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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And They're All Out of the Gate!

Today was the first day of the Pick the Ponies tournament-- an exciting day.

As it turned out we had five tracks to choose from, but I focused on one: Churchill Downs. A minor exception with a losing bet at Hawthorne. We had $300 a race to bet. 10 races.

Ticket 1, Race 1 Churchill Downs: 

I showed up with one minute to post time. I filled out my ticket and rushed to the window. I arrived in time to place my bet, and watch my horse, #9 Saturday Hero, stumble out of the gate. He came in on the 8 horse and then found his way. All the way to second place.


Against who? We didn't know for ten minutes! They took down the 3 horse and placed the 1 on the board.

Had Saturday Hero got a straight ride, he would have won! But I got $680 points for second place.

Ticket 2, Race 2 Churchill Downs:

They all looked great. A hard decision. I got busy reading the form and realized I had 2 minutes to post! Hurry. Place my bet on #12, Satan's Plume. I couldn't get myself to yell Go Satan! So I yelled for "Plume" And they got out of the gate... and this time I hit the winners circle. I now have  $1820 points!

Satan's Plume

Ticket 3, Race 3 Churchill Downs: 
Another full field. Eleven horses in the race. I opted on #3, Part'n Parcel. I couldn't decided between Parcel and the 6 horse. I thought for the price, and the room for improvement-- this time Parcel would beat Lunar Tide. (They'd raced against each other before) As it turned out, Lunar tide went off at a good price: 9/2. And he looked awesome on the track. But I couldn't switch-- Until you've switched off a winner, you'll never know the feeling.

I stuck to my bet... and results: 6 wins, 3 second. No pictures. I must have been too frustrated and missed the photo op. But... I scored again. Now I have $2540 points!

Race 4 Churchill downs:  One of those should have been races.

I loved the #2, Striking Dancer. But this was a short field. Only 6 horses racing. The 2 was going off at 4 to 5 so I opted not to play it. Guess what... she won. Why wouldn't she? She came in second to Zenyatta in March.
Striking Dancer

Ticket 4, Race 5 Churchill Downs

#5, I'm a Flake Broke slow. Stepped back. #4 came over on her. She ran to the rail. And the jockey had to pull her out of it. Too much trouble for this filly today. Zero points.

Ticket 5, Race 2 Hawthorne

Repeat of the 5th race at Churchill Downs. Kind of. I bet the #5 Party King.  The King wasn't partying, maybe the jockey did too much the night before. King got a very bad ride! Watch for Party King to come back next time with a huge improvement. A jockey change... you've got a winner.  Zero points. Still sitting at $2540. 

Ticket 6, Race 6 Churchill Downs:

#4 Time sensitive. She gave a heck of a run but the favorite came in first, and a 30 to 1 horse placed 2nd ahead of her. I did manage to pull $230 points for 3rd place. Now I'm sitting at $2770 total. 

Ticket 7, Race 7 Churchill Downs:

This was a play bet on a long shot from home. #6 Bellevue M.D. is owned by a Seattle local horse player, Mark De Dedomenico. If I didn't bet it, I would have kicked myself if he won.  He was going off at 21 to 1-- and he had an 11:1 workout at Emerald Downs, our local track. Workout: Very fast. 
Pictures speak louder than words. An exciting race.

#6 was in position to win-- the entire flight around the track. Unfortunately, this first time starter was not allowed to run. The jockey held him tight all the way around. Rating him, they call it. In my opinion, a wrong thing to do with the babies. This horse wanted to run, and the jockey held him back long enough to take the run out of him. Let the babies go... teach them how to pass horses! Bellevue M.D. got 5th place. Zero points. Oh...this is what they call a tournament horse had he won.

Ticket 8, Race 8 Churchill Downs:

British Banker #4 was my selection. 9 to 1. Second place: $600 points! I'm up to $3370!

Ticket 9, Race 9 Churchill Downs:

I had a hunch on a beautiful horse in the feature going 1 1/16. #5 Senor Dehere. He was bet down to 7/5. I decided to not get off a winner this time, even with low a low price. Beside, this horse was from Australia, and in a couple hours I was about to Podcast with my friends in Sydney. Bad news... he came in 9th place. He beat one horse.

Final race:

Ticket 10, Race 10 Churchill Downs:

My bet was going on the 9 horse: Itsallboutthechase

Another 2nd place. 

Total Points for the day: $3820 Which put me in 21st Place (Out of 200) for Day 1. 
Not too shabby. The top player had $8020. I have work to do tomorrow.

Enjoy the Journey! 

~ Karlene


  1. awesome, Karlene! Love this. Fingers crossed for you today!

  2. Thanks Linda!! Cross everything today. :)

  3. Thanks for the play by play Karlene! A nose to nose finish, you've got to love those. I will admit though, some of my favorite races are those where the horse wins by a ridiculous amount. Sunday Silence was great for doing that, and of course Man O'War and Secretariat. Ah, I do love my horse racing!

  4. Oh... you do know your horses. So, you'll have to watch Zenyatta on Saturday. I do believe she'll break another record. Wait until you see my Friday Fabulous Flyer. :)


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