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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aviation High School

A funny thing happened to me on the way home from work....

Last Thursday I landed at SeaTac Airport, non-stop from Amsterdam, then drove directly to Aviation High School for a tour. What an amazing experience--- The school, not the landing. Landing a heavy jet is always an experience, but nothing like this high school located 3 miles from my home.

Katie McConville and Lauren Crom were our tour guides. Their pride in their high school is evident. And justified. The tour of Aviation High School was one of those occasions when I wanted to turn back time--- and return to high school.

Katie plans on attending the United States Naval Academy. She will become an aerospace engineer, and intends on designing fuel efficient planes and spaceships. She's also planning on becoming an active member of the aviation and aerospace community.

Lauren plans on heading to Embry Riddle with an Air Force ROTC scholarship. With a pilots license in her pocket, she too plans on becoming an aerospace engineer.

Katie and Lauren
These two ladies represent the students Aviation High School is providing the world -- Forward thinking, intelligent, dedicated to their education and their community as they learn, grow, and actively work toward reaching their goals, while helping others to obtain theirs.

"The Sky Is NOT the Limit"

Aviation High School --- providing STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math--- prepares students for the future beyond anything I've seen in a public school.

Partnering with the private sector, 98% of graduating students go on to attend college, and most of them on scholarships--- amazing statistics.

Reba, KP, Katie, Lauren and Molly
Our tour group consisted of Reba Gillman, the president of Aviation High School, myself, Peter Morton retired Boeing V.P. and Molly Boose-- engineer from Boeing. We were later joined by Peter Anderson, President, Galvin Aviation and flight instructor Brandi Sceli.

Student involvement with the hands on approach 
"Heads. Hearts. Hands." 

We attended Aerospace engineering where the students design and build their own planes. They perform test flights. Learn about C.G. Test the impact of winglets... 

Lauren, Katie, Austin and Riley


Navid Shafa and Lydia Johnston were busy building robots! Students in this class will compete with 200 other teams worldwide At UsFirst.Org with Skunkworks robotics. They not only build robots, they're building engineers.  Their role models are found in the engineering and business world.

Navid and Lydia

 Molly and I get to play with the Robot

We visited History of Aviation where the students were researching the impact of what happens to the economy, the neighborhood, and the communities if they shutdown an airport. In groups, they're building cases to defend and keep actual, local, airports open.

Ground School:

Ground School

What would Aviation High School be without Ground School? Yes, students have the ability to take Aviation Ground School as an elective. Remember the E6B? This wonderful tool is lost in the commercial airline world, but not on these students.

They also teach "World Language"--- yes, students can learn Spanish as well as Japanese here.

Grace, Eleanor, and Natalie

Aviation and American Character was our final stop.

Grace Cieszkiewiczm, Eleanor Shull, and Natalie Cullinan took a few minutes to share their humanities course. The class discusses American character traits, and applies them to Aviation Personalities. What they're really doing is researching, learning critical thinking and how to communicate through their writing.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to keep our economy strong in science, technology, engineering and math... 

It takes a whole generation of them."

Aviation High School is the only college preparatory aviation-themed high school in the Northwest. They're currently in the old Olympic grade school--- my kids attended pre-school there.

Their dream: To build a campus abeam Seattle's Museum of Flight--- their partner in educating our children. The students have full access to the Museum of Flight with an annual membership. They study, learn, and dream there. But dreams cost money. They've secured a significant amount, but they have a long way to go.

Thank you for allowing me to visit your incredible school! When Flight For Control is published, funds will be coming your way. 

Enjoy the Journey~ 

And remember to support the education of our future--- our children!

Click here to visit: AVIATION HIGH SCHOOL

~ Karlene


  1. This is fantastic! I would love to see this built in Seattle!

  2. Thanks Heather, a beautiful school! And deserves to sit by the Museum of Flight. It just makes sense.

  3. What a GREAT school! I would have jumped at an opportunity to attend a school like this when I was younger. Those girls have a great future ahead of them!

  4. Wish theres something like Aviation High School in Canada!

  5. Hi Martin, That would be great if there were Aviation high schools all over the world. Maybe they will build one there. I got your other email. Loved the question. Will post it in a few days. Or tomorrow. But... it will come.
    Thanks for the comment!

  6. I'm relieved to know that Aviaton HS students have had the privledge to meet you and become inspired by your story. Mason, my son, does not like to waste time and he made the most of his time at Aviation HS. He skipped 6th grade and later graduated with his AA from AHS and SSCC. He transitioned directly into Western Washington University 300 level classes and declared his major in his 2nd quarter. To my dismay, aviation was never his motivation. Rather it was math and engineering. At any rate, AHS did a brilliant job at preparing him for his future. Im so glad we were able to benefit from our tax dollars at work at a public school (with LOTS of support from the Port of Seattle, BOEING, Galvin Flying, the Gates Foundation, etc) Thanks for all do!

  7. Ann, Thanks for the great comment! That's the best thing about STEM education schools...they do prepare students for the future. Your son is going to do great! Come and fly with us on March 13th~

  8. I love just reading about your school!I would like to be apart of your awesome school!I hope next year I can apart of the best school ever!

  9. Anonymous, I hope you too can be a part of this school. It's GREAT!

  10. HELLO, after reading the article I got the details about your school and staffs. I think this is a good place to get aviation training.
    Get more information about Aviation Schools in Canada for your bright future.

  11. Nice log!!
    Canadian aviation college is one of Canada's premier aviation schools and a leader in aviation education. Whether your goal is a career in flight, airline operations, safety management or quality assurance, you will have the skills to become a highly regarded professional in the aviation industry.

    1. I normally don't post links to other sites, but I checked yours out and while I cannot give comment to your training, thank you so much for providing another option for pilot training!


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