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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fabulous Flyers...


Today was the day I wanted to announce the $100 Pilot winner for the Fly It Forward Contest. I wanted to announce the winner of the most Female Friendly Airport in the world, too! But that mystery continues...

I know there were more people who flew and must be in this $100 contest. They just didn't leave me their numbers. I've made a list below--- If you're on it, leave a comment how many women you flew this year. If you're not on it, but have registered your women, leave a comment and let me know how many. Announcement will be made on Monday Morning!  

Plus... a surprise... 10 lucky passengers will win a pair of tickets for a visit to the Museum of Flight! Announced Monday too.

How many women did you fly?

Below is who I have so far. If you need to adjust your numbers let me know. 

Doug Rain: 39
Nate Duehr: 1
Emily Winter Hiller: 31
Tom Gwilym: 35
Austin Watson: 32
Mark Gaponoff: 24
Jay Sakas: 42
Joyce Rust: 21
Andrei Floroiu: 161
Lesely Page: 52
Jeff Page: 22
Susie Williams: 1 
Judith: 1
Dick Smith: 54
Monica Petrillo: 6
Doug DeVries: 41
Peter Morton: 45
Amanda Sargent: 119
Ed Johnston: 18
Gord Roberts – 22
Marin Talbot – 41
Patrick Ata – 37, 
Allyn Auck – 33
Allie Dunnington – 65
Janet Gonzales – 27
Cheryl Marek – 28

So many exciting things are brewing in 2011~

Aviation High School!
Heathrow ATC / Pilot Forum!
Women of Aviation International week!
Women With Wings!
San Diego Writers Conference!
Women in Aviation Conference!
Amelia Earheart Luncheon!
Flight for Control!
and more...

Enjoy the Journey



  1. I flew 21, assuming we won't count the in utero passenger!

  2. The mystery continues, I love that! Thanks for sharing these excellent pictures. It makes me want to go flying!

  3. I flew 11 flights on the 5th for a total of 33, and I added 2 more that were previous to the 5th.
    One of the friends I flew earlier is now about 16 hours into her flight training and probably solo in the very near future!
    She isn't flying in my club, but I've been a mentor instructor answering questions, giving her some of my old or extra stuff, and lots of good advice.
    I wanted to fly on the 31st, but when I called you were already finishing up....and my plane was probably covered with frost, so it wouldn't have flown anyway.


  4. Thank you everyone for your update!!! Excellent!

  5. Hi Karlene. I flew 52 over the course of the event (since March 6, 2010)
    Lesley Page,


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