comments, and thought I would share a few:

Today is one of those days when you feel we made a difference - some of those young women were genuinely inspired by the flight.  I have always felt a real responsibility to share the joy of flight, and your program made it happen. Good on ya - your cando spirit is an inspiration to me.


What a great experience seeing all those smiles on the faces of freshly flown women!  You're doing a great thing.  Whether Renton sets the record or not, it's a huge success.

Not to mention the smiles on mine, Mireille's and Shad's faces during and after our helicopter ride! How can you beat a flight around downtown Seattle and the Space Needle at night on New Year's Eve.  The lights were incredible. Amanda was great, and Shad was ecstatic to get a helicopter flying lesson.

Blue skies,


Shad was awesome and my eight year old daughter had a great time. Thank you so much for the experience!  

Michelle Gunia, ANM-52
Federal Aviation Administration



Thank you for the incredible opportunity yesterday to fulfill a life-long dream of flying in a helicopter.  My three daughters and I couldn't stop smiling for hours - it was unbelievable.  Our pilot was such fun and what a wonderful experience it was! 
Thanks again!
Janice Bicknell

Alyssa, Sarah and Rachel

And more....

I just wanted to let you know the helicopter ride with Amanda was fantastic!  My daughter and her friend said it was the greatest treat and I absolutely agree.  Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into arranging this event.  Our only other wish is that we wanted the ride to be longer because it was that much fun!!!  :)
Thank you again and everyone who helped make this event possible.

J. Angela Furukawa
Federal Aviation Administration


We had a simply fantastic time on Friday!  Our first every helicopter ride…and a first ride in any aircraft for our friend, Mariah!
We were grinning from ear-to-ear…!
What a fantastic way to start a new year!

Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous experience for us!
We would like to thank our pilot, Amanda, and the person who donated the helicopter time for adventure!  Could you forward contact information so that we could thank them?

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much, my family (all 7 of us!) had an amazing time! My 3.5 yo daughter, Mabel, keeps talking about it and saying her favorite part was going "up,up,up!" and her least favorite part was going "down,down,down." We got 4 generations of us up in the air too!

Happy 2011 Karlene: Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday. We flew the last fight with Austin in the float plane and had an amazing flight! What a JOY! Thanks to Austin who was wonderful! Thanks again!

Katherine and Chelsea Hanson

My friend An from Holland is going to take flying lessons, inspired by this movement. I met a woman who said, "I'm 41, and I'm going to learn to fly." 

So many young girls returned jazzed about the experience and had that look in their eye... 

Yes, I am going to fly! 

Enjoy the Journey! And remember to click on the $100 bill, and tell me how many women you flew this year. The drawing will be on January 6th.

~ Karlene


  1. What a beautiful place to reflect on such an amazing experience! You quite possibly changed lives that day.

  2. And, all the women pilots of last 100 years are smiling on us too...

    Each one of us makes a difference and touches other people's lives everyday. But, it is more fun and more rewarding when we do it with intent.

    Karlene, GA is blessed to have someone like you back and involved.

  3. Thank you Mireille, Yes... we each make a difference in life. But it takes women like you to remind and encourage us to fly it forward.
    What more can we do in life?

  4. Thank you Heather! I'm wondering if we could do a write-in event? You change many lives daily!


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