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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Princess Fifi's Heart or her Brains?

On my last trip I climbed down inside the equipment center and snapped some pictures of the heart of the A330, or rather... her brains.  Quite interesting. And there is only one cable on the entire plane. Interestingly enough... it looks like it's attached by a bike chain. Probably because it is.

Amazing where technology has taken aviation. 

I'm seeing a great setting for a movie

The cable above is attached to the chain below, and is the only cable on the airplane.


  1. These are really cool pictures, Kilo Papa. Thanks for posting!

  2. Ahhh... thank you! And you're welcome. Hard to get my feet on the ground at home. So much to little time!

  3. Awesome shots, I just heard the airplanesgeek podcast you were on. I am wanting to become a pilot myself but just seems like bad timing though, And of course I work for an airline that at this time has some disgruntled pilots so it always leaves a mixed taste in my mouth. Nice to hear some postive things from a pilot. I am looking at this point though at ATC.
    Let me know sometime when you are in Seattle. I am a ramper there. Have never been on the A330 and would love to get a tour of it some time too.

  4. Thanks for the nice comment Seahawks7757! I will be based in Seattle on December 1st... and with your security clearance, I am sure we could get you on a plane.

    My thoughts about the disgruntle pilots: If it's so bad, why don't they leave and do something else?

    While the industry is in a low cycle right now, it will cycle the other direction. The job is hard... but there is nothing better than learing how to fly one of those great birds and take her into the sky. Anything good has another side... the yin and yang of life.

    We'll get the industry pointed in the right direction. You are young enough that if you chose this profession... the swings will be many. All I can say is go for it and enjoy the ride!

    Besides, we need a strong next cadre of pilots!

  5. So, did you figure out what the ONE cable goes to?

  6. Flybywire... oh yeah, that's our back up cable for the rudder.

  7. Hi i was wondering how many printers the A330 has in the cockpit and what kind of information gets printed

  8. One printer. We can print weather, company messages, ATC messages. The airplane also identifies and retains data for internal malfunctions and we can print those reports.


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