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Monday, January 10, 2011


Fly It Forward worldwide contest has been drawn--- compliments of Random.Org  Thank heaven for cut and paste! So many pilots. So many flights. So many passengers/

21 lucky people won something today!

The $100 winner is no less than Classic Aviation's Amanda Sargent!

Not only did she stuff the ballot by flying 119 women--- just under Andrei Floroiu's 161--- but she worked our December 5th event, too. She supported Emily's helicopter, escorted passengers and loaded them all day.

Amanda dedicated her energy to introduce new women to flying, not just at our events, but she sat at Boeing field with her helicopter, promoting aviation to women and girls. Thank you Amanda! You are awesome.

There were many pilots who flew that didn't send me their names. A little bird sent me the info from Oshawa, and I entered every name in the contest.

 WINDTEE Aviation T-Shirts  has donated 10 T-shirts for our pilots. If your name is listed below--- Click on the link above and select your shirt, but email WindTee directly with the directions I sent to order.

Cheryl Marek
Austin Watson
Dick Smith
Lesley Page
Andrei Floroiu
Jay Sakas
Tom Gwilym
Joyce Rust
Mark Gaponoff
Doug Raine

We had so many pilots step up to the ramp and fly, I am still amazed.

Doug Raine from Oshawa said, "We make it a practice to fly approximately 500 new people each year here, between Young Eagles, Air Cadets, and just for fun flights. The potential impact you can have on a young persons life is great. Anytime I see a parent with kids looking through the fence at the airport, I offer to show them my plane, and if they want, a walk through the maintenance hanger. I never refuse a flight to kids ( with parents permission ) when asked." 

Way to go Oshawa! Way to go Renton! And way to go every person who flew a woman during the Centennial Of Woman Pilots  event in 2010. 

Thanks to Anne Simpson and Bonnie Dunbar, and their donations from the Museum of Flight, I was able to hold another drawing for tickets to the Museum. Ten lucky winners below will receive a pair of tickets to the Museum of Flight.

Museum of Flight Tickets... Congratulations Ladies!

Janice Bicknell
Gretchen Taylor
Paula Ross
Terri Lindow 
Angela Furukawa
Kandyce Crandall
Brie Wong
Annie Hetzel
Sara Finch
Monica Luedke

Remember to fly it forward!

Enjoy the Journey~

~ Karlene


  1. Congratulations Amanda, who is possibly a distant relative having the same last name as me. Nice job to all who took part.

    If Dallas was closer to Seattle, I would have been there with my Beechcraft.

  2. Well done, Karlene! Congratulations to you and all the amazingly dedicated people you worked with on Fly It Forward. Awesome.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners! My hat is off to Karlene and all the fabulous involved in the giveaway.

  4. Congratulations, Amanda! For winning the $100, but more importantly, for being the female pilot to introduce the most non-pilot women to aviation in 2010 (I'm assuming...until Friday...).
    And congrats to three Oshawa pilots (Cheryl Marek, Douge Raine and myself) for winning T-shirts (now I just need to decide from between so many cool designs!)
    Doug, I love your comment that Karlene quoted. Oshawa really does ROCK at introducing people to flying!
    Lesley Page

  5. Awesome! Thank you Karlene for all your hard work organizing!

  6. DB, Thank you for your generous offer. Now we just need to figure out how to get Dallas closer. Next time I'm there, I'm calling! Fly safe and thanks for your comment!

  7. Linda, Thank you! You were a big part of this too! You flew!

  8. Heather, Thank you so much. Without your help in tweeting, we never would have reached everyone. You're the best!

  9. Lesley, you, Jeff, Doug, Merek...all of Oshawa rocks! You take aviation and enthusiasm to the next level. You really are an inspiration to all.
    Thank you!!!

  10. Epiphius, you are so welcome! We pulled it off...safely, and with great enthusiasm. Thanks to all our passengers too!

  11. Karlene - Wow, thank you so much!!! I didn't do this for any kind of reward besides putting smiles on girls' faces... and as far as I'm concerned, that's worth SO much more. :) I'd like to send that $100 to the Whirly Girls scholarship fund to help other girls get their (helicopter) ratings. (I'll get you more info...)

    D.B. - Just doing what I can to keep the "family" name proud!

    Lesley - Thanks!

    Fly safe all!

  12. Amanda, you are so awesome! What a great thing to do--- donate your gift. Wow. We'll talk how you want to do this. Thank you!!!

  13. Thanks for the shirt. Just have to pick one out, they are all pretty good!
    Nice job Amanda and others, it was a lot of fun. I heard something about another flying event in March?



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