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Monday, January 3, 2011

Around The World in 14 days!

This morning I awoke in Amsterdam, looked at my watch---0556, 2 hours before my official wake up call. I jumped out of bed. Drank a protein drink. Ate some oatmeal. Threw my clothes on to hit the gym. Now fully awake, I put my watch on and had a second look. I had been looking the time I'd set to wake up, not the actual time.

What time was it? 0330. Ah, the life of an International pilot who has crossed the world in the last 5 days.

I left Seattle on the 22nd and headed West to Asia. 6 Pacific crossings later, on the 30th, I landed in Seattle. I'm going to call that my 36 hour layover at home. I departed heading East to Europe on the 1st. But where am I now? Mumbai, India.

Time for a much needed nap--- it's 2 a.m Tuesday morning here. But before I close my eyes I'd like to ask anyone if you can identify the following pictures. They were taken in the last 5 days between Tokyo and Mumbai. The first correct answer of all three wins an autographed copy of my novel!

Happy Flying and remember to...

~ Enjoy the Journey!



  1. I have no idea where they all are but I'll be doing my best to research and guess! How fun! Whew, I don't know how you keep track of time and figure out when to eat and sleep!

  2. Heather... Sleep? What's that? haha. I'm going to do a little research right now. :) Have a great day!

  3. Kar, do you think Delta knows how lucky they are to have such dedicated, honest, hard working pilots???? XX

  4. Thank you Kathy! This week, I wonder. :) Have a great week!

  5. The were all taken out of an Airbus Cockpit :-)
    And show the beauty of the nature between Tokyo and Mumbai.
    The last one is the Himalaya, then we also see Mongolia and probably parts of China.
    :-) Patrick

  6. Patrick... YES, all out of the Airbus Cockpit! Yes they do show the beauty of nature.
    Everything else--- Not. lol. But you're close-- Not.
    Thanks for the try. You can have another guess.

  7. Beautiful images. I think East Himalayas, Tibet around Lhasa?
    I love the blogs . Very informative and interesting reading..compulsive reading

  8. Munawar, you will smile when you hear where these photos are from. The guesses make the world so small to me. Thank you for your guess.

  9. I'll take a wild guess. Second photo is some kind of volcanic caldera. Looking around it kind of looks like Okmok Caldera in Alaska, but I'm probably wrong. Goodle it, that does look kind of similar!
    The last photo sort of looks like peeking over the top of Tiger Mountain toward I-90 through North Bend. Maybe? :-)


  10. Tom, you are the closest so far for at least one of them. :)


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