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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend of Success!

I spent a 4 day weekend with my fellow Scribe Sisters in Seattle at the PNWA writer's conference. Great news...  an agent and an editor are interested in my novel, Flight For Control! Yippee! 

I now have a deadline... September 1st. Many long days and nights of writing ahead. Is it possible?

Oh yeah!

Beyond the many incredible takeaways from the conference, there was something that resonated with me more than anything else. That was the fact that anyone can become a writer if they don't give up. Perseverance is the key to success. How true is that with flying!

The difference in finding our personal success depends up the level of commitment and the willingness to never give up trying. I knew I would become a pilot. Why? I wasn't going to give up. I also know that I will become a published author. Why? You got it... I have that innate stubbornness that some call the Taurus in me...I will not give up. But more than that, I have a belief system that I know I can do it.

You too can create that success in your life. Someone once said 90% of success is showing up. I believe that extra 10% of success is not only showing up, but sticking to your passion despite all odds.

Keep flying. Keep writing. Keep doing what you love and you too will find your personal success!

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