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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Technology... Gotta Love It!

2 days at home was not nearly enough time! I made the most of it... Played with my grandkids, weeded the yard, 3 yoga classes, a walk with my husband, kids over for dinner, laundry, packed my bags and flew out the door.

I even forgot to charge my batteries for my laptop. I am now blogging enroute to Detroit on my iPhone. I am also sitting in first class. Oh... This is definitely the 3rd best seat on the plane. Tomorrow night I will be sitting in the second best on my way to Rome.

Tomorrow morning ... Friday's Fabulous flyer: Ken Pascoe. Another flightpodcast member. Next week ... How I built my flight hours. Many new pilots are wondering how you built yours too. Be prepared to tell all.

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