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Monday, July 19, 2010

Back In Seattle!

At the end of my ten day trip I experienced something new: 30 hours without the Internet! Amazing how addicted we get to our technology. It all began when during our flight from Atlanta to Rome, the ACARS (our electronic communication with the company) went down system wide. Short lived outage... but not a good sign for things to come.  When we arrived at our hotel the cable was broken, and had been for two days!  Oh...but I got the landing so that was a good thing.

I survived computer withdrawals by napping, and dining with my crew. Pizza and red wine...yummy. Unfortunately time was of the essence, as I had to get online to select my "golden days" ... those days the company can't fly me. More importantly, I needed to get into the system to move my days off, as I was scheduled to work during the week before my daughter's wedding. Awake every couple hours through the night in hope that the Internet would come up. Finally, by morning it did. But I had only 15 minutes and not enough time to do anything. we come. My takeoff... another good thing!

The flight home was spectacular. The Swiss Alps were standing tall and we flew over Lake Lucerne.


Lake Lucerne

I arrived in Detroit, sat for three hours wating for my flight to Seattle, attempted to change my schedule to no avail, and then was assigned 14B. I walked on early, stowed my bags and dozed off. 5 minutes before departure a flight attendant tapped me on the shoulder and told me that I needed to move.... to "3A". First Class on the flight home? Twist my arm.

Home...32 hours awake and I finally slept. An exciting week ahead... PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association) conference and my friends are coming to town. I am pitching my novel... better prepare.

Happy Flying! Tomorrow... a glimpse of the A330 brains!

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