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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Airways Magazine...

And Captain Mark L. Berry ... THANK YOU!

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, 
brings peace for today, 
and creates a vision for tomorrow."

Mark reviewed my novel, Flight For Control, in September's issue of Airways Magazine. This is an honor for so many reasons. First, mine is the first work of fiction he's been approved to review, and now we'll see many more to come. Second... Mark is not only an airline captain, but he is a talented writer, and has numerous articles published in a dozen different journals and magazines. Third, he wrote an awesome review.

"No story revolving around NTSB investigations would be complete without graphic details of grim remains, grief for those lost souls, and at least one heartbreaking scene with a charred survivor. Karlene Petitt does this with compassion, not shock value, and then balances it with buoyant characters such as Darby- a female Boeing 757 Captain..." Mark L Berry

I was honored to have him to read my novel, and overwhelmed that he enjoyed it. Yes... first time novels are a challenge, and to have one to breakout with such overwhelming success is exciting beyond belief. I have to thank you, my readers, and friends. Without your support and encouragement, I would not be where I am today. And a huge thank you for sharing your comments and opinions too. The good... and the helpful.

The world of writing is a challenge. For those who think giving birth, attending graduate school while working a full time job, and raising teenage daughters, or flying heavy jets is tough... write a novel. Then read and edit it 32+ times. You breathe life into it, and it sometimes sucks the life from you. You see 0300 many times during the years. Sometimes at the beginning of your day, and other times at the end. But never a day goes by that you are not working, thinking, plotting, and learning. 

Writers must have thick skins. We must thank those who are willing to tell us the problems they see, so we can get better. We must push the hurt feelings aside when someone critiques our baby. If we are willing to listen, we can learn.

One of the first things I learned during my writing journey was to be teachable. But of course. I thought we all wanted to learn to get better. But that's not always the case. Sometimes pride and ego step in the way. For me, I love to learn. I want to get better. So when the teacher arrives, I'm all ears.

Mark has done more for me than write a great review in the September Issue of Airways Magazine. He is taking his time to guide, coach and give his opinion on the sequel, Flight For Safety. Opinions are an interesting thing... we all have them. But when they resonate... they are golden. When they come from a talent like Mark L Berry... you've won the lottery. I know I have.

Mark, thank for your valued opinion on
and the future of Flight For Safety

And for all those who have supported me during this journey, read my novel, left a comment, and patiently await for book two... I cannot thank you enough! We are closing in on a publication date. 

For today... 
You have created a vision for my future. 
Thank You!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Fantastic, Karlene, I'm so excited for you! You've worked tirelessly for this, and earned every kudo. Awesome :-)))

  2. Karlene, this is absolutely amazing with a capital 'A'. Not only will I be buying this issue but also spreading the word in so many ways about this review online.

    Many more opportunities such as this for you should open up so that we can make aviation the best industry it is meant to be.

    Aviation history is definitely in the making.


    1. Thank you so much Jeremy! This is a great write up from a great author on one of the best Magazines around. So it just adds up to something special.

  3. Awwwn! So, did I tell you that you are epic? ;)

    You are a leader that leads. A leader that leads can lead for themselves and for others. A leader that leads has the power of making others believe in themselves through inspiration. In addition, a leader that leads is the Captain of his/her own life.

    You want more? You are the brilliant example of a woman who makes a difference in a globalized world. Especially in an industry like ours.

    You know what I believe? One of your books will be on The New York Times book reviews. I'm not exaggerating!

    Congratulations Karlene! I am very proud of you my friend!

    Keep flying. Keep shining.


    1. Lol... and you are funny. I am laughing, and needed a good laugh today because it's been a very long day. Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you for the epic comment!

  4. Well done Karlene,
    Look forward to reading your next masterpiece.
    All the
    Brian F

    1. Brian, Thank you so much!!! I can hardly wait until you read it too!

  5. So awesome, what a great opportunity. Any time you get exposure like this, wow.

    I do have to wonder if it helps you are hurts you to write about the subject of airplanes crashing and being reviewed in a in-flight magazine. I don't know the answer but what could possibly go wrong?

    I will look for it the next time I am on a deadhead. I will tell the unfortunate soul next to me. I KNOW HER!


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