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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh So Close!

A Frustrating Day at the Races. I'm knocking at the door of success... Nobody's answering. Yet.

Race 1: Churchill Downs:

A minute to post. I rushed to the window and placed my bet on Pixie Dixie, the 8 horse. I was so tempted to bet 3, Loves to Fly, but she was coming off a claim, moving up in class and had a "not so good" jockey change. They're out of the gate~ It's all Pixie Dixie!

Win 1 for today!!! $650. Total points: $4470

Race 2: Churchill Downs

The old horse player saying, "Would have. Should have. Could have." I broke my own rule: Don't change off your horse! I came downstairs to bet # 3 BE ME
He didn't look good on the track. I got swayed to the dark side of betting #1 Keefer.

Oh... Keefer ran 7th place. Be me... 2nd. Had I bet her, I would have an additional $530 points. On Tilt!

Race 3, Churchill Downs:

Loved too many horse. Ended up keying on the 8 horse, Concert King. M Baze. Cousin to Gary. We used to call him the Renton Strangler. They are definitely related.  Concert King came out of the gate bad, and was never in contention.  Still holding at $4470 points.

Race 4, Churchill Downs:

Now I'm really going for a gamble. I love the 7, Antarian  with hot Jockey C Borel. The only problem was he went off at 25 to 1. Once again... pictures speak louder than words. Keep an eye on the horse with the blue silks. Easy to watch... he's on the front!

-- all the way around the track until the final 30 seconds. Second place brought in $1180 points! Total: $5650.  More frustration brewing.

Race #5, Churchill:

I picked the 4 horse, Modern Cowboy. But--- This was a short field and there was an odds on favorite, with leading Jockey, Borel. So I didn't play the race with encouragement from my better half. Guess what happened?

Yep... I passed up another $670 points. Not a happy moment.

Race #6 Churchill Downs:

I bet the 3 horse, I'm not Afraid. Another Baze ride. They came out of the gate, and my horse came in and bounced off the 2 horse. Off that bounce he went right and bounced off the 4 horse. Needless to say, he was no where around. The worse thing is, I liked the 2 horse. But not at 30 to 1. And he ended up 2nd in the race. I think Baze could have passed the 2 in the lane, but would have been taken down anyway. A good Jockey makes all the difference in the world.

Race 8 Churchill downs: 

I loved the 9, JudyInLights.  She was the horse with the Jockey dressed in pink. She was blocked behind many horses.  And then--

Go Judy!!!!
Go Judy!!!
Run Baby Run!

She snuck in for 2nd Place! Beaten by the favorite... she brought me an additional $380 points.  Total: $6030.

Congratulations Lady Charlie!

Race 9 Churchill downs: 

A full field of 12 horses and I can't decide. Finally, I rush to the window and bet a second time starter, # 2 Media Madness

Another 2nd place. $420 points. Total: $6450

Race 10, Churchill Downs:

I bet 1, Prado Dash.  I bet against the 6 to 5 favorite because he was coming from the back, and there were far too many horses coming off the pace. But they decided to take the favorite to the front, and he wins.  I wash out.

Race 11, Churchill Downs:

I bet 8, Expansion, against the favorite, Hastings. I had a ton of horse. All best positioning. He had nothing. And I got no points.


I switched to Hawthorne and got off my horse at Churchill downs. Good move.

Race 9, Hawthorne:

6, That's A Fact-- And that's all she wrote for today. I got my last horse in the winners circle!

I finished with $7330 points... and slid back to 24th place.

It's just a matter of racing luck--

  • If I hadn't changed in race 3, I would have had $7860 and been in 16th place.
  • If my 7 horse at 25 to 1 would have held on for first, I would had $9860 and been in 4th place.
  • Had I bet Modern Cowboy, I would have had $10530 and been in 3rd place.

I am just a couple races away from the big prize-- along with 199 other horse players. I'm wishing everyone great luck tomorrow in whatever you're doing.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. That's horseracing for you! I hope you have better luck tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Heather, this is horseracing for sure. I'm a very lucky person. I now have to follow my intuition. Challenging horses tomorrow. Great horses tomorrow! Million Dollar Races. Breeders Cup is starting. Thanks for your comment!


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